Marijuana pipes: Top 20 Best Weed Pipes of 2023 – USA Amazon

Smoking your cannabis with the use of a pipe has been tested, tried and is readily used to smoke weed since the ancient connoisseurs first packed a stash of marijuana some centuries ago. The weed pipe is a straightforward structure, and the concept behind how it works is understandable. First, there is the weed bowl to pack the weed, and a sealed tube connecting the bowl containing the weed to the mouthpiece which you use to inhale air through the pipe. Most weed pipes are also known to come with a second hole called the carb or the choke. Believe it or not, but the carb plays an essential function in the weed pipe, it allows you to control how air moves into your pipe. When you light you weed, it is expected that the carb hole is covered, when you start to inhale. When you have the right amount of smoke build-up, you release your hand from the carb allowing air to rush into the pipe and move the smoke into your lungs. While there are other types of tools used to smoke weed, like the bong, (which we will compare with the weed pipe), vaporizers, joints, etc., among all tools used in smoking weed, the pipe is the simplest to use with little or no technical know-how required, most argue it is the best way to smoke weed.

Table: Top 15 Best Weed Pipes of 2023 - USA Amazon

ImageProduct LinkPrice
iRainy [5 Piece] Spice Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher, 2.1 Inch, Metal Black$$
Ultimate Bottle & Tube Brush Cleaning Set 9 Sizes & Shapes - Natural & Synthetic Bristles by ProTool$$
Houseables Bottle Brush, Pipe Cleaning Kit, Bong Brushes, Water Bubbler, Hose Tips Cleaner, 9 Pieces, Nylon, Natural & Synthetic Bristles, Small, Long, Scrubber for Tubes, Straws, Canning Jars$$
Aozita 6 Pack Lab Spatula - Micro Lab Spoon/Scoop with Nickel-Stainless Blade - Also Great Filler$$
Res Gel Non-Toxic Glass and Metal Pipe Cleaner$$$
Long Bottle Cleaning Brush 17inch Extra Long Brush for Washing Narrow Neck Beer, Wine, Kombucha, Water Bottles,Decanter, Narrow Neck Brewing Bottles, Flexible Bendable Brushes Household Cleaning (7pcs)$$$
GRAND MASTER SMOKE (32oz) Soak & Wash Biodegradable Formula - Bong Cleaner / Glass Pipe & Hookah Cleaner - Sanitize + Deodorize, Restores 420 & 710 Heady Glass Back To New - No Shaking/No Scrubbing$$$
Formula 420 Glass Metal Ceramic Pipe Cleaner 12 Oz. 3 Pack$$$
King Palm Mini Size Natural Pre Wrap Palm Leafs (25 Pack)$$$
Herb Guard - 1 Oz Stash Jar and Smell Proof Container (500 ml) Comes with Humidity Pack to Keep Goods Fresh for Months$$$$
Grunge Off Super Soaker Glass Pipe Cleaner, 16 Ounce (2 Pack)$$$$
Kozo Wood Stash Box Kit with Rolling Tray, Locking Smell Proof Jar with Airtight Seal, Aluminium 4 Part Herb Grinder Set with Magnetic Lid, Padded & Engraved Wood Box with Lock and Keys$$$$

Backdrop of weed pipes

The whole idea of a weed pipe is more like what is known as “spoon pipes”, meaning your simple weed bowl or chamber with a pipe attached to it. More like the usual spoon you use to eat soups. Marijuana pipes come in varied shapes, sizes, colours and forms. Some are made out of glass, wood, metal and tin foil pipe. However, aluminium is considered not an excellent material for making weed pipes because when heated, aluminium can be harmful to the lungs, causing lung disease and even cancer. So, when next you want to purchase a weed pipe, make sure you know what material your pipe is made from, so you don’t end up buying an aluminium pipe.

Origin of weed pipes

Let’s now take a peek to history and see the origin of weed pipes. The weed pipes have been with man for thousands of years and is even regarded as the oldest smoking tool man has invented. The weed pipe, created initially to smoke tobacco can now be used a plethora of drugs, with the cannabis inclusive.
Weed pipe smoking was popular with a lot of Native American cultures long before the arrival of European colonialism. For a lot of these cultures smoking tobacco and weed were part of their rich history/ceremonial process and was most commonly used during special ceremonial occasions back then. Among most Native Americans, the “Peace pipe” is a well-known part of their culture and tradition, however other types of pipes do exist.
While we have early sites of tobacco cultivations in Mexica dating as far back as approximately the 1400 to 1100 BCE. When the Europeans invaded America, one product which was exported back in large quantities was tobacco which was in turn sold to Persia and China where it was smoked through weed pipes.
Nevertheless, weed pipe smoking was not just peculiar to the Native Americans alone. Fossil evidence also shows other civilizations use weed pipes to smoke psychotropic substances like cannabis. China is one of those countries.
China is not left out, as weed pipes were used to smoke a substance called “madak”, which is a mixture of opium and tobacco.

How to smoke weed from a pipe and smoke it properly?

It can be argued that weed pipe smoking is the easiest way to smoke your weed; however, there is an excellent way to ensure that you get 100% of the high contained in your marijuana.

Step 1

Firstly, get your weed ready. Don’t know what weed to chose from? Check out our Best weed of all-time post, and pick any strain of your choice.

Step 2

Get your pipe ready. You can choose from a vast array of pipes, glass pipes, wooden pipes, tin foil pipes, but stay away from aluminium pipes to avoid harming your lungs.

Step 3

Get you lighter ready. While some folks prefer the good-old match, others prefer using weed specific lighters like hemp wick. You will want a lighter that is effective, ignites easily, burns well and doesn’t give off any harmful chemicals as by-products or aftermaths. You will then use your preferred lighter to ignite the bowl with your weed inside.

Step 4

Make sure your weed is ground correctly, as opposed to hand-shredded weed because hand-shredded weed doesn’t produce an even grind as opposed to using a weed grinder. Evenly grinding your weed is crucial because it allows the weed to create a solid burn in your bowl, evenly heating the cannabinoids and trichomes, which gets released to give you the maximum high you desire. Weed grinders come in various shapes and sizes and will make your weed pipe experience a smooth one.

Step 5

Now that we have the weed in check, your pipe ready, and got your preferred lighter set to ignite, there are three things you need a rain check on before you get down to enjoying your fumes. One, make sure your weed is well ground and well packed. Also, make sure your weed pipe screen is well positioned, so you don’t get bits of ash and weed in your mouth when you inhale hard on the pipe, and finally, ensure that you weed packed tightly at the bottom of the bowl, and a bit loose at the top, this is important to ensure even distribution of smoke, which in turn allows the weed continue burning, properly allowing airflow is a crucial part of setting up your weed pipe, so you enjoy your smoke without any glitches or clogging.

Step 6

While the art of drawing your weed may not be delicate, some caution needs to taken into consideration. When you inhale the smoke from your mouth into your lungs, before you exhale the weed smoke, take a deep breath of fresh air using your nostrils, mixing the weed air down your lungs with oxygenated air, this makes for a smooth experience and you don’t end up coughing, irritant, because you have mixed the weed smoke with rich oxygenated air. Most people make it a habit to hold the weed smoke in for a couple of minutes with the notion that it gets them higher, this is a matter of preference, but THC is known to get absorbed into lungs within seconds. Exhaling is the final process of smoking with your weed pipe. Always ensure that you exhale correctly. When exhaling, it should not be done with your mouth still in the pipe, this sends the air down the weed pipe and may scatter the packed weed in the weed bowl.

Bong vs. Weed pipe

The age-long battle lingers for which is better continues. While many smokers have their preferred smoking device, the question remains, which of the two devices is better than the other. Are they different, or is it all about perception?
Well, keep reading, let’s try to dissect the debate and see who comes out on top.

#1 Weed Pipes

A classic choice, weed pipe has been with us for a long time and can be made from either glass, wood, ceramic, clay etc. A Weed pipe structure is relatively simple, a tube with a bowl at one end where you put your weed and another hole at the other end where you inhale and exhale from.
Looked critically, a weed pipe has a lot in its favour when stacked up against a bong. To start with, the weed pipe is smaller compared with the bong, which makes it portable and inconspicuous to carry. It doesn’t end there; its small size makes the weed pipe more comfortable to clean of the two devices. Also, Cleaning the weed pipe due to its little nature is faster and easier.
Don’t conclude just yet. Yes, the weed pipe is smaller, but when used, it delivers a hotter and harsher smoke on the lung; this is due to the short distance between the bowl and the lungs. Also, there isn’t any mechanism to cool the smoke before it gets inhaled. Similarly, the weed pipe has no feature in place to filter the smoke, so there is a possibility of inhaling ash into your lung.

#1 Advantages of the Weed pipe

  • Discreet to move
  • Stress-free to clean
  • Portable

#2 Disadvantages

  • Hotter and Coarse Smoke
  • Possibility to inhale ash due to no filter system in place.

#2 Bongs

The bong can arguably be said to be a novel device made for the modern era. Want to know more about the Bong, check out our post on how to make a Bong.
A bong is a device with a water pipe, and a vertical tube, which is partly filled with water and also contains a smaller bowl that houses the weed. The bong also includes a filtration system which helps to filter the smoke before it gets into your lung.
Over the years, the bong has grown in popularity and acceptance. This is mainly due to the filtration system, which makes it possible to produce longer, cleaner and smoother smoke.
The bong indeed produces a cleaner and cooler smoke; it also requires a high learning curve compared with the weed pipe.
Consequently, there is the difficult to travel with a bong because of its size and the constant need for you to keep it upright so as to not allow its water content to spill.
Unlike the weed pipe, Bongs have intricate designs. This is caused by the several chambers and percolators that is attached to a bong. As you can tell, the complex structure of the bong makes it challenging to clean, and not forgetting the water contained, while some bongs have splash guards, a good number of then can spill the water content, which can be a real downside.

#1 Advantages of the Bong

  • Calmer smoke
  • Inability to inhale ash
  • Produces longer and smoother smoke when you drag
  • Filters out harmful substances and leaves the good

#2 Disadvantages

  • Difficult to Clean
  • Water can get into your mouth and can be spilt
  • Less conspicuous

Which is a Better device?

Now the moment we all have been waiting for, which of these devices comes out on top?
I leave you to decide. Let us know which you prefer.

How to clean your weed pipe

Cleaning your weed pipe is very important, not because it’s a healthy practice, but it helps create a better experience when next you want you to use the pipe, this is because it will be clean and less clogged. Marijuana releases a substance called resin which builds up over time in your weed pipes. Resins are sticky substances produced by marijuana and requires that you have to maintain your weed bowl consistently. Here are some ways to clean your glass, metal or ceramic bowl so you can get maximized experience every time to decide to light it up.

  • Get a plastic bag and fill it with one teaspoon of salt and 90% of alcohol.
  • Deep the weed pipe in the salt and alcohol mixture and allow it to soak for a couple of minutes. Then in a clockwise motion, shake the solution thoroughly.
  • When you’re done shaking, take out the pipe and with a clean cloth or a paper towel, wipe off oil resin residue from the bowl. Also, get a piece of tiny metal, preferably a nail and scrape the pipe stem and weed bowl. Wiping off the resin completely from your bowl because you have mixed the pipe with alcohol and if smoked like that can become toxic to the body.
  • To complete the cleaning process, use dish soap to wash and rinse away the leftover resin and alcohol from your weed pipe thoroughly. Most cannabis smokers prefer to boil their weed pipes in water and use wipes to remove the remaining alcohol and resin. Others use nail polish remover to get the alcohol and resin out. Whichever method you prefer, always ensure that every trace of all possible hazardous chemicals used in cleaning the pipe is completely removed from the pipe before your next smoking session.

To summarize

I’m sure at the end of this post you are properly educated on the origins of the weed pipe, how to properly smoke from a weed pipe, how to pack a weed bowl, The difference between the Bong and the weed Pipe, options available to smoke weed without the pipe, steps in cleaning your weed pipe and how to effectively maximize your smoking experience if you use a weed pipe. It all boils down to personal preference on how you chose to smoke your weed with what device works best for you, our job here at is to educate you and make the options available to you known to you. To summarize, how to smoke weed from the pipe starts with you grinding the weed to ensure it burns evenly, packing the weed tightly at the bottom of the bowl and loosely on top, lighting up the stash with any preferred lighter of your choice, making sure the your breath in fresh oxygenated air when you inhale smoke from your pipe, make the fresh air mix with the weed smoke in your lungs. Hold for a couple of seconds before you exhale. While we have regular weed pipes, standard weed pipes are choked or carbed, which allows for proper airflow. Don’t have a weed pipe but you have a tobacco pipe, can you use it? Definitely yes! There are a lot of creative ways to enjoy your strains, and you should not be limited to one tool or device, that’s why we make it our duty at to cover as many tools as possible. With all this knowledge, pack two pipes full with your favourite strain, call a friend and show off what all you have learnt, how to pack a bowl, how to exhale, and the proper way to clean your weed pipes. Put your lighters in the air, get that pipe lit, and blaze away.