What is the best mmj for lower back pain – Does marijuana help back pain?

What is the best mmj for lower back pain – Does marijuana help back pain?

Does marijuana help back pain?

Suffering from back pain is not an uncommon ailment, and with increasingly more jobs being consigned to desk-based work, this problem is becoming more and more prominent in people’s everyday life. Relying on over the counter pain killers or opioids can lead to a reliance on tablets which can lead to other negative side effects and even addiction. So what’s the alternative?

Cannabis can be an effective addition to a healthy lifestyle and help to both reduce the pain experienced from your bank whilst also help to reduce the inflammation. Read on to find out whether weed is good for back pain.

Who suffers from back pain?

The simple answer to this question is that anyone can be subject to the debilitating effects of back pain. According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the third most common reason for a visit to the doctor’s and it is often the case that back pain is caused by external factors – so not usually caused by a serious condition such as arthritis, cancer or a fracture.
Many sufferers of back pain are subject to the effects of the modern world, such as heavy lifting, hours sat at a desk, poor sleep patterns, and a non-active lifestyle. For some pain can be a short-term discomfort but, for others, it can be a chronic and persistent discomfort that can cause great disruption to their day to day life.

How can medical marijuana help with back pain?

Marijuana has long been used as a remedy for all sorts of ailments and its effectiveness as a natural pain reliever is not something new. However, it’s popularity amongst sufferers of chronic pain is growing thanks to both anecdotal evidence and a growing body of research.
A study by the University of Colorado’s Spine Center looked at the reaction of 200 patients who had either chronic back pain or a degenerative disc problem to the use of medical marijuana. The results were almost overwhelmingly positive, with 89% of participants who used marijuana for their back pain finding that it eased their pain moderately or in some cases to a large extent.
There were also a large number of participants that claimed that cannabis worked as well, or in some cases better than, the use of opioid pain killers. What’s more, it was reported that to experience these benefits it was not necessary to consume a large amount of cannabis – with participants reporting only needing to consume it as little as once a day to feel the effects.
So, what are the properties of cannabis that enable it to assist with relieving back pain? You may have heard that cannabis is a natural anti-inflammatory thanks to the presence of CBD which is a cannabinoid. This magic substance has the ability to reduce inflammation in the brain and nervous system, thereby reducing the feeling of pain.
What’s also great about opting for cannabis as a natural pain reliever rather than strong pain killers is that you can avoid the side effects such as nausea and vomiting which often accompany the use of opioids. There is also the added benefit of the mood-enhancing, stress relieving and anxiety-reducing effects of our favorite plant which all serve to help reduce both the causes and effects of back pain.

CBD for chronic back pain?

For those of you who want to enjoy the pain-relieving effects of cannabis but would rather avoid its psychoactive properties, then there is an alternative option for using medical marijuana for treating chronic back pain. There are plenty of products out there that contain purely CBD, with not a drop of THC to be seen (which is the cannabinoid which gets you high).
Many sufferers of chronic back pain are opting for the growing number of CBD products on the market. These come in many different forms – you can purchase CBD oil and tablets which are taken internally or there are plenty of topical creams and salves out there that can be applied directly to areas that are sore on your aching back.
CBD products are legal in all 50 US states so are also a great option if medical marijuana has not yet been legalized in your area. The benefits of CBD are being widely advocated and it’s potential as a natural pain reliever is bringing it center stage ahead of conventional opioid-based painkillers. This super substance has also been lauded for its ability to help with insomnia, stress, anxiety, as well as being an anti-inflammatory.
For many, however, it is the dream combination of both CBD and THC that brings the ultimate comfort for a bad back. Sometimes referred to as the “entourage effect” these two cannabinoids work within your endocannabinoid system to achieve positive effects – and everyone experiences this differently. As always, it’s important to not self-diagnose so always consult a doctor when considering treatments for chronic pain relief.

What is the best mmj for lower back pain?

Now we’ve established that medical marijuana can be an effective treatment for back pain, it is now time to look at what strains of cannabis are the best to use to treat back pain. It is often found that inhaling cannabis is the quickest and most effective means of providing pain relief, however, it can also be consumed as an edible if you want the effects to be more long-lasting.

Top 5 Best Type of Cannabis Strains for Back Pain

#1. ACDC

If you want to smoke on a joint to bring you pain relief but aren’t looking for a strong high then you might be interested in opting for ACDC. This cannabis strain is extremely high in CBD (up to 24%) without having a high THC content (which is as low as 1.2%). This Sativa dominant hybrid is super popular amongst medical marijuana users thanks to it’s CBD/THC ratio.

#2. OG Kush

A strain with a much higher THC content is OG Kush – with around 23% THC this strain of cannabis is sure to get you high. It is thought that OG Kush is effective at helping to relieve muscle spasms and generally providing a reduction in symptoms of pain. A great choice if you are wanting the relaxing and calm-inducing properties of THC with a little hint of CBD (just 1% in this strain). This is one of the most popular strains of marijuana on the market and it is easy to see why.

#3. Harlequin

Next up its Harlequin. This is a great all-rounder and is a good choice if you are looking for something that can be used during the day (and you don’t need to worry about it getting you too high). This stuff contains between 4-10% CBD content so is a good contender if you’re wanting the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD without the euphoric high. Give it a try and we’re sure you’ll love this popular strain.

#4. Headband

For long-lasting pain relief Headband is said to be an effective strain of medical marijuana. Choose this if you want relaxed muscles and a soothing of your aches and pains. Headband relies upon the calm-inducing, pain-relieving effects of THC (27% content) and has a very low CBD content. If you try this out for pain relief don’t expect to have a productive day ahead of you.

#5. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an excellent stress reliever and after a few puffs of this stuff, you will be sure to feel the tension seeping out of your body and your muscles relaxing. A lot of back tension comes from stress so letting everything go is no bad thing. The THC content of Bubba Kush ranges from around 14% to 22% so choose your strain carefully. Let your worries float away and enjoy a Bubba Kush high that you’re sure to love.

Top 5 Best Cannabis Strains for Back Pain 2023

#1 Best Cannabis Strain for Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Cropking Seeds’ CB Diesel Feminized

If you are looking for a strain with incredible anti-inflammatory properties that won’t get you high, then there aren’t many strains out there that can better this one for CBD content (upwards of 20%) and almost non-existent THC (less than 0.3%). The seeds are a cross of the Harlequin strain known for its high CBD content and low THC, as well as the Diesel strain known for the same. For the best anti-inflammatory effects make these plants into a topical tincture and apply where needed.
Other great things about these seeds are that: they flower really quickly, in just 9-10 weeks; they are suitable for indoor and outdoor growth although do best indoors; they are a great choice for beginner growers and won’t need a lot of attention to succeed, and; they will not get you high or intoxicated in any way. These seeds are particularly pricey but that is because they are leading the way in terms of high CBD low THC cannabis strains at the moment.
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#2 Best Cannabis Strain for Muscle Spasms: OG Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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OG Kush is an incredibly popular cannabis strain due to the fact that it is high THC content that really knocks your socks off. However, it also has a calming effect on the body and can relax your muscles when you are suffering the agony of spasms. It is also a great choice for use in homemade Cannabutter as it has a delicious fruity flavor with undertones of a pine forest. Just be warned that this stuff is potent so if you are using it in edibles make sure to take your time and proceed with caution!
Other great things about these seeds are that: they produce yields that will blow your mind; they produce a lot of vegetation which is great for making cannabutters with even without using the flower; they are a wonderful blend of Sativa and Indica strains in terms of the high you get, and; they will help you see off the most troublesome muscle spasms fast. The downside of these plants is the huge size they grow to at close to 2 meters tall and the fact they can take 4 months to flower.
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#3 Best Cannabis Strain for Chronic Back Pain: Blueberry Headband CBD Feminized Seeds

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If you are after a cannabis strain that is an effective pain reliever for long-lasting pain and is predominantly CBD then you should check out this strain. The plant produces impressive yields and grows with a lot, and we mean a lot, of vegetation making it a great choice for people looking to make their own tinctures at home. The huge colas also produce plenty of bud if you want to save a bit of the flowers to smoke as this is often the quickest way to relieve more acute pain.
Other great things about these plants are that: they are super resistant to mold and mildew, making them a good choice for beginners to home-grown cannabis; they have a broader spectrum of terpenes which help the body maximize the CBD as a pain reliever; they produce a spicy flavored bud, and; they are fasting acting. The downside of these plants is that they grow tall as well as bushy so you will need plenty of space.
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#4 Best Cannabis Strain for Acute Back Pain: Medical Mass Feminized Seeds

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If you are after a cannabis strain that will help you stave off intense pain and has a mid-range of THC and CBD, then this is the strain for you. With 11% CBD and 10% THC you’ll find your mind and body rapidly relaxing when you smoke this bud, and the combo helps to rapidly reduce the experience of pain. Back pain so often hits us hard unexpectedly so having a personal stash of this stuff is a great way to ensure you’re always prepared to see it off when it strikes.
Other good things about these seeds are that: they grow rapidly and flower within just 7-8 weeks; they produce very decent yields of around 500-grams indoors and 550-grams outdoors per meter squared; they grow nice and compact and won’t grow to over 120cm tall so are good for people with limited grow space, and the high is mellow and a good combination of Sativa and Indica’s best traits. The downside of these seeds is that they sometimes sell out due to high demand.
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#5 Best Muscle Relaxing Cannabis Strain for Back Pain Sufferers: Bubba Kush CBD Feminized Seeds

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If you are someone who likes to feel a bit high but also wants to tap into the benefits of CBD then you will love these seeds. With almost 1:1 THC:CBD (8%:10%) you will not be blown away by the high, but this perfect combination leads to a truly relaxed body and mind that will relieve tension in your muscles whether it’s coming from something affecting you psychologically or physically. This predominantly Inidca strain will make you feel calm, relaxed, and sleepy for a long while.
Other positives about these seeds are that: they produce a fast flowering plant ready in less than 8 weeks; they produce incredible yields when grown outdoors and are full of the sedating terpene linalool, and; they can be beneficial for people struggling to get to sleep whether that’s due to back pain or more general insomnia. The downside of this strain is that it is quite a sleepy high with sedating effects which isn’t for everyone and the plants grow to up 2.5 meters so you’ll need plenty of space for these beasts! 900-gram yields outdoors aren’t unheard of though.
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#6 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Strain for Back Pain: Stress Killer Auto Feminized Seeds

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For beginner growers looking for a marijuana strain that has medium THC and high CBD to help them manage with back pain and the troubles of a stressful life, these are the seeds for you. With 11% THC this strain won’t bowl you over with the high and the high CBD also helps to temper the high so that you feel fully relaxed in mind and body. The combination is also fast acting against pain be it in the back or elsewhere in the body.
Other pluses about these seeds are that: they don’t grow too big at a maximum of 140cm; they produce great yields indoors; they are auto-flowering making them ideal for  the beginner, and; the high is perfect for people who need to smoke in the daytime to relieve pain as it is not too  heavy and encourages focus and creativity. The downside of this strain is it take close to 12 weeks before being ready to harvest and is not great for yields when grown outdoors.
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#7 Best CBD topical for pain relief: FABCBD’s Premium Topical

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Wherever you’re experiencing back pain be it a minor ache or an excruciating twinge, it’s so easy to get into the habit of reaching for readily available painkillers that can have a whole range of harsh side effects on our bodies. However, with attitudes towards cannabis changing, and towards CBD in particular, there are now a whole range of legal CBD products available in most US states that are natural and fast acting when it comes to alleviating pain. This incredible topical cream can be applied anywhere you are experiencing pain and gets to work fast.
Other pros about this topical are that: it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which can help soother stiff back muscles; it can be used daily without harming your body; it is an impressive moisturizer that also aids irritated and inflamed skin, and; it smells delicious of Blood Orange. The downside of this topical is that it cannot be taken sublingually and should only be applied to the area of the body causing you pain.
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#7 Best Cannabis Strain for Lower Back Pain: ACDC CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds


If you suffer from intense lower back pain or other aches and pains centered around your joints and don’t want to get high with the weed you grow, then you will love what this strain can do for you. With a 20:1 ratio of CBD and not more than 2% CBD content you really don’t need to worry about getting high with these plants. The 15% CBD content also works fast to relieve pain, especially when smoked although it can also be made into a potent CBD tincture.
Other major pluses about these seeds are that: they produce big yields indoors and out although indoors gives you better control; they thrive in both coco coir and hydroponic grow systems; they don’t grow into massive plants so you won’t need a huge grow space, and; they have brilliant anti-inflammatory properties. The downside of these plants is that they need quite a bit of special attention as they can suffer from mold and spider mite attacks so are not really for beginners.
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Back pain is the sixth most costly condition in the United States and more than 65 million Americans have suffered from it recently. Fortunately, reduced stigma against cannabis use generally alongside more strains that are high in CBD and low in THC, means there are a variety of strains out there that can help people suffering from back pain whether they like to get high or not. If you suffer from long-term back pain and are relying on opioids or over the counter painkillers, it may well be worth checking out what cannabis can do for you to save you money and improve your overall health and wellbeing at the same time.