FAB CBD reviews 2021 – Best value for the price


You have definitely heard of Fab CBD a number of times if you have been seeking for the best CBD products. Fab CBD is well known for its variety of health and wellness benefits such as relief of chronic pain and anxiety. However, Is Fab CBD as amazing as their website and other reviews make it up to be?

Fab CBD is a relatively new CBD company in the industry as they just have been introduced in 2017, their products are affordable but well appreciated. So, it is perhaps no wonder you curious to know about the quality of this CBD brand and if this is the right brand for you. With this Fab CBD review, I’ll provide you with all the information including the pros and cons of Fab CBD, you’ll see if they are worth trying for your specific needs.

About The Brand

Fab CBD was formally established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in October 2017. Despite the fact that they appear to be newbie to the CBD market, this firm is one of the top CBD producers. In fact, the company has a combined 25 years of professional experience in the health care and wellness sector, with a focus on health, fitness, pharmaceuticals, and supplements.

Fab CBD purpose is to give their customers with natural and healthful CBD products that can assist them avoid taking prescription medicines, which may come with side effects. FabCBD is among the few companies dedicated to providing high-quality CBD products at an accessible price.

Their CBD products are 100% safe since they are only use the CBD extracted from organically hemp plants, which are non-GMO, and pesticide-free. Premium CBD oils, gummies, topical treatments, and vape pens are among their offerings. They also sell CBD dog treats and superfood items.

Fab CBD is entirely transparent and honest about all of the products. Their products are 100% third-party lab tested and they publish all the lab reports on their website. Other than a highest levels product range, the company is dedicated to offering excellent customer service. Additionally, one of the most attractive features of Fab CBD is that the items are cost-effective.

Here are some of the pros that make me believe this brand is reliable as well as the things you should consider before purchasing on Fab CBD’s products.

The Brand’s Pros

#1 Pricing

In comparison to other CBD companies in the market, you can easy see that Fab CBD’s prices are not the expensive options. Not only that, they are even regarded to be less costly than the industry standard, especially when compare with other CBD oils.

The price range for FAB CBD products is $39-$139. You also can save more money by buy various goods in bundles. For returning consumers, there are good deal, discounts, or join the loyalty program. Just because they aren’t very costly doesn’t imply they aren’t of good quality or have the desired benefits.

#2 Third-Party Lab Test

FAB CBD’s products are manufactured from Colorado hemp, which is organically farmed and lab-tested. ProVerde Laboratories – an ISO 17025 recognized laboratory, performs third-party lab testing on the Fab CBD’s products. The firm makes the Fab CBD lab test reports or COA accessible to the public on their website. Those COAs, however, are not batch-specific. As a result, you may find it difficult if you want check the test result of the FAB CBD product you ordered.

Fab CBD’s products are tested on a regular basic to guarantee that all the products are high quality and safe. According to their most recent testing results, their products are completely clean, do not contain any pesticides and heavy metals.

#3 Extraction Methods

Fab CBD products are made from cannabis compounds that have been extracted using CO2 extraction method, this is widely regarded as the most effective way for generating high-quality CBD oil. Furthermore, this extraction process is regarded as being ecologically beneficial.

Despite some argue that CO2 extraction removes and filter more terpenes from the CBD than other traditional methods, one thing is always true that CO2 extraction is the safest approach. This is due to the fact that it does not contain any solvents. This is a fantastic feature since you won’t have to concern about any trace harmful compounds like heavy metals or solvents remaining in your CBD.

#4 Shipping Policy

Not all CBD companies provide free shipping to their clients. One among the few is Fab CBD. Fab CBD offers delivery to all 50 states of the United States. They use USPS (United States Postal Service) or FedEx to ship the products, and it generally takes 3–7 business days from when you make the purchase. If you live in the US, all the orders of $89 or beyond will be free shipping. For orders with a value of less than $89, regular shipping fees may apply.

#5 Return Policy

Are you dissatisfied with the goods offered by Fab CBD? Simply contact the firm to ask for a complete refund. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available for all the products of Fab CBD. So, if the product does not reach your requirements, you have 30 days to return it and receive a full refund.

Rêmmber that the cost of shipping is not refundable. But If Fab CBD’s made a mistake, for example if they shipped a damaged product or there was a shortage of goods, they will reimburse the return shipping costs.

If you order two separate items from two type of products, they will accept your refund requirement even if both products are opened. However, If you buy two products of the same type, only one opened products is acceptable for the refund. If both the products are opened, you will not be repaid.

The Brand’s Cons

#1 Lacking COA report for some products

As mention above, the certificates of analysis (COAs) are available to see on Fab CBD official website, but they are not batch-specific, what makes finding the quality verification more difficult. Furthermore, it seems that several COAs are missing. For example, the company sells a range of CBD oils with different potency but I only find the 1200mg natural oil report.

#2 Easily sold out

While this may appear to be a positive indication, Fab CBD does periodically run out of certain of their items due to the strong demand for their high-quality CBD products. So, it is better to stock up on more than one Fab CBD product if you really like it because restocking must take time,

#3 Limited product range

In comparison with other brands, Fab CBD seems to provides smaller product range with just 6 types of product line. Besides, if you looking for specific product types like CBD for hip joint, CBD for anxiety, etc. Fab CBD does not offer these product lines.

Top Fab CBD’s Products Reviews

#1 Fab CBD Oil

CBD Oil from Fab CBD is one of the best seller items of the company, since it may help with stress relief, improve concentration, stress reduction, and post-workout recuperation. Organically cultivated plant hemp extracts combine with cannabinoids and terpenes make up this full-spectrum CBD product. Fab CBD provides oils in various potencies. To obtain the best potency for your body, you’ll have to experiment with the many variants and if it is the first time you use CBD, start with the smallest potency.

Potencies of Fab CBD oil available are 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg. All of these potencies come in a 30ml bottle. There are five flavors for you to choose from: Natural, Berry, Mint, Citrus, Vanilla.

Although this is a full-spectrum oil, the content of THC level in these tinctures is less than 0.3%, as the hemp source of Fab CBD comes from approved Colorado farms. It’s worth noting that Fab CBD oil utilizes MCT oil as a carrier oil for these tinctures, MCT is thought to be a good carrier for CBD and other cannabinoids since it helps CBD easier absorb into our body.

Customers who have used Fab CBD’s CBD oils have reported excellent performance of this product. With just a few drops of it can helps them maintain the good state, as well as ease pain, worry, and tension. Some consumers even claimed that using this product bring them a good night’s sleep.

The majority of consumers, on the other hand, praised how well these oils reduced discomfort and inflammation. Therefore, many customers chose to take it after an exercise, gym activities, or workout as a health supplement. If you wonder the tastes that the brand supplied, you can try the Mint and Citrus as these tastes seemed to be the heavy favourites of the customers.

#2 Fab CBD Gummies

There is nothing easier and funnier to ingest CBD than through the gummies. You just need to chew it carefully to allow the CBD extracts to gently enter your circulation. It’s also the most convenient method to get your daily CBD dosage. These gummies have fruity flavour, non-gluten, non-GMO, and vegan. They are ideal for anytime and anywhere CBD consumption. They’re small, and compact that you can keep in your handbag or pocket when at work or traveling. These chews are completely safe, ecologically friendly, and devoid of any harmful chemicals or artificial colors.

These chews are available from Fab CBD in different versions “Anytime” and “Nighttime”.

The CBD Nighttime gummies are added with L-Theanine, 5-HTP, melatonin, and GABA, all of these are great for getting a good night’s sleep. The wonderful benefits of these delectable gummies are increased by Fab CBD particular broad-spectrum composition and ingredients.

Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD and it is totally 750 mg CBD contained in a jar.

Because these gummies are manufactured from CBD isolation extracts, they are a perfect alternative for people who want to consume CBD dosages without attracting too much notice at work. The CBD benefits of gummies, like the FAB CBD oil, can help cope with everyday stress and anxiety, enhance recovery after work out.

Although provides the same effective as CBD oils, gummies seem to more pocket-friendly. The Nighttime gummies must be used before bedtime, it can help consumers relax and fall asleep quickly.

#3 FabCBD Topical Cream

One of the best-selling products of Fab CBD is their Topical CBD cream, which is designed to relieves pain, reduces inflammation, soothe aching in and around joints and muscles. It absorbs quickly into the skin, not greasy and penetrates smoothly into the tissues to relieve painful joints and stiffness muscles. You only need to apply it directly to the painful area. It is particularly fit for individuals who frequently work out at the gym.

Coconut oil and aloe vera are the ingredients of this CBD cream, both great to keep the skin hydrated, aid in the regeneration of damaged and dry skin. This cream also has antioxidant properties due to Vitamin E.

The cream is added with natural components like blood orange extract, cinnamon, and chamomile, which makes a very fresh scent for Fab CBD cream. The container jar is 2oz and contain totally 600mg CBD. Many users stated that applying the cream on painful joints or muscles reduced their discomfort considerably. They also mentioned that this cream has the faster effects than CBD taken orally, this is because it absorbs right in to our blood stream, not goes through the digestion system. Furthermore, the effects also seem to stay longer than anticipated.

#4 Fab CBD Body Salve

The Full Spectrum CBD Body Salve from Fab CBD has a roll-on style that is very convenient. The Body Salve is available in 3 strengths are 1000 mg and 3000 mg of full spectrum CBD, making it one of the most powerful topical preparation I have encountered. This is an excellent option for the experienced CBD user who are suffering from severe situation or chronic pain and looking for a potent, strong CBD topical.

The ingredients of this salve are Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Beeswax, Menthol Crystals (Cooling), Cinnamomum Camphora Oil (Heating). The body salve has a wonderful heating and chilling effects. With these essential oils, organic components and soothing aroma, the Salve not only helps relax and smooth your body, but also nourishing and protecting your skin.

#5 Fab CBD Dog Treats

When it comes to best CBD products for dogs, FAB CBD Dog Treats are absolutely one of the most famous products. It is 300mg CBD contained in a bag and each treat contains 3mg of CBD. In addition to CBD and yummy flavor, FAB’s CBD treats have additional natural elements that are beneficial to our pets’ health. The CBD dog treats can help keep your dog calm, enhancing its skin and hair, and strengthening your dog’s immune system.

The treats are made from CBD extracts, strong antioxidants ingredients, botanical extracts, and vitamins. The treats are designed for overall health and mental wellbeing of your dogs.

#6 Fab CBD Green Superfoods

Fab Nutrition Green Superfoods is a FAB CBD product. That means it is a non-CBD supplement. It is, however, contains all you need in a supplement to be used on a regular basis and promote your power.

This energizing supplement includes 80+ essential micronutrients will help you flush out dangerous pollutants in your body, increase energy, and feel great through out of the day. It is not easy task to find the other products that contains all the nutrients your body need, this maybe time-consuming and costly process to get the other one like Fab CBD Green Superfoods. This one-of-a-kind mix of potent and natural components that was carefully selected to assist your healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. These superfoods are also an effective and easy method to consume CBD. There are two favors to choose from are Citrus Mojito and Chocolate Crisp.

These superfoods are loaded with Vitamins, Probiotics, fruits, herbs, electrolytes, turmeric, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients.

Fab CBD where to buy?

The only way to buy Fab CBD product is through their official website at https://fabcbd.com

One of the drawback of Fab CBD is that their products only available online. Fab CBD ship their products within all if the 50 states in the US. They also offer international shipping to most countries. Purchases of $89 or more will receive free delivery inside the United States via USPS; orders of less than $89 are subject to regular shipping charges.

FAB CBD uses USPS or FedEx to send its items, so you can get your products within 4-7 working days. If you not live in the U.S It’s possible that your orders may be delayed and it will take up to four weeks to arrive due to customs duty difficulties or transportation times. Customers may follow their orders using the tracking codes that the firm sends them through email.

FAB CBD is ready to address any questions you may have about ordering. Simply email them at [email protected] or go to https://fabcbd.com/contact-us

Fab CBD coupon code

In comparison to other counterparts, Fab CBC has lower products cost that range from $39-$140. To save money, you may buy various goods in bundles. For returning consumers, there are additional specials, discounts, and a rewards program.

Saving more money by enter the code “FIREWORKS” when checkout, it will help you save 25% total bill.