Best CBD Oil for Insomnia – How can CBD oil help with Insomnia?

With more than 70 million Americans suffering from either insomnia or another sleeping disorder, it’s well worth keeping an open mind about appropriate remedies for a bad night’s sleep. Having trouble sleeping can be for a variety of reasons and can have a huge impact on health and well-being.  Many insomniacs are trying out CBD oil as a remedy for helping with sleeplessness and are seeing positive results. In this article, we will talk about how CBD oil can help with sleep as well as reviewing some excellent products for you to try.
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What is CBD oil?

If you haven’t heard of CBD oil then you might be wondering what this ingenious product is. Derived from the leaves of the cannabis plant, CBD oil contains the therapeutic effects of marijuana without the psychoactive properties. It is increasingly being used for medical ailments and is 100% legal in all US states.

How can CBD oil help with Insomnia?

CBD is a known remedy for conditions such as stress and anxiety which are common causes of insomnia and sleeplessness. CBD can also help with pain relief, combatting another common issue that prevents sleep. In helping to ease these common sleep preventatives CBD targets the root causes of sleeplessness and can be an effective remedy from those suffering from insomnia.

Is Hemp Oil good for insomnia?

The calming properties of hemp oil are ideal for treating insomnia. In easing your anxiety, calming your nerves and soothing your aches and pains it can help to target the reasons why you are unable to sleep. Hemp oil contains very little or no CBD and is made from the seeds of the cannabis plant – it can be a cheaper alternative to CBD and a good option for those first trying out the beneficial products of the cannabis plant.

Top 10 Best CBD Oil for Insomnia 2023

#1 Best Quality Hemp Oil for Insomnia: Ultra6 Nutrition’s Ultra Hemp 500

If you don’t mind paying a bit extra when you know it guarantees you a long, deep, and undisturbed night’s sleep, then you’ll love this high-grade hemp oil that is of the highest quality. Packed with Omega 3 and Omega 6, also known for aiding against obstructive sleep apnea in adults, this hemp oil has everything contained within it to give you the sort of sleep that goes on and on and leaves you feeling completely rested come the morning.
Other major benefits of this amazing hemp oil are that: it is made by a company that has been around for years so you can be sure you’re getting something that is top quality and has been helping people for decades; it helps form part of a balanced diet; it can reduce stress and anxiety which will also aid a good night’s sleep. On the downside, it is much pricier than the other oils on this list.
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#2 Best Value Hemp Oil for Insomnia: Hemprich’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

If you’re not yet convinced about the benefits of hemp oil, then this hemp oil won’t set you back too much and you can see the benefits for yourself first hand. If you’re not entirely satisfied with this oil, they offer a no questions asked money back guarantee, making this an even better option for those not yet sold on the power hemp oil has against the vagaries of insomnia and its deleterious effects on your health and mental well-being.
Other pros of this hemp oil are that: the hemp used in this product is grown in the USA; it contains only natural ingredients, uses no herbicides or pesticides, and is non-GMO; it contains Omega oils which are also good for sleep as they help you increase the production of the hormone melatonin which helps you get to sleep, and; it is a great mood stabilizer. The downside of this oil is that it doesn’t work for everyone.
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#3 Best Organic Hemp Oil for Insomnia: 2 Healthy’s Organic Hemp Oil

If you have heard about the benefits of hemp oil but are worried about your green credential staking a hit, this organic hemp oil will make you feel better. Made with herbicide and pesticide free hemp grown in the USA that is non-GMO and organic, this hemp oil only does good things for the planet from the field all the way through its production and to its eventual consumption. If you have trouble sleeping, you’ll be amazed what this oil will do for your rough night’s sleep.
The other good things about this organic hemp oil are that it is: made in an FDA approved facility and third-party tested so you can be assured of its quality; it not only helps you get to sleep but improves the quality of your sleep too so you’ll wake up feeling fresher with regular use; you get 30 days’ worth per bottle, and; it contains the omega oils 3,6, and 9. This is also one of the best value oils out there on the market.
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#4 Best Hemp Oil for Relaxation: USDA Organic Hemp Oil Extract

If you’ve tried hemp oil before but found the taste unbearable, then you’ll love this hemp oil flavored with both cinnamon and mint. This full spectrum extract will set you back a pretty penny or two, but it’s well worth it, whether you struggle with insomnia or just find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to drop back off again.
The other major pros of this full spectrum hemp oil are that: it is organically grown USA hemp; it is fast working as it absorbs quickly into your bloodstream; it is also a great stress reliever which all feeds in to making this a great relaxant that helps tackle insomnia, and; if you use it regularly you’ll also boost your immune system. The downside of this oil is that it is pricier than most on this list and doesn’t have a money back offer if it doesn’t work for you.
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#5 Best Strong Hemp Oil for Insomnia: Restorative Botanicals’ High Strength Hemp Oil

If you’ve used hemp oil for some time and reaped the benefits, but have started to feel you may need to up the dose, then this great oil is super strong and will soon give the perfect night of sleep that you’ve been craving again. As this hemp oil is so strong it also has great pain relieving effects and as discomfort is often a cause of a bad night, this can effectively make this oil doubly as effective.
Some of the other big pluses with this hemp oil are that: it has a well-observed money back guarantee if you’re one of the unlucky people that finds hemp oil doesn’t work for them; it has anti-inflammatory properties as well as helping reduces aches and pains in muscles and joints, and; it produces a clarity of thought that improves your overall wellbeing at the same time as making getting to sleep a piece of cake.
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#6 Best Hemp Oil for Deep Sleep: Neurogan Hemp Oil Supplement for Pain

If you are someone who finds it easy to get sleep but are constantly waking up in the night and then finding it impossible to drop back off again, then this great oil will soon have you sleeping through the night. This hemp oil extract is made in the USA in an FDA approved facility that ensures you’re getting the best quality and will always contain what it says on the label.
Other great things about this oil are that: it is full of omega oils 3,6, and 9 which help you to produce the hormones you need for a deep sleep as well as helping to reduce anxiety levels; each serving contains a full 8.3Mg of hemp oil extract; it is organic, natural, and can be taken daily, and; it comes with a money back guarantee that means if you’re not sure the product will work for you, you can effectively try it for free.
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#7 Best Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract for Insomnia: Hemp Oil Extract (450 mg)

If only the best full-spectrum hemp oil will do for you, you won’t be let down by this great variety from Maju Herbs. Designed for daily use you’ll quickly find this oil helps reduce stress making it nice and easy to get to sleep. The mint flavoring also means this oil won’t leave you spitting because of a gross plant-like flavor that makes you feel a bit queasy every time you take it.
Other major pros of this oil are that: it is strong enough to also use as a form of pain relief so even with chronic back pain you’ll find it easy to drift off with regular use of this oil; it contains a bunch of minerals and omega oils that will improve your immune system, wellbeing, and foster a deep sleep, and; it is all organic, both the mint and the hemp it is made from are all natural goodness. The downside of this product is that it doesn’t come with a good dosage suggestion.
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#8 Best Vegan Hemp Oil for Insomnia: Hemp Oil 1000mg for Pain

If you’re sick and tired of finding animal derivatives inside of the most bizarre list of products, then don’t worry about this hemp oil which is made with vegan credentials as well as being fully organic. Despite its green and natural nature, this hemp oil is also extremely potent and will give you a great night’s sleep in no time.
Other big pluses of this oil are that: it is non-GMO and herbicide and pesticide free; it is made using C02 extraction, ensuring consistent strength; it is great for blood circulation and helps contribute to a healthy heart when used as part of a balanced diet, and; they offer a money back guarantee that goes for longer than most as if you aren’t happy after 90 days they’ll still give you your money back.
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Giving hemp oil a go could be the remedy you are looking for to treat insomnia. Sleeplessness can cause all kinds of health issues both in terms of mental health and physical health and without a good night’s sleep, it’s hard to function. Many are turning to hemp oil as a natural remedy to help them sleep and are praising the qualities of this product. The benefits of using hemp oil are endless, so making it a part of your regular diet can be a great way of boosting general well-being. Give one of these products a try and enjoy a calmer and healthier you.