Charlotte’s Web CBD reviews – Best effective CBD brand to promote good health


I first started using CBD a few year ago, and this was my mistake to not research and choose carefully about CBD brands before making a purchase. The result is some of CBD products I have used didn’t seem to work or made significant effects. However, over the last year, I found and tried some CBD brands have incredible performance, and Charlotte’s Web is one of them.

When it comes to CBD industry, Charlotte’s Web is a pioneer, one of the earliest and most popular company. If you are looking for the CBD products that could benefit you overall wellbeing and mental health, Charlotte’s Web products are absolutely worth to try. Besides, there are some important aspects you should consider about this CBD company. I am here to provides you a review with all the information you need to know about Charlotte’s Web, the brand’s pros and cons and some of Charlotte’s Web CBD products.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Story

In 2010, The Stanley Brothers stumbled across the case of Charlotte Figi, a 6-year-old child, who was suffering from Dravet Syndrome. And starting with the purport and desire of helping Charlotte Figi, the brothers set out on a mission to create a marijuana strain called Charlotte’s Web. This strain is a CBD-rich while only contain a low THC content.

Prior to this time, Charlotte had to undergo fifty seizures per day, and this was what she had been dealing with for years. However, after Stanley Brothers gave CBD oil manufactured from this strain for Charlotte and she started using it, her seizures and other symptoms decreased dramatically. Charlotte Figi’s life quality significantly enhanced after using CBD oil for several years. And after Charlotte described how this CBD-rich oil had a significant impact on her life, the same results also come to other children with Dravet Syndrome.

This is the story behind the name of Charlotte’s Wed and how did this company establish. This firm was one of the first to manufacture quality CBD oil for medical purpose, and they’ve continued to innovate and develop. Until now, they are one of the most popular CBD products. From their initial CBD tinctures to other CBD products like gummies, pet items, etc. the Charlotte’s Web brand has grown to encompass a wide range of CBD products. The firm argues to have a straightforward but significant goal: they want to improve the people health in all the earth. They try to pave the way to the future for people seeking serenity of mind and body.

The brand’s pros

#1 High-Quality Products

Quality is a reason Charlotte’s Web has continuously been recognized as one of the greatest companies in this business. Charlotte’s Web focuses on purity, reliability, and consistency as a grower and CBD firm. Due to this engagement, their goods have been verified by the United States Hemp Authority. Even though the firm is not USDA certified organic, they still follow stringent agricultural procedures. This brand uses only 100% organic pesticides, mildewcide, and herbicides.

#2 Hemp source

Charlotte’s Web sources their hemp plants that are organically grown in Colorado. There are many CBD company source their hemp plant form this state and this is a good sign as hemp cultivated in the United States is prone to get higher regulations and quality control.

Charlotte’s Web is a pioneer in environment friendly and regenerative cultivation, that means they strive hard to reduce their impact from manufacture process to environmental. You’ll start to hear more about regenerative farming, especially in the hemp industry. It’s a novel method for farmers to make the most of their property without endangering it. Regenerative cultivation is a novel method that could be mentioned a lot when it comes to grow cannabis.

#3 Quality production process

Charlotte’s web strictly controls and participate in every step of production process. Starting with high-quality hemp plant, the firm controls manufacturing from seed to bottle. Only the best portions of the plant – flowers and stems are used to extract the CBD content. Charlotte’s Web employs CO2 extraction method for the bulk of their goods. However, for the first time they started making their CBD oil and the original formula, they used the IPA-extracted method.

#4 Transparent

Charlotte’s Web is also very transparent about the components in their products. They provide their customer with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from a third-party lab that confirm precisely how much the amount of CBD exist in each product. The firm also has a simple page on their website where you can input a product’s lot number to get their COA result.

Charlotte’s Web makes finding a product’s certificate of analysis straightforward (COA). You just need to use the number that you found on the packaging of each product to look up your product’s particular test findings. If you don’t know what to find on a COA, Charlotte’s Wed even guide you about how to find cannabinoids, terpenes, THC concentration, and chemical residue in your product.

#5 Variety of options and flavours

Charlotte’s Web provide a wide product range as they offer also almost CBD products. Charlotte’s Web is most famous for their CBD oils, but they’ve lately extended their product range to include alternative ways of consumption. They also provide a hemp-infused lotion, balm, gummies, isolate CBD oil, CBD product for pets. Apart from CBD, the firm creates full-spectrum oils that comprise a range of other cannabinoids.

Additionally, Mint chocolate, olive oil, lemon twist, and orange flower are the four flavors available in CW CBD oil. The Charlotte’s Wen is an excellent option for who hate the taste of raw hemp. Unlike oils from other brands, which tent to retain the natural flavour of cannabis and taste earthy, these flavour options of Charlotte’s Web do an excellent job of hiding the natural hemp taste. The olive oil option has a more natural flavor, the other flavors are more appealing to those who dislike hemp’s earthy flavor.

#6 Shipping & Return policy

Charlotte’s Web now only ships to the United States and Canada. They do, however, make an effort to satisfy their American consumers by offering free delivery on all orders. Besides, Customers may take advantage of the autoship program, which includes free two-day delivery on their first order. If these is any problem with your order when it arrive as damage or for the unused items, Charlotte’s Web also offers 30-day refund.

#7 Reasonable prices

In comparison, Charlotte’s Web sells its items for a reasonable price, with some items starting at $15. Because of the company’s revised price structure, Charlotte’s Web is relatively affordable and delivers great value for the money. It is obvious that you can easy find the other cheaper items out there, Charlotte Web is absolutely not the most affordable brand. However, within this price ranges, others wouldn’t be as good as Charlotte’s Web.

The Brand’s Cons

#1 Regulatory issues

Charlotte’s Web still maintains a great reputation in the CBD hemp business, as well as many good customer evaluations. However, it’s essential to remember that CBD hasn’t received some scrutiny by the FDA. The firm has been scrutinized in the past.

The FDA issued a warning letter to Charlotte’s Web in 2017 for making unclear label that could not be substantiated for some products. There are also other lawsuits against the company for mislabelling their products as “dietary supplements” without FDA permission and magnifying the quantity of CBD contents in their CBD creams. Since then, the company has changed their labelling regulations as they more clearly show the CBD content in each product.

#2 No organic certification

Even though Charlotte’s Web is not organically certified, they do use chemical and herbicide-free farming techniques. And the firm still operates organically to obtain certification in the future.

#3 COA result is only available for their customers

Although Charlotte’s Web provides product’s certificate of analysis (COA), It should be noted that these reposts are not available before you buy their products. This is because if you want to access their lab results, you will need a batch number that is exist in the product’s bottle. Visitors or potential customers that enter their website are not allowed access to the certificates of analysis (COAs).

Charlotte’s Web Product Reviews

#1 Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

For a long time, Charlotte’s Wed has been producing high-quality CBD Oils with effective and distinct formula. Their CBD oils are fast-acting, quickly dissolves right you ingest it. The oil enters the bloodstream and dissolves. It helps to improves user’s mood, reduce stress and gives them more energy. CBD Oil improves mental and physical health for consumers. CBD Oil is available from Charlotte’s Web in 3 different potencies:

7mg, 17mg, and 60mg per 1ml. Charlotte’s Web also offers two different bottle sizes: 30 ml and 100 ml. For those who use CBD for the first time, Charlotte’s Web recommends the 17mg option. That means, with each 1 ml full dropper of this oil will contains 17mg of CBD. People who are new to CBD should start with half a dropper and progressively increase the dose. For those who want a smaller strength, the 7 mg CBD oil is a good choice.

The strength of 60 mg CBD per 1ml has the most powerful CBD content. This product is recommended by Charlotte’s Web for those who are already acquainted with the CBD. The brand ‘s CBD oils come in four flavors: Lemon Twist, Orange Blossom, Olive Oil – Natural, and Mint Chocolate.

Aside from these CBD oils, Charlotte’s Web still offer their first CBD oil – Original Formula CBD Oil which contains 50mg CBD per serving is available in 2 sizes are 30ml, 100ml bottle. While other CBD oils are made with carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction process. The original formula CBD, on the other hand, is extracted using IPA-extracted method. This original formula is more prefer to use at night to promote deep and good night’s sleep.

CBD Oil is full-spectrum and organic, meaning it includes a wide range of beneficial compounds like Phyto cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids. For those who are already acquainted with CBD products, this is a good oil to try. Full-spectrum oil is not 100% THC-free but the THC content is very low. So, you can rest that these oils are non-psychoactive and will not get you high.

Because CW company utilizes quality hemp extract, you will notice advantages of CBD such as a sensation of calm, improved stress management, improved sleep cycles, treating chronic pain, and faster recovery from exercise or workout inflammation.

#2 Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies

Calm, Sleep, and Recovery are the three variants available from the Charlotte’s Web gummies. The gummies are an easier and more delicious way to consume CBD. These gummies are organic, made from pure, natural, and safe ingredients.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies: Sleep is the best-selling formula among these three variants. It contains 60 count per jar ($44.99). According to the company, these gummies encourage good sleeping habits and promote peaceful, quality sleep. Each gummy has 10mg of CBD, as well as melatonin. When compared to other insomnia therapies, the researchers discovered that melatonin had less influence on sleep. However, I have an impact in the treatment of sleep problems, notably in minimizing the adverse effects of other therapies.

It is recommended that adults should takes 2 gummies 30 minutes before bedtime. Besides, CBD consumers should check their doctors before using the product, especially if they are pregnant or using other drugs for medical problems.

Meanwhile, the CBD Gummies: Calm are designed to assist consumers deal with stressful in their lives as it helps keep users relax, improve cognition, and relieve anxiety. The gummies are the combine of full-spectrum CBD and lemon balm. Lemon balm is an effective ingredient that is enhance mood and reduce anxiety. The ideal dosage is taking these twice a day, and each gummy contains 10mg of CBD. CBD users who are anxious and need to relax should try the product.

The last one is CBD Gummies: Recover. The ingredients in each gummy are 10 mg of CBD, 25 mg of ginger, and 50 mg of turmeric curcuminoids. Individuals who have active lives are advised to use the product. Ginger and turmeric are extremely powerful antioxidant. Toxins are flushed from the body as a result of this. The gummies help to improve and maintain joint health, strengthens the muscles. These also aid in the improvement of muscle mobility. The product’s recommended dosage is two gummies before or after exercise.

#3 Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules

The brand also provides liquid capsules with two different CBD potency are 15mg and 25mg. The main ingredients of these capsules are extra virgin olive oil blend with CO2-extracted full-spectrum CBD. Extra virgin olive oil has been showed to provide health-promoting properties that may help to reduce inflammation. Olive oil extract helps to maintain and regulate cholesterol levels. It lowers the chances of having a heart attack.

The capsules are intended to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. CBD capsules are beneficial to memory, joint health, and promote brain functions. They are ideal for CBD users who have busy lives. CBD has anxiolytic effects, which are found in medicines used to treat anxiety.

To get the greatest effects, the company advises consumers to take these capsules on a constant schedule. One capsule per day is the suggested dose for this product. The product comes in bottles with 30-, 60-, and 90-count capsules. They are kosher, gluten-free, vegan friendly, and allergen-free. The capsules may be a bit expensive but their value worth it.

#4 Charlotte’s Web CBD Topicals

Creams, balms, balm stick, ointment, gels, roll-ons, sprays, stick, patches, and face cleansers are among the CBD items available in the brand’s topical product line. Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Cream with CBD is their staple and most well-known product in the topical range. The formulas of the creams aid those who wish to revive, repair, and refresh their sensitive skin. The main ingredients of this cream are Aloe vera, coconut oil, oat extract, and sea buckthorn oil. The CBD content of the cream is 300 mg, and there are 2 sizes to choose are 30ml and 75ml bottles.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Balm Stick with CBD is another famous topical product from this company. It contains 525mg of CBD. Its formula includes menthol, peppermint oil, turmeric oil, ginger oil, and full-spectrum hemp extract. While Peppermint oil was revealed to have antibacterial and antiviral effects. It also works as natural antioxidant, anticancer, and antiallergenic ingredient. According to a study, turmeric oil has been show to have anti-inflammatory effects and may aid with pain relief. Ginger oil was also found to be a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic ingredient in another research. The balm stick is recommended to be used after a workout or hard activities, or before going to bed to help relax stiffness muscle and reduce pain. Balm stick is useful to apply in bigger portions of your body twice times per day.

Hemp-Infused Cooling Gel With CBD: CBD users who seek for a treatment that more focus on mental health should use the cooling gel. It’s also possible to use the gel twice a day in the morning and at night. The CBD cooling gel, according to the company, may assist gym-goers reach their fitness objectives thanks to the cooling effect. This CBD products are devoid of synthetic scents, artificial colours or dyes. There is also no any hazardous chemical polyethylene glycol contained in it.

CBDMedic pain relief is a new line of Charlotte’s Web CBD topicals that was just introduced. This product line contains THC-free hemp extract, essential oils, and some other ingredients that aid in pain relief like menthol and camphor. Creams, ointments, and sprays from the CBDMedic range are used to treat:

  • Arthritis aches and pain.
  • Back and Neck pain.
  • Active Sport pain.
  • Muscle and Joint pain.
  • Foot and Ankle pain.

menthol, camphor, beeswax, clove oil, cottonseed oil, etc. are some of the ingredients in these CBDMedic pain relief products. They are intended for efficient absorption, and may help reduce short-term arthritic symptoms including muscle and joint paint. The majority of products evaluations indicate that after using them, customers received alleviation from back aches as well as symptoms in their hands and feet.

#5 Charlotte’s Web CBD for Dogs

For pet lovers who want an additional burst of energy for their dogs, Charlotte’s Web provides CBD pet products. There are additional products available for pets who often suffer from anxiety and stress. Full Spectrum Hemp Extract drop contains 17mg CBD per serving and its comes in 2 flavors: Chicken and unflavoured. This CBD oil for dog has 2 sizes are 10ml and 100ml bottle.

Apart from the CBD oil, CW also provides dog with three CBD chew formula are Calm, Hip & Joint, and Senior. These Calming chews are combine of naturally occurring CBD, valerian root, passionflower extract, and chamomile. Chamomile works as a natural treatment for spasm alleviation and anti-anxiety for animals.

You even may not know when your dogs have anxiety, they tent to worry and stress when they are alone, or because of the loud sound like fireworks, vacuum noise. These chews may help keep your dog peaceful and comfortable.

The Hip & Joint chews, on the other hand, are made up of a combination of full-spectrum hemp extract, glucosamine, turmeric, and chondroitin. Glucosamine and chondroitin have been shown to aid in reducing arthritis symptom when they are taken combined. These chews not only maintain hips and joints health, reduce pain, but also promote mobility function for your dogs.

The Senior CBD chew for dogs are the combination of elderberry, vitamin E, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and CBD. Elderberry was revealed to be an active ingredient for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antidepressant effects in a research. The Senior chews, give natural assistance for the memory and brain function of older dogs.

They also provide the Charlotte’s Web Canine Hemp-Infused Balm, which can be applied to the skin and the dog’s paw. The balm was designed particularly for dogs with sensitive skin, and improves skin health.

Where to buy Charlotte’s Web CBD?

Charlotte’s Web goods are available for purchase directly on the company’s website: To buy their products online, you must submit your shipping information at checkout, pay via your card or banking, then wait for your product to arrive your door.

But it is also widely accessible in local pharmacies and boutiques. You also cab use the Store Locator on their website to find where is the nearest place you can buy CW product. You also can find for  “Charlotte’s web cbd oil Amazon” as their products are also available on Amazon. Besides, there are some retailerand online shops sell Charlotte’s Web products.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Discounts Code

If it is the first time you buy Chaelotte’s Web CBD online, you can get 15% coupon cose for your first order, you just need to enter the CW’s webside and enter your email to get the code. They are also offering the discount code “JUMBO25” for 25% off on large size products: CBD Capsules & Gummies 90-count, and 100ml CBD oil. Charlotte’s Web offers a discount program for veterans.

Within the United States, Charlotte’s Web also provides free delivery for all the orders of $74 or more. Standard delivery might take up to seven days, while it only take 1-2 days shipping for expedited delivery. Customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to demand a refund.


Charlotte’s Web is a well-known and reliable brand in the industry, they are trustworthy and a great place to get start if you are new to CBD. I appreciate the wat they employ whole-plant extracts and high-quality ingredients to organically promote wellbeing inside the body, and their purpose is to enhance the human lives via botanicas.

They are also listening to customer feedback and reviews, and have lately introduced new CBD products as a response to requests from their customers. Charlotte’s Web constant improve and develop themselves. Therefore they improved the potency of their products and the transparency in the product’s label.