Best CBD Strain For Weight Loss 2023 [Review]: How Does the CBD Strain Help You Lose Weight?

While still a top controversial topic, we can’t deny the medical benefits cannabis does, especially on CBD strains. People turn to cannabis for a variety of purposes, but it will certainly include medical purposes.

There is a very common problem that is using the CBD strain for weight loss. People often look for best CBD oils for weight loss, this is a safe and effective weight loss method. Others prefer to self-grow these CBD strains to make other products beneficial to their weight loss process.

We have spent a lot of time researching and coming up with a list of best CBD strain for weight loss. You can refer to this list and choose for yourself the most suitable strain for you.oils

How Does the CBD Strain Help You Lose Weight?

The active ingredients in cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC and CBD are cannabinoids that bind to receptors in your brain and body.

CBD strains have a higher percentage of CBD than THC, so they have more medical uses.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) enter the endocannabinoid system in the body and interfere with metabolism. The endocannabinoid system controls appetite, immune function, stress response and pain sensation among other vital bodily functions.

THC likes to hang out in adipose tissue and according to some studies, marijuana users have been shown to have a higher percentage of visceral fat. THC is believed to stimulate appetite in some users and one of the main reasons it can be achieved.

Typical effects of smoking marijuana can include excitement, relaxation, drowsiness, sensory awareness, response to change, and increased appetite. Depending on the strength of the THC and the individual, the effect may differ.

However, many studies have shown that this appetite will not cause your body to gain weight. It only happens to gain weight in people who use it regularly, and with low THC rates in CBD strains it becomes harder to happen.

So if you want to lose weight with CBD oils or other products, use them within the recommended dosage.

Top 10 Best CBD Strain For Weight Loss 2023 [Review]

#1 CBD Tangie

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Tangie is a strain of cannabis that has won many awards in the field of extract. This CBD strain also has great medical effects, including benefits for your weight loss process.

The Tangie strain is a hybrid between the California Orange and the Skunk and Sativa lines predominate. CBD Tangie with a high CBD content of 18.9% is a popular choice for many people when looking for a strain with impressive medical effects.

It has a positive effect on your physical as well as mental state. CBD Tangie helps you to get rid of negative thoughts and happier ones instead. It will also help you cure anxiety, depression caused by weight loss or many other problems.

This strain is known for its sweet and fresh fruit flavors. The flavor of this strain is a combination of the distinct lemon scent and the sweet tangerine scent. It also has a slight odor of white pepper and the characteristic odor of the Shank strain due to genetics. Once you smell it, it’s hard to forget.

CBD strain is easy to grow, it can survive in a variety of climatic conditions, but is especially developed in Mediterranean climates. Growers can yield 450 – 550 g / m2 yield indoor and 400 – 500 gr / plant yield outdoor.

The blooming time of this strain is about 10-12 weeks and we recommend growing them in a greenhouse to get the highest yields. It is also an ideal strain of cannabis for beginners.

#2 CBD Supreme Durban

Homegrowncannabisco Review
CBD Supreme Durban is a cannabis strain with a balanced concentration of CBD and THC, both 8%. It is one of the few strains of cannabis with this special proportions, and it also offers versatile medical and recreational effects.

CBD Supreme Durban brings a feeling of euphoria, relieves tension, and anxiety. With its signature anise scent, it can also help maintain lucidity, reduce cravings and more.

But you wouldn’t be able to get these CBD Supreme Durban shoots at a medical center as they are quite rare. So growing this strain at home is the best method.

This cultivated cannabis strain is not too difficult, it does not require the growers to use any special techniques. It can thrive even if you are a beginner.

CBD Supreme Durban excels at Sativa and is tall and slender, yet its branches are strong enough to hold fat shoots. The distance between the foliage is quite wide, so there will be no moisture accumulation, causing shoot mold.

If growers grow this strain indoors and want to inhibit its height, the LST or ScrOGging technique can be used. Hydroponic or aeroponic methods will give higher yields.

Indoor productivity can reach 450-500 g / m2 and outdoor productivity can reach 400-500 gr / tree. This strain is particularly strong under Mediterranean climates, and harvest takes place around October.

#3 CBD Girl Scout Cookies

Homegrowncannabisco Review
Girl Scout Cookies is not an unfamiliar strain of cannabis, and it has received many great awards. CBD Girl Scout Cookies is a cannabidiol-rich version of that famous strain of Girl Scout Cookies, offering more medical value.

This strain contains an equal amount of THC and CBD of 15%, which creates a balance between therapeutic and recreational value. The CBD Girl Scout Cookies rich in terpene have the effect of curbing your cravings, leading to better weight control. Besides, it also has the effect of relieving stress, helping the mind become calmer.

Compared to the two strains above, CBD Girl Scout Cookies is a bit more difficult to grow. But it’s not like a complicated five-star challenge either. Growers only needs to know the LST technique to encourage the plant to divide more branches, thereby avoiding moisture accumulation and being able to distribute light evenly to the shoots.

Growers can grow this strain both indoors and outdoors, with 400-500 g / m2 and 400-500 gr / plant respectively. Just be aware of maintaining a temperate, temperate or continental sunny climate. The harvest time of this strain falls in September.

#4 CBD Black Domina

CBD Black Domina contains genetic traits from famous strains like Northern Lights, Afghanistan, Hash Plant, and Ortega. This cannabidiol-rich version has great medical effects for those who post stress on many issues, especially weight loss problems.

It has a fresh earthy scent, a hint of wood and fruit after the rain. This lightness will creep into your mind, improving your mood and fitness. You will likely fall asleep.

For growers, the good news is that the CBD Black Domina is a high yielding strain but it is a little bit of a challenge for beginners. Growers should plant this strain in a greenhouse or indoors where environmental conditions can be controlled.

To achieve the highest yield, around 400 – 600 g / m2 indoors, growers need to maintain a room temperature between 70 and 80 ° F and a humidity between 40 and 50% RH. This is the ideal environment for CBD Black Domina to produce the best quality and fat shoots.

Growers should also be careful to trim the branches to less dense to avoid the buds underneath not accessing enough light and to avoid accumulation of moisture.


CBD ACDC is a strain with a CBD content as high as 18% CBD, while the THC content is only 1%. It has great medical effects, especially of great help for patients who are dealing with pain, or anxiety. This high CBD strain will keep your mind clear and light and your body will also become more flexible.

This strain has a soil flavor with a hint of citrus. It is an edible cannabis strain that you can also inject, inhale, or apply topically. In addition, it is also provided to the patient in drug form.

Patients can also grow CBD ACDC indoors to receive regular treatment. This strain can grow under all climatic conditions, but it does most strongly under temperate and Mediterranean weather, in the temperature range of 20 to 26 ° C.

Growers should use HST and pruning techniques to get the highest yield, about 500 grams / plant. Pay attention during the flowering phase, not to overfeed the plant, the recommended nutrient level is enough for growers to get thick and quality shoots.

#6 CBD Harlequin

Like CBD ACDC, CBD Harlequin has a CBD content of 18% and 1% THC. This high CBD strain has powerful mental health effects as well as promoting health.

CBD Harlequin is not too difficult to grow, but growers need to be moderately knowledgeable in order to take care of it to produce the best quality and fat buds. At least you will need to know pruning techniques as these branches are very dense. Besides SOG technique is also necessary to maximize shoot productivity.

CBD Harlequin can grow both indoors and outdoors, but growers should grow it indoors in order to be able to control environmental conditions. This strain develops strongly at temperatures around 80 ° F and a semi-humid environment.

The Mediterranean area is suitable for growing this strain outdoors. However growers should also pay attention to prune the buds to receive adequate light and airflow. The harvest season falls in October.

#7 Cannatonic

Cannatonic is always in the top CBD strain that is searched for. It contains 17% CBD while THC accounts for 6%. This ratio brings high medical effects, reduces anxiety, stress, inflammation while not feeling hungry.

Growing a cannatonic at home will help you reduce costs while getting a purer supply. Beginners can also grow this strain at home, but it is important to understand the basics.

Growers should grow Cannatonic where environmental conditions can be controlled. Should maintain the temperature in the range 22-27ºC, the humidity fluctuates about 50%. However, during the vegetative stage, plants will need higher humidity so growers pay attention to adjust accordingly.

Growers should also use 600 watt LED lighting or equivalent systems for the best plant growth. However, Cannatonic has a low level of resistance to pests and diseases, so growers need more attention in vegetative as well as flowering.

#8 CBD Haze

Haze has always been on the top of the world’s most popular cannabis strains and we believe you’ve heard it at least once. Haze is a strain with a high THC content, so it is not suitable for beginners. But CBD Haze is different, with a CBD: THC ratio of 1: 1 so it should not pose any problems for your tolerance.

CBD Haze can be grown both indoors and outdoors, it is not a cannabis strain that is too difficult to grow. Even CBD Haze can grow naturally, but it will develop strong shoot clusters in a central position so growers care is needed so that the plant does not fall.

When growing indoors, keep half humidity and temperatures between 70 and 79 ° F. Growers pay attention to pruning and using support frames if the shoots grow too dense.

#9 Grapefruit

Grapefruit impresses with a distinctive citrus aroma and sweet, sour, and refreshing taste. This strain is not as common as the ones above, but it also has a great effect on your weight loss process.

This cannabis strain has many medical effects, limits appetite, reduces symptoms of anxiety and stress, and helps relax the mind in the long term. It is considered as a pain reliever but it is still relaxing and enjoyable.

To grow Grapefruit, growers don’t need a complicated technique but really need to put a lot of attention into it. This strain requires a lot of nutrients, is moderate against pests and diseases, is easy to mold, and requires regular trimming.

Note that this strain has a very strong odor so if you don’t want to draw the attention of your neighbors, prepare some exhaust hood in the room. Harvest time is in October and it can be used in a variety of ways for you to enjoy.

Final Verdict

CBD strain can help you lose weight. However never overdo and use CBD strains to lose weight quickly. Please use the recommended dosage, combined with diet and exercise to get the best results.