What are the best 12 volt marine dual-purpose batteries?


If you are looking for the best 12 volt marine battery, the first step is deciding what type of batteries is perfect for your purpose. If you have a small boat and there is no room for starting and deep cycle batteries, it is better to go for marine Dual-Purpose batteries.

For the small boat, this type of batteries is ideal to deliver power for starting the boat’s engine as well as provide smooth power for other electrical equipment in the boat. But what is the good quality, durable marine dual-purpose batteries that matches your needs? This list may help narrow down your choice.

#1 Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery

If you have the limit budget, this may be not ideal battery for you as this product come quite expensive price. However, you will a quality battery that surely worth your money. It is dual purpose battery that means I can be able to power your engine and other electrical equipment in your boat.

This device provides excellent reserve power of 205 minutes with the 100 Ah capacity rate. These power is more than enough for starting small fishing boat with several battery-powered accessories.

One of the most important factor to consider whenever you looking for the battery product to use when you are out on open water is that how good it is running without a drop in voltage and how durable it is even after periods of heavy usage.

What I like about this product is that it comes with a long warranty. It has the 60 days warranty but even after this time, Odyssey will still allow you to give the battery back and provide replacements. The full replacement warranty will last for 3 and 4-year will help you make your decide of purchasing on this product.

There is another great feature is that this battery is very low maintenance. Due to this, you do not need to check the batteries to ensure that it is always in the good condition.

#2 Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M BlueTop

One more time, if budget is not your problem the I highly recommend the Optima Blue Top dual-purpose battery as it is one of the best high-performance AGM batteries on the market. The out standing point of the Optima over other marine batteries out there is that it is more recharges. As such, it offers better runtime and longer lifespan.

The Optima batteries features good vibration resistant ability even in tough boating conditions, what makes it also very durable. It is designed to be fifteen times more resistant to vibrations, so the batteries will safer and also last for longer.

Thanks to the AGM design, these baterries can be able to store for extended periods of time while do not require much attention, and occasionally charge maintenance. It has the sturdy and secure design, so the battery is spill-proof and can be mounted in any angle on the boat .

Aside from its expensive cost, there is another drawback from this battery is the shipping problems. Sometimes, the shipment was delay so the batteries could be damaged during the shipping process.

#3 Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

This is another dual-purpose battery for starting the engine as well as powers the various accessories in your boat. The Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 Yellow-Top has cold cranking amps rating of 650 and offers reserve power of 98 minutes.

It is made with spiral-cell technology for employs 99.9% lead cells, so you do not to worry about its durability and its effective of saving power

Although the lifespan of batteries mostly depends on the way you handle them, but I have that the number cycles of this battery is almost twice times more than most other batteries. The Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 Yellow-Top is designed with a thick plastic cover to resist shock.

The Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 Yellow-Top is also the ideal batteries if you have the small boat and want to save the space. It comes with compact size of 9.38 x 6.75 x 7.69 inches and relatively lightweight with the weight of around 36 lbs, what make it very easy for you to store and mount it on the boat.

#4 Northstar Agm Engine Start Pin

If you are looking for the high-performance dual-purpose batteries, Northstar Agm Engine Start Pin is the great ideal as it offers very high reserve ability, Amp-Hour capacity and 1150 Amp CCA rating for even large outboards.

You will get the batteries that is great for the value as in compare with other products with the same price, Northstar Agm Engine Start Pin tents to recharge much more faster. Just like any AGM batteries, this one requires no maintenance. You do not need to check the water level or cleaning corrosion. North star Agm Engine Start Pin also comes with long time warrantee for about three and four years.

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Mobile air conditioning without exhaust hose? Or is it a split air conditioner? Which air conditioner is most suitable for which purposes? Here are all the tips and the most popular devices. In addition to sun and bathing fun, summer unfortunately also brings heat into the bedroom and into the whole apartment. Children in particular suffer from (too) high temperatures. They have a lower heat tolerance than adults because the body surface area in relation to their weight is larger than that of adults.

Correct ventilation or darkening can keep the temperature halfway in check. A fan can also provide temporary refreshment. However, if the heat continues for a long time , the walls or outer walls also heat up – in this case only air conditioning can help. Due to the simple installation, mobile air conditioning systems or air conditioning units without an exhaust air hose are in great demand. Fixed or mobile split air conditioning units (2-part) or window air conditioning units are also available. So the question arises: which air conditioner is the right choice for which purpose ? Which criteria are important when buying an air conditioner?

Air conditioning checklist

  • In the room Air conditioning removes heat from the room air. This is transported to the outside via the condenser and the cooling circuit and released there.
  • Air cooling devices that are operated with water or mobile air conditioning devices without an exhaust hose bring a pleasant, cooling feeling for a short time – in addition, the acquisition costs are rather low . For physical reasons, however, it is hardly / not possible to actually lower the room temperature with such devices.
  • Mobile air conditioning units with exhaust air hose (monoblock units) offer the advantage that they do not have to be permanently installed. They are therefore also suitable for rental apartments . The exhaust air hose is routed to the outside through the tilted window, for example. The remaining window gap must be sealed for an optimal effect. For a temporary cooling of small to medium sized rooms such a device may well provide. Advantage of a mobile air conditioner: These devices are comparatively cheap to buy .
  • Split air conditioners are much more effective. This is the conclusion reached by Stiftung Wartentest when comparing split devices and monoblock devices . They consist of two parts – indoor unit and outdoor unit. The indoor unit sucks in the room air and filters and cools the air. The second unit is the outdoor unit with a refrigeration compressor. A hose pipe provides the necessary connection between the components. Tip : an inverter air conditioner is a further development of the classic split air conditioner, which regulates the temperature much more gently thanks to intelligent power control of the compressor.
  • A window air conditioner also has a satisfactory effect. However, such a device is permanently installed in the window or an outer wall – with which only one room can be cooled.

Recommended air conditioners

#1 Mobile air conditioners without exhaust hose

Air cooling devices that are equipped with a water tank ensure that the air is circulated, which is pleasantly refreshing and cooling. However, such devices are not intended to permanently lower the temperature. Example is the oneConcept MCH-1 V2-3-in-1 air cooler fan humidifier 7 liters 360 m³ / h 65 W, 3 power levels, …

#2 Mobile air conditioners with exhaust hose

These devices are comparatively cheap to buy and lower the room temperature . Due to the way of installation (no pierced walls), such devices are preferably used in rental apartments . The BTU/h specification or the room size for which the respective device is intended is important in order to achieve a sufficiently rapid cooling effect.

#3 Split air conditioners

Split air conditioning units are usually more expensive to purchase – but the operating costs are significantly lower in the long run due to their higher efficiency . If you are interested in permanently good climate control, there is no avoiding a split device (ideally an inverter device). The same applies here: please pay attention to the BTU/h information and room size information . Important: Such devices may only be installed by a specialist !

Can I feed my ferret with home-cooked diet?


If you have just gotten a ferret, or are thinking of getting a ferret, then it is absolutely necessary to do a little research into the best diet for ferrets. Most ferret owner choose to provide this nutrition via pelleted ferret food.

However, I wonder that if I can offer home-cooked food for my ferrets. What are the pros and cons of cooked meat sources for ferrets?

#1 Is homemade food good for ferrets?

Homemade food is another way to feed your ferret. As long as they are getting enough protein and fats that ferrets need, there is no reason you cannot offer fresh meat meals at home for your ferret. You can add more protein in their diet, and provide a bit of fun, using supplementary cooked meat sources such as pieces of chicken or cooked egg along with the pellets.

To avoid the risk of disease, I would like to recommend that you should cooking meat thoroughly before offering it to your ferret. Never feed cooked bones for ferrets as these may splinter and cause internal damage or become an intestinal obstruction.

#2 Can I offer ferrets only homemade diet?

No, you should not. There are disadvantages however. Ferrets have very fast metabolisms so they need a steady influx of energy throughout the day. So, they will eat around 8 to 10 small meals daily after every 3-4 hours. So, it is best to have food available constantly.

Moist food sours after a few hours, especially in warm weather. Leaving meat in their cage also might be messy. This is the advantage of dry diet as it is convenience and keeping quality.

Besides, Pellets also help keep your ferret’s teeth clean. Homemade moist food develops much more plaque on ferret’s teeth sooner than ferrets on the same food fed dry.

#3 Advantage of home-cooked diet

Feeding homemade food for your ferrets is a good way to provide them a variety diet. This is because ferrets can be fussy creatures. So it is a good idea to mix fresh meats with the pallets. This will avoid your ferrets become fussy. Offering a variety of food from a young age will make your ferret much more open to a range of foods. It is more difficult to provide a variety of food for older ferret.

One more advantage is that offering fresh meat can help you create a bone with your pets and also comes in handy during training.

What are best brands of UVB light for iguanas?


We all know that Iguanas needs basking heat source, which is provided by a light bulb. But they also need a special UVB producing light. If you want your Iguana lizard will live a long healthy life, then you surely should invest your time in finding the best UVB light for iguanas.

UVB is necessary for the iguana to make Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 needed to helps metabolize calcium form Iguana food. Without a UVB source, Iguanas could get a dangerous Metabolic Bone diseases, which cause the dead is possible. However, there are several types of UVB producing bulbs form different brands and they produce different results. How can you know which one is best for your iguana?

#1 Different types of UVB bulbs

There are some UVB bulb on the market that are designed special for reptile only. The first type of reptile bulbs are the tube style bulbs or the linear fluorescent bulbs. This bulb is the most common bulbs as it better to cover larger area than just a basking area. It creates a gradient insider the tank for your Iguana. This will enable your baby iguana for sale to get different amounts of UVA and UVB.

Next are mercury vapour bulbs. These bulbs emit both heat and UVB. They release a very intense UVB light so you should be careful when using it.

Compact fluorescent are the most affordable bulbs that can fit into just about any fixture on the market. However, they cannot work in the large extant like what a linear bulb can do.

There are some reliable brands that have been known as their common reptile’s products as well as UVB bulbs for reptiles such as ZooMed, T-rex, Exo Terra, ect.

#2 ZooMed

ZooMed had been founded 41 years ago by Gary Bagnall. This company was known for brought UVB lighting into the reptile owner’s home. Their product are ZooMed’s Iguana Light 5.0 and Reptisun 5.0. They are fluorescent-style tube bulbs that require a special fixture. They made with a 5% UVB output and a 30% UVA output, ideal for iguana habitats.

The drawback of these bulbs is that while they are much better than screw in bulbs, most tube-style UVB bulbs will lose their UVB in 6-10 months, even though they still produce visible light. After this period of time, you will have to replace the new one.

#3 Exo Terra

Exo Terra is a company managed by Emmanuel Van Heygen with a worldwide reach. When it comes to best products for a reptile environment, Exo terra is one of the market leader in reptile products. Not only terrariums, they also product everything possible needed for aquariums and more.

Exo terra’s Solar-Glo is Mercury Vapor lamps, which produce both heat and UVB. This is due to their capacity of 125 watt output. What make these bulbs resemble to natural sunlight. So, it should be handled with care when being used in iguanas terrarium.

What nutrients should be included in red eared slider’s diet?


red-eared sliders are omnivorous, meaning they will eat commercial turtle food pellets, feeder fish and insects, and fruits and vegetables. A proper diet for red eared sliders should consist of 25% live protein, 25% commercial food, 50% vegetables with water plants, vitamin and minerals.

Many owners often do the mistake of only feeding their turtle the commercial food. It is a very poor practice and may lead your turtle to different helth problems and early death. This is why when you looking for the best red eared slider food, it is important to ensure these foods contain enough nutrients that they need.

#1 Animal Protein

Protein is a part of your pet’s dietary needs. Keep in mind that older sliders will eat relatively more protein than younger animals. Therefore, do not not feed it with more than 25% protein in the total meal for an adult  Do not feed defrosted frozen fish to your red eared slider as froxen fish are lack of thiamine. And consuming much amount of these fozen fish will cause a thiamin deficiency in your pet.

Earthworms is a good source of provein for red eared slider. However, Be careful with the kind of worms you feed your red eared slider. Worms that you can find in your backyard could contain parasites and bacteria. Instead, buying them from reputable pet stores. You also can offer them with chopped raw lean beef, beef heart, or cooked chicken as a treat for your pets.

#2 Plant

Plants take about 50% of the total die. Some dark leafy greens like collard, mustard is goof for red eared slider. Shredded or finely chopped carrots and carrot tops, squash, and green beans may be provided for your pet.

Becareful when feeding your pet with thawed frozen mixed vegetables as some of them develop thiaminase which removes the all-important B vitamin from the plant. Red eared slicer may love raw fruit. Just make sure that you shred hard fruits and chop soft fruits before offering to your pet.

Aquatic plants such as duckweed, water hyacinth, Azolla, frogbit, and anacharis are an excellent treat for these turtles

#3 Vitamin Supplements

you should provide vitamin supplements to your turtle’s diet. You need to make sure your pet gets vitamin supplements at least twice a week. Choose a reliable reptile multivitamin that has calcium and vitamin D3 in it. You can add it in their diet by mixing it with the turtle’s food. Also, an excellent way to provide additional calcium is to put a cuttlebone in the turtle tank. These nutritional supplements will help your turtle is getting a 100% balanced nutrition profile.

How do you check if your non-stick pan good for gas stove?


Unlike electric stove, the drawback of gas stove is that gas stoves typically heat up relatively fast and produce unevenly distributed heat. While technically any pan can be used on a gas stove, there are certain type of pan will work better over this open-flame stove.

And non-stick pan is one of them. The best non-stick pans for gas stove help you achieve better culinary results and distribute heat more evenly so that you get your food done perfectly. But how do you know if the non-stick pan you have is high quality and better suited for gas stove? This post are some ways you can try to test your non-stick pan.

#1 How effective is the non-stick coating?

You should perform this test right when you take the pan out of the box as after a lapse of time used, non-stick pan will slowly loose its non-stick capability.

First, you cooked a pancake in your pan with no butter or oil to see how easily the pancakes flipped. You also can try to fry an egg, or make scrambled eggs, all without oil and butter. The result will show how effective your non-stick coating is.

#2 How quickly and evenly heat distributed is?

To test the time the pan heat up and how evenly heat distributed the pan is, you just need to fill the pan with a little water, ensure that the water is enough to cover the entire bottom of the pan. Then, turning on the burner and wait until the water is totally boiling. You can see how long it took for the water to boil.

By this way, you also can see if the air bubbles when you boiling water are over the pan surface, that means your non-stick pan distributed heat evenly. There is another way to check the distribution of heat is that when you flipped your pancakes, we looked for areas that were lighter and darker, which indicated cool spots and hot spots, respectively.

#3 What is the type of non-stick coating?

On the market today, you will find 2 types of coatings on non-stick cookware. The popular one is Teflon while the other one is ceramic. The Teflon coating will last longer when compared to the ceramic coating. But if you choose the Teflon non-stick pan, ensure that it do not include PFOA.

MJ Canadian Seeds Review: www.mjseedscanada.ca


Canada popular made historical documentation as the first county in the world to legalize weed for medical usage. Farmers growing Marijuana can choose to grow from the marijuana Canadian seeds or cuttings, which have a fast growth rate. However, Mj seeds Canada review that marijuana seeds are much better to the growers with a quarantined storing pot without losing any quality.

Planting Marijuana seeds in soil is one of the suitable methods of gardening cannabis plants without spending much money 0n other automated schemes. The marijuana seeds are available in a wide variety of medicinal purposes. Marijuana Canadian weed supplier offers marijuana seed with the finest genetics to maintain the comfort of the uses and their health.

Marijuana seeds are considered of much help in Canada to relieve chronic pain naturally. Customer evaluation highly recommends the marijuana seed cultivation as one of the memorable recreation engagements to feel high. Customers flood in the Mj seeds Canada review timeline happy for the marijuana seed for the first-class germiterminalormance with a higher success rate of the seedlings.

The MJ seeds high-quality levels a high yield ensuring them good sales returns. They also offer great customer service to educate the first farmers with their wide variety of Marijuana. Beginners are encouraged to select the auto flower seeds for cultivation, which are friendlier in their growth. Marijuana seed supplied in Canada have a high level of resistance and can adapt to the diverse weather condition and thrive greatly.

According to the Mj seeds, most of the growers have a high demand for the marijuana seeds for its useful elements. Fast delivery is assured no matter your location, with online networking and distinct shipping emailed automatically to the client for tracking services. The packaging of the marijuana seed is beyond your expectations, which is well blister sealed to maintain freshness and safety.

Also, the marijuana seed is cheap and affordable to every shipped right at your home.Mj.seed offers the most demanded strains in bulk to meet each customer expectation. Professionally skilled staff is our commitment to ensure each client is attended correctly and offered with helpful information.

What Is The Best Aspen Bedding for Rats?


There are many different kinds of bedding available, but not all of them are safe for rats. Pine, cedar soft woods are dangerous to rats. But unlike these soft woods, Aspen is a hardwood and there are no toxic phenols in it making it a safe choice for your rat.

If you are looking for a good alternative to the traditional pine bedding, then you should consider aspen. It can make the best rat bedding since it is readily available and cheaper than pine.

#1 The advantages of Aspen bedding for rat

Aside from totally safe for rats and contains no toxic phenols, it is also relatively soft and absorbent. That means it will soak up moistural and urine of rats so that keeping your rat’s cage clean and fresh smell.

It is also finer and cheaper than pine, making the comfortable bedding for your pets. Besides, you can easily fine Aspen Available in any pet shops and online.

#2 Disadvantages of aspen

When it come to disadvantages of aspen, it is the problem about dust. Since it os quite dusty, this can create a cloud of sawdust when you pour the bedding into the cage, mess up your cage and the tiny pieces are also likely to make their way around your home.

Not only about the messy, the Aspen which is not treated well to remove dust can cause some helth problems for your rats such as the development of chronic respiratory disease. If it gets into your rat’s eyes, it is going to post a real problem.

When aspen get wet for along time, it will become stick and also the good condition for the growth of mites. So that you have to remember clean and replace it frequently.

#3 Hight quality aspen bedding products

Because of these drawbacks abouve, you have to choose carefully the aspen product. If you want to reduce dust issues, then you can consider Kaytee Aspen Bedding Bag.

Kaytee aspen bedding is made od all natural Aspen shavings. It is specially processed to eliminate excess dust and wood debris. It also treated to eliminate bacteria, yeast, or mold that may have been present and prevent the growth again of them. Kaytee Aspen bedding is biodegradable and it require to replace at least ince a week.

What are the supplies to put in the best hedgehog cage?


Apart from the best hedgehog cage, the right hedgehog supplies are the things should never be overlook. A hedgehog cage needs to be stocked with everything necessary to provide the best time for your pets.

Not only for being entertained, the cage supplies also provide a chance of exercise that your hedgehog needs to keep fit. But since the cage has limited floor space, you also need to consider which supplies are essential and which aren’t to put inside. In this post, we’ve put together this full list of all the hedgehog supplies you’ll need.

#1 Bedding

Safe and comfortable bedding is one of the most important factors that will determine hedgehog’s quality of life. Your pets should not live in the bare floor. The bedding that made from recycled paper, pulp or wood chips is an excellent choice.

But remember to stay away from any type of woodchip with cedar in it. Cedar has aromatic oils that can cause respiratory problems in hedgehogs.

#2 Food and water bowl

This is another essential equipment on the list that your hedgehogs cannot live without. There are many different types and product of food and water bowls but you have to ensure that anything they are eating from is not made of chemicals or toxic materials that may harm your pets.

They should be able to ensure safety, do not affect the quality of hedgehog’s food.

Besides, you should choose a heavier bowl or you can glue the bowl onto the floor. This will prevent it from toppling. The bowl should be at least 4 inches so that the bedding does not go inside. But if it is too high, your hedgehogs may not get hard to access.

#3 A litter box

This item not only makes your hedgehogs happy since their cage will more clean and fresh smell, but also make your life easier. You may have to train your hedgehogs to use the litter box. The litter box should be roomy enough for your pets move around in it. It also should be low enough for the hedgehog easy access.

#4 Hiding places

There is more benefits from the hiding place than just a thing for hedgehog to play in. You can use the tunnels, PVC pipes, tube or any things that your hedgehog can go in and out for the hideouts. The hiding place is where your pets can hide inside whenever they get stress, a place like this can make they feel safe.

#5 Some toys

As you have known, hedgehogs are active animals; they really love to have fun. They will prefer to play with brightly colored toys. Simple toys such as balls, bells, chew toys can keep them happy and entertained. However, ensure that the toys that you give them do not have any parts that are easy to swallow.

#6 Wheel

The wheel is absolutely essential supply that will promote a healthy lifestyle of your pets. There are many different types of wheel such as bucket wheel, comfort wheels, wodent wheels, and wire mesh wheels. However, this is the thing that you pets will get lot of use, so you should not get something with low quality.

Haze vs Kush: What Is The Best Cannabis Strain? | Weed Smoking Nightclubs


There is a debate currently going on in the Cannabis community about the two most effective strains in best seed bank canada, Haze and Kush, which one is the best. With many arguments about the two going on, this article provides a detailed explanation of the two historical strains. The most well-known strains today can trace their origin back to Kush or Haze, meaning they would either have one strain or the other one serving as parent. The level of pleasure one gets from smoking a strain goes beyond  the name it’s bears, and each strain family in canadian seed bank gives their own unique satisfactory experience.

They are also known for their medicinal  purposes, they have a lot of  resemblance yet they vary.


Kush is a strain of Cannabis Indica that got its origin from Afghanistan and India. It was formally called Hindu Kush, and was supposedly taken to United states In the mid 1970’s.

Kush is the fundamental of California Cannabis genetics, its breeding was done with many plants due to it’s (large) size as well as immunity to numerous pests and diseases. Kush has attained a recognizable level of appreciation across the globe.

Conversely, Haze is a Sativa strain with history from 1960’s in Santa Cruz, California. Genetics indicates that this strain originated in Colombia, Thailand, Mexico and even as far as India and traveled across landraces and deep oceans to get to different locations around the globe.


Differences exist between Haze and Kush regarding various factors, most important of which are described under the points below:

Growing and appearance

Regarding their cultivation, Haze strains grow taller usually than do Kush strain, and their height can be up to 20ft. Also, Haze can have citrus, acrid, or sweet flavors while grape-like taste and smell is found additionally in Kush.

  • Kush: In general, the Kush strain will have more extensive leaves and is normally bold in appearance. On account of its minimal size, Kush can be effectively developed inside and outside.
  • Haze: Haze is the inverse. It develops to be more slender and taller and is extraordinary compared to other cannabis strains to develop outside. The leaves are long and thin and the buds are shaggy, covering the blossom outwardly.


  • Haze: Haze has a citrus fragrance; however, with an earthy and sweet smell.
  • Kush: Kush is earthy, however impactful and unmistakably sweet in smell like pine, pepper, or even like incense.


  • Haze: Haze has a prevailing flavor due to its citrusy profile.
  • Kush: Kush is smoother in flavor and increasingly complex with taste of earth, grape, flowers and citrus.


  • Haze: It gives the smoker a decent ‘head high.’ A head high includes a “cerebral high; which implies that your considerations, innovative capacity , and view of things is the thing that gets adjusted. You may turn out to be increasingly engaged, with things more clear and coherent.
  • Kush: It gives a ‘body high,’ which implies that you will feel very slouchy. A body high gives you an increasingly loose “couch lock” feeling. Your muscles and fundamentally your whole body feels like endorphins are flooding it; it enables your muscle to unwind and you feel charmingly drained and glad. This is the one that is bound to advance rest.

Now to the big question between Kush And Haze what is the best strain?

Haze and Kush strains, in general, exhibit similar characteristics, but each has its unique aroma that differentiates it from the other. The citrus smell and spicy taste of Haze gives it an earthy-taste that makes it stand out in the mist of others.

Kush is not left out either. It has its own unique and pungent earthiness, it gives the nose harder strike with its great notes that comes in either spice, pepper, pine and even as incense.

In conclusion you’ve noticed that each of the strains is independently unique and boasts of an array of special characteristics. Ultimately, you can now choose the best strain that matches your taste between the Haze and the Hindu Kush.