What is the best 10 CBD without THC (Marijuana Strain no THC & CBD oil free THC)

In recent years understanding about the benefits of CBD has grown dramatically. This has led to cannabis strains being selectively bred to predominantly produce this beneficial cannabidiol in huge quantities both with and without THC. As a result, there is now a broad range of strains available offering cannabis flowers that can be used in the same way as they always have been but for a different purpose altogether.
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If you are new to the CBD, you may be confused and overwhelmed with a large volume of information and literature about them on the internet. How do you identify these strains and how do you know which one is best for your individual condition? Here is the list of top 10 my favourite Marijuana strains and CBD oils that offer little to no THC with high CBD contains. Don’t forget to keep scrolling to skim through the guide of choosing and using CBD for beginner.

Top 5 Best Marijuana Strain without THC 2023

#1 best for beginner: Solomatic CBD

Solomatic CBD delivers a high concentration of CBD up to 21% with a THC value of less than 1%. It’s the ideal strain for people who want to obtain a lot of CBD without getting too high. The effects promote a calm, clearly mind, and maintain relaxed mental state. This strain’s flowers have a distinct terpene profile with scents of fruit, ginger, and pine.
It’s a beginner-friendly autoflowering strain that’s also very easy to grow. Furthermore, its genetics guarantee quick development, in about 9–10 weeks, this plant grows from seed to harvest.

#2 Best for medical treatment: ACDC

CBD ACDC is a well-known for its medicinal properties. ACDC is prescribed to amny people with anxiety disorders. This strain gives the patient a sense of pleasure and serenity, allowing them to relax and reduce the symptom of disease. It aids the patient in reducing tension pain, anxiety, and discomfort. CBD ACDC includes between 14 and 18 percent CBD, but only approximately 1% THC. To acquire the best bud output, growers must understand HST method as well as pruning.

#3 Best CBD to maintain concentration: Joanne’s CBD

Joanne’s CBD is a great option for a bright and clear-headed feeling, it promotes creative and help user stay focus. With 15 percent CBD and less than 0.75 percent THC. It’s an excellent choice for individuals who wish to benefit from CBD without the danger of cognitive impairment. Joanne’s CBD has a pleasant scent of sweet orange citrus.
It pretty easy to plant that grows to a medium height indoors and can reach astounding 180 cm outdoors. To get the best harvest result, Joanne’s CBD requires minimal training and trimming.

#4 Best CBD for good night’s sleep: Ringo’s Gift

The CBD-THC ratio of Ringo’s Gift is 13:1. When patients with anxiety disorders or depression used Ringo’s Gift, they reported improved health. It helps reduce tension and anxiety, as well as assisting them in sleeping better. Ringo’s Gift does not have highly appreciate for its pest tolerance properties. This strain also necessitates more nutrients and water than other.

#5 Best flavour CBD strain: Purplematic CBD

Purplematic CBD has high CBD with low THC content. This CBD-rich strain delivers an aromatic and tasty experience. It comes with a sweet and fruity flavour, making it a great option for even smoking, vaping, or edibles. Purplematic CBD is an autoflowering indica-dominant hybrid that may be harvested in such little after 8 weeks. But you should know that it is a little plant, so you may grow many of them in close vicinity to get a bigger yield.

Top 10 Best CBD without THC 2023

#1 The best high Cannabis Strain/low THC ratio: Charlotte’s Web

Because of its 30/1 (CBD/THC) ratio and ability to easy many health issues and manage pain, Charlotte’s Web is the most well-known high CBD/low THC strain. Charlotte’s Web contains a rich source of CBD with very little of less than 1% THC. You do not need to worry about intoxicating effects. The Stanley Brothers of Colorado bred this strain exclusively for adding in their Charlotte’s Web products such as CBD oils, capsules, topical, etc.
There are some health problems that Charlotte’s Web strain can help with such as relaxing, arthritis, migraines, muscle spasms, and it’s also thought to be especially good for seizures and chronic pain. Charlotte’s Web comes in a variety of flavors, but its natural flavor is described as soft mist and citrusy.

#2 Best Marijuana Strain to Improve your mood without THC: Lifter CBD hemp flower

Lifer is also one of the most common CBD strains. If you are looking for the CBD strain that can keep you relax, uplifts your mood, and clear your mind throughout the day, this strain is great ideal. The CBD to THC ratio is 18:1, which meet the requirement of law in the US. It contains less than 0.3% THC
With this a fast-acting flower, you can notice the effects appearing within 5 minutes (or less) of inhalation. The Lifter will help you feel better, sleep deeper, ease stress, relieve anxiety. It also helps you keep concentration by relaxing your mind. It is rich of antioxidants, which act as anti-inflammation.
Lifter is well-liked by CBD enthusiasts for its distinct taste, in addition to its powerful effects. It has the perfect combination of fruity and earthy essence: citrusy terpene limonene, grapes, pine, and fresh cheese.

#3 Best Marijuana Strain, THC-free for Relaxation: Cherry Wine

As the name suggested, Cherry Wine CBD strain has sweet cherry aromas mingle with traces of cheese and black pepper. Both foodies and wine connoisseurs are invited! Sweet cherry aromas mingle with traces of cheese and black pepper in the Cherry Wine cannabis strain. Cherry Wine’s taste and aroma are tempting enough that everyone will be attracted by its strong impact. It contains 15–25 percent CBD and less than 0,3% THC, and many consumers praise its mood-lifting effects.
Cherry Wine is a combination between an Indica and a Sativa strain, giving you the best of all these two. It provides a sense of relaxation while still increasing the attentiveness, Due to its ability of soothing feeling, you can use it any time of the day. The high CBD-to-THC ratio help consumers avoid psychoactive symptoms, it is believed that Cherry Wine may provide a soothing, relaxing experience without euphoria.

#4 Best Marijuana Strain, THC–free for Deep Sleep: Elektra CBD Hemp Flower

Although the name “Elektra” associate with something full of energy and strong, it is a soothing and refreshing strain. The majority of people who have used this strain believe it helps them relax and sleep well and even relieve social anxiety.
It provides 19.5% of total CBD and less than 0.3% of THC. People also love Elektra because of its sweet scent of red wine, citrus, and chocolate.

#5 Best Marijuana Strain with little to no THC for Pain relief: Suzy Q Hemp Flower

Unlike most high-CBD strains, Suzy Q does not contain a lot of CBD. It only provide 10% to 11% of cannabidiols. However, you can totally rest that Suzy Q has virtually no THC. The CBD-to-THC ratio is 18:1.
Despite the effect being very gentle. This strain can help keep your mind clear and you’re free of anxiety and inhibitions. Not only that Suzy Q is effective in the treatment of chronic pains, especially headaches, it can help relieve nausea, arthritis and muscle spasms. Suzy Q “wiped away her 2-day headache in less than 10 minutes,” according to one person. One customer says that it even relieved her two-day headache within a few minutes. The strain’s rich earthy and musky taste profile. The scent is similar to fresh-cut grass or a woody smell, and it mellows you out immediately.

Top 5 Best Free THC and High CBD Oil

#1 Best CBD oil for overall wellbeing: Medterra Immune Boost Drops

This broad-spectrum oil is added with all the beneficial ingredients for natural immune support such as elderberry, Echinacea, vitamin C, ginger root, etc. Elderberry has ability to shorten the duration of viral infections and to slow bacterial development. Echinacea tends to boost innate and adaptive immunity, etc. All these natural ingredients will boost the body’s resistance to harmful invaders.
Medterra products are manufactured from pesticide-free hemp grown organically in Kentucky and approved by the United States Hemp Authority. Aside from this CBD oil. Medterra also offers some other CBD products that are THC-free such as liquid capsules, gummies, and topical creams.

#2 Best Organic CBD oil: Joy Organic – Tranquil Mint Organic CBD Tincture

There are some flavors of Joy Organic CBD OIls available: Orange Bliss, Summer Lemon, Tranquil Mint, and Unflavored. If you are looking for the CBD oil that 100% organic and vegan, you should consider this one. Joy Organic Oils made with no artificial colors or flavors, they are USDA-certified organic non-GMO, cruelty-free, and third-party lab tested for safety and potency.
This is broad-spectrum and an excellent way to get started with THC-free CBD oils. Joy Organic Tranquil Mint CBD Tincture non-THC is perfect for calming tension and anxiety relief at the end of the day and promoting a feeling of relaxation before you go to sleep. The ingredients are very simple including organic olive oil, peppermint essential oil, and broad-spectrum hemp extract.

#3 Best CBD oil for first time use: Naternal Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

If it is the first time you use CBD and you concern about the flavour of CBD oil may be hard to keep under tongue and swallow, you should get start with Naternal Broad Spectrum CBD Oil as it comes with powerful effects while still light and clean. You are also easier to determine the amount due to a dropper with measurement markers.
What I love about this CBD oil is that I usually use it at the end of the day, before bed and it help me calm and de-stress so I can have a full night’s sleep. Naternal CBD oil provide high potency without THC for those who want to experience the benefits of CBD.

#4 Best CBD oil for anxiety relief: CBDistillery Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

CBDistillery™ Relief + Relax Broad Spectrum 2500mg CBD Oil may be the most expensive CBD oil in this list, but this is the high quality CBD that worth your money. CBDistillery is a well-known company that processes their hemp base on strict safety standards, and all their products aer third-party tested to ensure purity and consistency.
While anxiety and stress is the common situation of human. CBDistillery CBD oil is specifically designed to help reduce anxiety or stress. According to CBDistillery’s customer survey in 2023, this CBD is reported to relieves moderate or temporary anxiety in 88 percent of cases. Apart from that, CBDistillery CBD help with better sleep and reduce pain.

#5 Best CBD Oil for Pain relief: NuLeaf Naturals Hemp Extract

NuLeaf CBD oil is well known for its full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes with high potency. 1 mL of oil will contain 60 mg of full-spectrum CBD. All the CBD oil formulations of NuLeaf has the same potency, making it simple to find the right dosage for you. Nuleaf CBD oils available in several sizes that ranges from 300 mg to 6,000 mg CBD per bottle, so you should choose the bottle size that suits your body size and budget.
For chronic pain, you can use NuLeaf Naturals as the best soothing treatment. The high potency of Nuleaf Naturals will help you control even the severe pain. You can completely rest your mind that NuLeaf Naturals’ products are safe and healthy, they are free of additives, heavy metals flavorings, and chemicals. and are manufactured with USDA-certified organic hemp seed oil and are extracted by CO2 method.


It is obvious that the choosing of CBD should depend on your health goals, your current situation, and specific needs as CBD offers many health and wellness benefits. You do not need to worry about THC content if you go with any options on this list.
However, if you are confused among a lot of choices that vary by flavor, potency, and brand, you should try the editor pick – Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte’s Web is regarded as one of the best CBD strains provide high amount of CBD strain with little to no THC. This strain is used in CBD products targeted at enhancing mental wellbeing and pain relief. Charlotte’s Web CBD strain offers ultra-potent effects for anxiety and depression.

What is the strongest cbd strain?

If you want to improve brain function, workout efficiency, keep you stay alert and energetic throughout the day, the strongest CBD strains can help you. These are some high-CBD strains that are proven to have these properties such as Lifter, Sour Diesel, Harlequin, Sour Space Candy.
Lifter is a fast-acting strain, you can notice its effects within 5 minutes (or even less) after using. Due to the potent effects, Lifter will relax your mind and helps you stay focus. Sour Diesel is also the high potency strain that provide instant effects and help activates the brain’s imaginative aspect. Harlequin is definitely one of the most effective CBD strain for concentration, energy and alertness. If your work has a lot of pressure, or you need to drive, read, or type throughout the day, Harlequin is very useful.  Sour Space Candy is also another option to improve focus, boosts energy due to its lasting effects.
These strongest CBD strains can make you feel less stressed and more alert. While your coworker may be wishing for a rest, you’ll stay energized and active with these CBD strains. However, it is worth noting that these powerful CBD strains are better consumed in the morning.

What is the best CBD strain for pain?

CBD Marijuana Strain are well known and more and more widely in use for its Pain Treatment properties. There are many CBD strains available do a good job of pain relief. Some common type of pain that you can experience such as body pains and sore muscles as a result of stress caused by office work and housework, headaches and migraines cause by long hours using phone and computer. Luckily, here are some CBD strain can help you deal with all of these conditions.
Suzy Q is not a rich source of CBD but it has potent therapeutic effects. According to users, Suzy Q has an amazing effect for treating pains, especially headaches. Charlotte’s Web strain is well known for reduce painful symptoms from all type of conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, nausea, seizures, muscle spasms, and other unpleasant signs. Canna-Tsu can help people deal with migraines. Inflammation is one of the reason that cause migraines, due to the inflammatory properties, Canna-Tsu also reduce migraines. Canna-Tsu is also known to provide consumers with a soothing effect as well as mental clarity.

What CBD strain is best for anxiety?

Getting anxious is the common situation, maybe it’s because of pressure in work, family, social relations. If you find out about CBD, you’ve also known that anxiety issues are one of the most common problems it helps with. So, go for the CBD cannabis strain like I suggest below, and watch how does it effect to your anxiety.
OG Kush puts you in a relaxed state, perfect to use for unwinding after a busy day. This strain has instant potent effects. OG Kush has the ability to lift your mood up, relieve stress and anxiety while keeping your right mind. Charlotte’s Web is one of the first cannabis trains that well known for treating anxiety. Because of its extremely potent effects in the treatment of anxiety disorders, CBD strain becomes more common and better known. And up to now, Charlotte’s Web is also in their business of researching and developing products for anxiety problems.

What is the CBD strain for weight loss?

If you eat too much, you have to face with some health problem like you’ll develop a flabby tummy or get overweight quickly. Actually, CBD cannot help you lost your weight, but CBD, in any form, is needed to minimize your cravings and get back in shape.
However, you should know that not just a random CBD isolated from a strain of cannabis that no one knows about can solve your issues. You’ll need to choose some special strain that will help consumers suppress their cravings.
Remedy is the CBD strain that can help you with your overeating. Where it comes to potency, Remedy is known for its appetite suppressant properties. People may hear pain and anxiety relief effects of Remedy, but it also It does a great job of reducing off your overeating habits.
ACDC is also fine for someone who wants to stay away from overeating. The ACDC strain, at any form of it, will help you cut any overeating habits you might have. You also will love the lemongrass and cherries flavor of ACDC.

How to properly use CBD oil?

How to use CBD oil for anxiety?

CBD can help relieve the acute symptoms of a variety of anxiety-related conditions, according to research. If you’ve never tried CBD before, it’s a good place to get start by ingest it. CBD oils can be ingested by placing the liquid under the tongue about a few minutes. By this way, CBD can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. You also can add a few drops of CBD oil to your preferred smoothie recipe, and eat it for easier ingestion. Most CBD oils comes in dropper bottle, it’s simple to change the dosage by adding or subtracting a few drops.
About the dosage, researchers discovered that 300–600 mg of CBD decreased anxiety symptoms in 57 adult males. However, if you have never use CBD oil before, I recommend that you can start with 25 mg twice a day, in the morning and before bed. And after that, slowly increase until you find the ideal dosage.

How to use CBD oil for pain?

Just like CBD oil for treating anxiety, CBD oil for pain also should be ingested directly into the bloodstream by retaining liquid from CBD oil under the tongue for 60 to 120 seconds. You can notice the effects of it within 15 to 45 minutes before ingesting. It’s possible that the flavor would be unpleasant, so you can add some drops of oil into your food or mix CBD oil with a beverage, such as your favorite tea.
There is no commonly prescribed dosage for CBD, depending on the level of pain and your situation, you can adjust the dosage. You should take at least 75 to 100 mg for pain relief. However, with cancer-related pain, severe pain or chronic pain, you can increase the dose up to 600 mg per day.

How to use CBD strains?

Smoking is one the most popular way of consuming CBD strains. There are some methods to smoke CBD strain like through water pipe or rolling a paper, similar to a cigarette. Smoking CBD flowers will ensure you get all the benefits from the strain. The CBD content of this method quickly absorb into your bloodstream, allowing you to feel the effects within 1-3 minutes.
Vaping is the healthier method of using CBD strain. Even though CBD flowers are organically grown, some people still prefer not to smoke because it can harm their lungs. If you want to vape these strains on the go, look for dry herb vaporizers. Not only avoid smoke, vaping also make you keep the preserving terpene flavor better than smoking, in addition to saving you from the smoke. When you use a vape, it is easier for you to measure the dosage.
Eating CBD flowers is also an easy way, but not everyone know about that. There is one thing to note that keep you can’t eat them raw. Since CBD must be heated to completely enable its components, or this will not achieve the desired results as much as it can. Cooking CBD strain in milk, butter, or other related things is the easiest way to consume them. Note that you have to always keep the temperature at low level to avoid burning the trains. Once the CBD has been thoroughly cooked, strain the remaining CBD and use the butter or oil to cook food.