SunMed CBD Reviews 2023 – Sunmed Topical Cream ship to US, Canada, Mexico, UK and Japan

People nowadays realize the need of maintaining good health and treating diseases by using natural supplements instead of using medication prescribed, which may have negative effects on their health. Because of its medicinal and therapeutic characteristics, cannabis plants and CBD products have become popular.

When researching for high quality and reliable CBD brands, I found SunMed CBD as one of the outstanding brand that offers the great value and safe products. This brand’s products will not have any negative impact on the user’s body. In order to make it easier for you to get the right CBD brands, I put here the detailed review of SunMed CBD, their advantages, disadvantages, products evaluation, and more.

About the Brand

SunMed CBD is a brand that was established in 2023 and based out of Florida. The company is the exclusive supplier of CBD products to companies including Your CBD Store, Ripon Naturals, and SunFlora in the United States.

If you want to learn want to learn more about SunMed’s history, you may be dissatisfied because the website lacks sufficient information. It’s difficult to identify who is founder of SunMed because there isn’t a clearly statement or information about the team’s founders or members.

SunMed is a brand dedicated to offering the quality CBD products to their customers. You can find in every SunMed product’s label a QR code that you can scan and it will take you to online of lab reports. SunMed is transparency in the produce process as they think that clients should be able to see product from “soil to oil.”

CBD oils, capsules, topical, pet products, gummies, and delta-8 products are among Sunmed’s CBD products line, all of these are made from organic hemp cultivated in Colorado and Oregon.

They’re also tested by an independent third-party lab, and the test results are public on their website. SunMed’s products have also received recognition. At the 2023 USA CBD Expo held Miami, its CBD tincture and CBD topical earned excellence honors. Their peanut butter pet CBD tincture came in second as the best pet product category in the Hemp Cup. SunMed, on the other hand, received warning letter from the FDA in November 2023 for multiple issues including the lack of adequate directions.

SunMed CBD’s Pros

#1 Hemp Source and Extraction Method

Sunmed’s products are made from organic hemp grown in Colorado and Oregon, United States. These two states are the most prominent hemp-growing place in the country. It ensures that hemp plants have the optimum condition to grow and the final hemp will meet the stringent requirements of industry standard.

Sunmed employs carbon dioxide (CO2) as the extraction technique, which helps remove the need of chemical solvents while generating a high-quality, full-spectrum CBD. For the THC contents remain, the CBD is filtered further to eliminate any traces of THC. SunMed, which is made in the United States, is a safer and more reliable option than CBD products made in Asia, which may not have as stringent testing requirements.

#2 Lab Third-Party Tested

Green Scientific Labs, an independent third-party cannabis lab headquartered in Florida, are collaborated with SunMed CBD to tests Sunmed’s CBD products. Green Scientific Labs was founded in 2023, and its professional website, excellent rated, and extensive information on the founders and lab’s staffs are what makes it is among the most reliable and trusted testing labs in the nation.

The third-party lab will test SunMed CBD products for potency and contaminants, so you can rest your mind that their products are safe, pure, does not contain any heavy metal, harmful and toxic chemicals, the test result can be checked on the brand’s website. I love the SunMed CBD website as they create the “Lab Reports” page at the head of site. typing the item’s name into the search box and pressing “search” and you can find the lab result.

#3 Shipping & Returns Policy

SunMed CBD ships to all the States in the US and provides free delivery for purchases over $99. If you buy SunMed CBD products through SunFlora, it will take about 5-7s before you receive your orders, but SunFlora only ship throughout the U.S. Ripon Naturals offers the delivery service to the US and some other countries. It can take 3-7 days for shipping within the US, 10-18 days deliver to Japan and the UK, and it may take about a week if you live in Mexico or Canada.

The firm offers a 30-day money back guarantee for every customer, which allows you to return an opened good for a refund or exchange within 30 days after you buy it. However, remember that on-sale products are the sole exception, as they cannot be returned.

#4 Health Advantages

The client will easier to create a healthy habit with the help of this product. It will boost energy and provide stamina, allowing users to get in shape. For any people who are suffering sleepless or headache, SunMed CBD can give customer a good night’s sleep, ensure that they are getting enough sleep.

The CBD oil will aid the customer in maintaining a healthy metabolic rate. They will be able to avoid indigestion, stomach cramps, and constipation as a result of this. CBD also has the calming properties that will reduce anxiety or stress. SunMed CBD Oil will help to soothe the nerves and give users a healthy mind.

The brand’s cons

#1 Lack of information about the brand and ingredients

It is so strange that SunMed CBD has no “about us” page, what make it hard for costumers to learn the accurate information of the brand. SunMed appears to be clean, they offer everything we need for the safety and quality, including third-party potency testing, contamination data, and the amount CBD per serving. However, the lack of ingredient listings and description for each product is a major disappointment.

#2 Lack of customer reviews on the official website

On Sunmed’s website, there is no any customer reviews. This is a significant flaw because these reviews allow us to determine whether the items are effective, quality or not and can be delivered without severe issues.

However, I found for SunMed CBD reviews Reddit, Reddit is social news website and most of the reviews are overwhelmingly good, implying that Sunmed’s CBD medicines are effective.

SunMed CBD’s products reviews

#1 SunMed CBD Oil Tinctures

SunMed CBD provides variety options for CBD oil, they are: SunMed Organic Full Spectrum Tincture, SunMed Organic Broad Spectrum Tincture, SunMed Broad Spectrum CBG Tincture, SunMed CBNplus Tincture (Full or Broad-spectrum), and Sunmed Water-Soluble Tincture (Full or Broad-spectrum).

SunMed CBD oil tinctures come in 1fl oz (or 30ml) bottle with droppers. The CBD is constantly fresh since the bottles are colored. There are full-spectrum and broad-spectrum formulations available in a variety of tastes, as well as different variants that high in the minor cannabinoids CBN or CBG.

SunMed’s Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures are made from the highest-quality hemp that is cultivated organically in the United States. The Broad Spectrum SBD contains terpenes, amino acids, and flavonoids, it is also a rich source of CBC and CBG. This variant available in 4 flavors are Lemon, Mint, Natural and Orange with 5 potency that ranges from 250 to 3000mg of CBD oerall every 30 bottles.

SunMed’s Organic Full Spectrum Tinctures have 4 strength options are 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg with 4 flavors: Blueberry, Cinnamon, Natural, Strawberry. This type of CBD tintures include Organic MCT oil as a carrier oil, which help the oil easier to absorb into body.

The Broad Spectrum Tincture CBG Dominant product is recommened to use in daytime as it contains large amount of CBD (about 60% CBG). Additionally, it only contains around 15% CBD as a secondary element. It is also blended with aromatic citrus essential oils.

SunMed CBNplus Tincture is a full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil that a high amount of CBN, CBN is a minor cannabinoid that has been linked to improved sleep.

The last type of SunMed CBD oil is water-soluble tinctures. They break down CBD oil into microscopic particles using liposomal technology, which allow them absorb better and can be blended in water.

#2 SunMed CBD Edibles

SunMed offers many CBD-infused edibles for you to choose from. There are two main types of endibles are SunMed CBD gummies and capsules. As you can find in this product line category, here are the edibles products options:

SunMed Broad Spectrum Gummies: These gummies contain 100–2500 mg CBD per container and be available in Peach Rings, Sour Worms, Watermelon Rings, Sour Bears, Hard Candy flavors.

  • SunMed Full Spectrum Vegan Gummy Bears: offer 300mg and 750mg per container in 30 counts of gummy.
  • SunMed Broad Spectrum Vegan Gummy Bears: Includes 150mg and 300mg CBD with assorted flavors.
  • Sunmed Broad Spectrum Capsules: offer 300–450 mg CBD per container.
  • Maxine and Morgan Capsules: offer 450–900 mg CBD per container.

It’s crucial to remember that while edibles are easier to ingest, but they often contain less bioavailable than other CBD products, so consumers searching for a more powerful and bioavailability, this could not the great options.

SunMed’s gummies are free of harmful chemicals and high fructose syrup, which we appreciated. Their edibles are often flavoured healthily with organic glucose syrup and organic cane sugar. SunMed CBD gummies has received mostly favorable feedback. The only drawback of these gummies was their expensive price tags.

One thing to note is about Hard Candy, this product provides a total of 500mg of CBD per container. But this product also contains sugar, corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, you should consider before buying it as this is not the cheap option.

Capsules are also great way to consume CBD. The Maxine and Morgan Flow formula is a unique capsule meant to make menstruation easier. They also contain other helpful herbal components including ginger, turmeric, and valerian root.

#3 SunMed CBD for Women Wellness

SunMed is an excellent brand as they give special care to women’s health and general quality of life. In this products line, you can pick between two options:

  • Maxine and Morgan Flow Formula 30 count 900mg
  • Maxine and Morgan Flow Lite Formula 30 count 450mg

SunMed and Maxine & Morgan collaborate with SunMed to create these two products for women. The Maxine and Morgan Flow Formul includes 30mg of CBD in each capsule, and it have totally 900mg in the bottle. Its formula is a unique mix of CBD, turmeric, and ginger that’s said to help with menstruation discomfort. I love the way the made this product with only simple components, such as Organic Rice Bran Extract and Organic Rice Concentrate.

The next items in this line is the Maxine and Morgan Flow Lite Formula, it offers 15mg of CBD each capsule, for a total of 450mg. The ingredients of this products are identical to those in the previous product, with the exception that it is not as powerful as the original. I was generally pleased with these two products because they include just a few ingredients but are very effective.

#4 SunMed Skincare and Topicals

When it comes to SunMed skincare and topical, the product line-up includes bath bombs, creams, lotion, face serums, and lip balms:

  • SunMed Bath Bomb: contains 100 mg/ bomb
  • SunMed Collagen Face Cream: offers 150mg CBD
  • SunMed Daytime Topical Lotion: offers 30mg CBD
  • SunMed Lip Balm: offers 15mg CBD
  • SunMed Nighttime Topical Face Serum: offers 30mg CBD
  • SunMed Topical Cream: offers 500mg – 2000mg CBD

The bath bombs should be the great addition to your bath as will help you relax, peace and increase your life quality. They also include olive oil, which is beneficial for nourishing the skin.

The outstanding product on this list is Topical SunMed CBD Cream, which has maximum 2000mg of CBD each package, and this is also contains the highest amount of CBD in this category. In USA CBD Expo 2023, this product was named the champion. This SunMed creams also includes natural anti-inflammatory components including MSM, Arnica, and peppermint.

Aside from that, all of SunMed topical products are made with natural skincare components including collagen, beeswax, elderberry, and aloe vera, and come in a variety of CBD concentrations.

#5 SunMed Vape

Many customers wonder why they cannot find out for the vape category on SunMed official website. This is due to the fact that they aren’t sold on the retailer’s website, that means you only can buy the SunMed Vape products offline. Customers who want to purchasing them can do so through SunMed’s “Your CBD Store” retail outlets. These may be check on SunMed CBD near me

  • SunMed vape product line includes: Peppermint CBD Vape Oil (500mg), CBD Vape Oil (250mg),
  • SunMed CBD Vape Cartridges, SunMed CBD Vape Cartridges.

#6 SunMed Pet Products

If you are a pet owner, you would love the Pet products of SunMed:

Sunmed Broad Spectrum Pet Tincture: 250mg with Natural, bacon, and peanut butter flavors.

  • Sunmed Pet Bacon Treats/Cat Snacks: 150mg CBD with Bacon flavour.
  • Sunmed Pet Edible Sticks: 150mg CBD with Jerky, Bacon, and Cheese flavors.
  • Sunmed Pet Paw and Nose Balm: 100mg CBD.

Just like other CBD brands, Sunmed have the CBD formulation that made especially for cats and dogs separately. The broad-spectrum CBD oils contain 250 mg of CBD every 30 ml bottle, this is the Sunmed CBD for dogs. Furthermore, they also offer the edibles products, which are available in several flavors for dogs and cats.

Where to buy SunMed CBD products?

Sunmed CBD Oil’s official website is where you may buy this product

To ensure that the goods is delivered to the correct address, you should visit the official website and then input some of your necessary information. In addition, if a you have any questions while buying Sunmed CBD Oil containers, you can send an email to [email protected].

There are 3 other places where you can buy the SunMed CBD product are Ripon Naturals, SunFlora, and Your CBD Store. Ripon Natural will takes you about 3-7 days to ship your products. For users who live in Mexico and Canada, it should be 8-10 days, and 10-18 days for deliver to Japan and the U.K. SunFlora need 5-7 business days for shipping throughout the U.S. and they do not offer international shipping. You can call the phone number: (210) 467-5347, (726) 444-0073, (737) 203-8681 to contact Your CBD Store.

Closing Verdict

Sunmed has a lot of room for improvement. The brands and their goods in general are all poorly described on the website. And there are no consumer product reviews. I hope they can improve and be more detailed and transparent. However, SunMed CBD is trustworthy, high-quality brands. SunMed surprised me with a number of goods, including their CBD oils and pet products.

Once you add Sunmed CBD Oil in your daily rountine and get the right dosage, this natural product will help the you boost and improve your immune system, allowing customers to overcome any health issues. The customer will be able to maintain a healthy habit by taking CBD oil on a daily basis.