Eating Cannabis Oil: What is better, orally ingested or sublingual cannabis?

Does tincture get you high?

Smoking cannabis is so last year! You heard us, eating cannabis is back on the scene with a bang thanks to the increased availability of tinctures and changing attitudes to cannabis bringing more people to the party. From sub-lingual application to oral ingestion, in this post, we take a look at the best alternatives to smoking cannabis for medicinal and recreational users alike.

How does smoking cannabis work?

The popular way to use cannabis, and the way that most people immediately think of when they think of the substance, is to smoke it. More recently this has been joined by vaping it, which is essentially an adapted version of the typical way but with less smoke! Both of these methods see the user inhale cannabinoids through their lungs. This is an efficient method that increases the bioavailability of the cannabinoids twofold. This basically just means you feel the effects faster, even within a couple of tokes.
Depending on how strong your cannabis is in terms of THC content this quick to achieve high can actually last a long time, an hour or more easily. Similarly when CBD products are vaped or smoked people will feel the effects really fast. However, with a broader group of people getting interested in the benefits of cannabis, be it the THC or CBD or the other beneficial terpenes found within it, more people are looking for ways to enjoy without having to smoke or vape it because of the negative and potential negative health effects associated with these techniques.

What is sublingual cannabis?

Sublingual simply means ‘under the tongue’ so if you are taking weed drops sublingually it will involve dropping something under your tongue and holding it there to be absorbed into your system. If you use CBD oil or a homemade cannabis tincture in this way it speeds up absorption so that you can feel effects within 20 minutes. If you were to simply swallow the oil, then this takes a lot longer because the oil or tincture must first pass through your system and you’ll only feel it once it has got past your liver.
Taking cannabis sublingually doesn’t change the way you experience whatever cannabinoids you are trying to consume. It simply speeds up absorption into your system by removing the need for you to digest it so you don’t have to worry about any diminished effects either. Consuming CBD oil under the tongue or sublingual THC also improves the predictability of results and is easier and more efficient than having to bake your own cakes to consume it whenever you want to!

How do cannabis edibles work?

Unlike taking oral marijuana sublingually, edibles are much more unpredictable and the effects vary greatly from person to person both in effect and the time it takes for them to hit. Some people can experience an intense high after one or two hours that hits all in one go and is over fast, others will find they don’t feel much of a high that doesn’t last a long time, for others still it can hit you unsuspectingly or even after two hours you might suddenly find yourself locked to your couch and feeling high for ages.
One reason for the different effects when you are eating cannabis oil or weed is that, when THC is absorbed by your liver, the liver converts the THC into a more highly psychoactive substance (called 11-hydroxy-THC). Other reasons for the different effects can relate to whether you haven’t eaten much that day, whether you are new to cannabis, your tolerance of edibles even if you are a regular smoker, and your body weight.
Because of these factors, and a whole load more thrown up by the complexities of the human body from our diet to our genetic makeup, oral cannabis ingestion frequently results in inconsistent effects. Generally, they will tend to take effect after 1-2 hours, if they have been properly prepared and their effects can last anywhere from 6-8 hours due to the fact that their effects are quite slow release. Because of this slow release people often make the mistake of having too much because they think nothing is happening which can cause some intense trips!

Why do most people administer CBD orally?

Although CBD oil is designed to be consumed sublingually and this method is much faster, Oral CBD administration is probably the most preferred method for consuming CBD oil simply because it is so easy to do. Consuming CBD orally is so popular because it can just be added to smoothies or sprinkled over cereals or salads which makes it easy to consume throughout the day. Since a lot of people take it for medicinal reasons and smoking it can cause ill-health, this is also a preferred method. It also tends to be more potent in an oil than when smoked.
Unlike when you smoke CBD or consume CBD sublingually, oral CBD administration takes a different metabolic route through your system. Smoking and sublingual administration work quicker but these effects also come to an end quicker too. As oral ingestion relies on the CBD oil to pass all the way through your gastrointestinal tract as well as your liver there is a longer blood to brain barrier. However, interestingly, this leads to more long-lasting effects, further explaining why some people prefer this option for consuming CBD.
Nevertheless, as CBD makes its way through your digestive system it does tend to degrade a bit so consuming it in this way tends to require users to consume a higher dose than they would if they smoked it or ingested it sublingually. To help with this situation some CBD oils are suspended in something called a liposomal formula to increase their bioavailability. This a bit like a vessel for the CBD to use to pass through your digestive system until it reaches the destination for which it is intended.

How to choose CBD oil

Because CBD oil is legal in many states due to the fact that it can be made with 0 to 0.3% THC, it is probably the most accessible cannabis tincture on the market. The nicest oils use carrier oils that improve flavor and help it reach its target destination quicker without degrading if you decide to consume it orally rather than sublingually. Typical oils that work well in this regard are olive oil and hemp seed oil itself, but coconut oil is also effective and helps with absorption.
If you are planning to use CBD oil orally rather than sublingually, then you may well want to keep an eye out for a brand that offers their CBD oil that uses a liposomal oral formula. This will help to ensure that as much of the CBD as you dose reaches its intended destination so you won’t get through it as quickly by being forced into taking larger doses for it to take effect. You can also find CBD softgel capsules and gummies that make it easy to consume and get the exact dose you want.

Making your own edibles

The changing attitude towards smoking is one reason why there has been somewhat of a renaissance in terms of cannabis edibles which aim to get you high. The rise in food culture also means people are being a lot more adventurous with their recipe choices than the classic (and still delicious) chocolate brownie space cake. From cupcakes with a special secret ingredient to curries laced with dope, and mango lassies to smoothies, people are finding a range of ways to inconspicuously enjoy cannabis when at a party that doesn’t rely on them smoking it. You can even find a great range of recipe books designed to help you get the most out of cannabis edibles.

What is better, orally ingested or sublingual cannabis?

The important thing to remember is that everyone takes cannabis and cannabis-derived products for different reasons and the different ways to consume it also affect us all in a variety of ways. This means the answer to this question is ultimately and inevitably a personal one. For rapid effect sublingual administration is going to be best. Oral ingestion can be a great way of getting high for longer and with more intense highs but is likely to be more unpredictable than other methods.

#1 Best Edible Cannabis Recipes: Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen

If you are wanting to get your high through edibles then why not check out this innovative cookbook full of delicious recipes that are bound to make your mouth water. Going way beyond the likes of hash brownies this cookbook brings you recipes such as blueberry lemon French macarons and cannabis-infused marshmallows.
This book is also great if you are looking for some savory edibles. The gruyere and green garlic gougères are to die for and a great small savory snack if you are looking for an instant hit. With easy to follow recipes and plenty of ideas you will soon have all of your friends knocking at your door! This book also gives excellent dosage instructions at the beginning which is super helpful.
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#2 Best High Potency Hemp Gummies: Natural Hemp Gummies by Hawaiian Health

For a high potency edible that comes in a delicious fruity flavor then look no further than these Natural Hemp Gummies from Hawaiian Health. Getting your daily dose of Hemp is easy with these tasty treats. Rich with Vitamin E, B and Omega 3,6 and 9 the health benefits of these gummies is undeniable.
These hemp gummies have been known to promote productivity, brain function as well as bringing relief to pain and discomfort in a 100% natural way. Making these gummies a staple in your everyday life is easy as these portable and edible treats can be taken with you as you go from A to B in your everyday life.
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#3 Best Cannabis Hemp Oil: Zatural Virgin Cannabis Hemp Oil 16oz

This popular cannabis hemp oil from Zatural is a great choice if you are looking to get your hemp hit orally. Add it to your morning smoothie, lunchtime salad, your evening pasta dish or it could even be your secret ingredient to delicious baked goodies. Packed with Vitamin E and those all-important Omega fatty acids you will soon see the benefits.
Adding hemp oil to your diet can help with improving your mood, as well as promoting healthy skin and hair. Taking it orally is an easy way to get this super ingredient into your diet and you’ll also love that it is 100% organic with absolutely no herbicides, pesticides or additives. Fresh from farm to table enjoy this hemp oil as part of a regular healthy diet.
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#4 Best Hemp Oil for Anxiety: iVitamins Hemp Oil Drops for Pain & Anxiety

If you are wanting a hemp tincture for sublingual application than it couldn’t be easier than with this dropper bottle from iVitamins. Helping you to administer the appropriate dose this hemp oil comes with a handy pipette which allows you to apply a few drops underneath your tongue. Coming in a delicious orange flavor you can also avoid the usual earthy flavor of hemp with this product.
Produced by certified Colorado hemp farms this hemp oil also comes with a 100% money back guaranteed – so if you’re not satisfied within 30 days you can get a refund. With the potential to reduce anxiety as well as bringing relief to pain and inflammation this is a great choice if you are looking for a natural well-being boosting product.
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#5 Best Hemp Oil Capsules: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Oil Capsules – 60 Capsules (Pack of 3)

For those of you who want to avoid the sometimes ‘earthy’ flavors of hemp getting your dose through a capsule could be the answer. These easy to swallow Hemp Seed Oil Capsules from Manitoba Harvest are great value for money – giving you 180 capsules for under $25. These are certainly not going to break the bank and are an easy way of taking hemp orally.
Customers have praised the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects these Hemp Seed Oil Capsules have had so these could be a good natural alternative to mainstream pain relief. Others have also found taking hemp in the form of a capsule is much more straightforward then administering with a tincture. For this bargain price, these capsules are definitely worth a try.
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#6 Best Hemp Oil Tincture: Cultivax Hemp Oil 7500mg

This 100% natural vegan hemp oil tincture from Cultivax is a great choice if you are wanting to take hemp oil sublingually. A few drops under the tongue (which are easy to administer thanks to the pipette in the drop bottle) and you will soon be enjoying the benefits of this wonder ingredient. What’s more its vegan and completely additive free.
The many benefits of taking this hemp oil tincture include reducing inflammation, pain relief from joint and back pain, mood balancing, reducing anxiety, relieving stress, boosting brain function, as well as helping to combat insomnia. If you’re not happy with the results and aren’t seeing any positive effects then Cultivax will give you your money back – so you’ve got nothing to lose.
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#7 Best CBD/Hemp Oil: Hemp King Hemp Oil Drops 20000mg

Another great product if you are looking to take hemp sublingually are these Hemp Oil Drops from Hemp King. Made with certified organic non-GMO hemp oil you can be assured of the quality of this product and be confident that it is 100% natural and pure. The drops come in a handy drop bottle with a pipette to make your life easier.
Containing a combination of fatty acids and vitamins this hemp oil is packed with nutrients that will serve to improve mood, help with reducing anxiety and help to bring balance to a stressful world. Making this hemp oil a part of your everyday routine can go a long way in helping to support general wellbeing. Give this premium hemp oil a try and we’re sure you won’t regret it.
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#8 Best Cannabis Cookbook: The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook

A product of the famous High Times magazine this cannabis cookbook is packed full of delicious recipes designed to get you high. Full of high-quality photos to let you know what you’re cooking as well as easy to follow instructions this edibles cookbook is great even for beginners to the oral cannabis world.
From tasty appetizers, mouth-watering main courses and delicious desserts this cookbook covers all the bases and it even has some recipes for cannabis cocktails should this float your boat! Impress your friends with Pico de Ganja Nachos and make your cannabis edibles the talk of the town. This book is also great value for money and is sure to have a recipe to suit all tastes.
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#9 Best Weed Recipes: Bong Appetit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed

This cookbook is fantastic if you’re wanting to learn the science of infusing cannabis into oils, butters, milks, and alcohol. With easy to follow instructions you will soon be an expert and can then use your products to make the most delicious recipes. This book also gives great advice on dosage and on how to pair strains and flavors to best effect.
With a delicious mix of sweet and savory, recipes there is sure to be something to suit all palates. A great choice if you are wanting to take cannabis orally but want something a bit more adventurous than the usual chocolate brownies. With great photos, fantastic recipes and an incredible amount of useful information this cookbook is a great choice if you’re just starting out in the edible cannabis world.
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#10 Best CBD Gummies: Organic Hemp Gummies 2700 mg 90 ct – Hemp Trading Co.

A great way of taking your hit of Hemp orally is through gummies. These tasty treats are just like the gummy sweets we all love however with an additional edge. These Organic Hemp Gummies from Hemp Trading Co are great value for money and are renowned for their potential to relieve pain and inflammation.
With a satisfaction guarantee provided by this company, you’ve got nothing to lose in trying these tasty hemp gummies. They have also been linked to reducing stress, anxiety and offering mood support. With the presence of omega 6 and 9, these gummies are also linked to positive skin health and shiny locks. Check out the dosage and make these a part of your daily routine – delicious!
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Eating cannabis is back! Whether that be in a smoothie, under the tongue, or sprinkled over a salad, there are now more ways than ever to enjoy the whole range of beneficial cannabinoids found in the wonderful plant we know and love called cannabis. So whether you’re a recreation user or a medicinal user there is always a way for you to get what you’re after from a cannabis oil of your choice.