Best Conical Beer Fermenters(Review 2023) – What is the difference between stainless steel conical fermentation and plastic?

When it comes to homebrewing there are so many gadgets out there that it can be hard to know where to start. You might have seen or heard about a conical fermenter and wondered how this clever device can help you with your home brewing venture. Well, you’ve come to the right place as in this article we take you through exactly what a conical fermenter is and how this device can save you time and effort when brewing. We will also take a look at some excellent conical fermenters that you can purchase online.

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What is a Conical Fermenter?

A Conical Fermenter for homebrewing is based on the large scale fermenters that you will have seen in a large brewery if you have ever had the chance to visit one. As the name suggests, a Conical Fermenter is shaped like a cone at the bottom of the fermenter as opposed to the usual fermenters that have a flat bottom. While this shaped fermenter has previously been reserved for large-scale brewing the homebrewing market is now catching up and there are many options of conical fermenters available for small-scale brewing operations.

These excellent vessels can come with a hefty price tag but there are a variety of models on the market with plastic models being considerably cheaper than the more expensive stainless steel alternatives. Despite the price tag, if you’ve already dabbled in homebrewing then you will know that investing in some quality equipment at the beginning can have a multitude of benefits in the long run when it comes to producing top-notch beer.

Why do I need a Conical Fermenter?

So, now you know what a conical fermenter is it’s time to look at why the shape of this fermenter makes it beneficial over an ordinary flat-bottomed fermenter. There is a reason, of course, that this is largely the type of fermenter used in large-scale brewing – namely because it is the most efficient way of brewing beer. Let’s take a look at why.

#1 One vessel for primary and secondary fermentation

Allowing beer to go through secondary fermentation is a popular choice amongst beer enthusiasts as it allows the beer to clarify and can help beers to achieve a better flavor. However, the process of secondary fermentation (without a conical fermenter) requires the process of ‘racking’ which means transferring your beer from a primary fermentation vessel to a secondary vessel (so that the debris leftover from the yeast and hops is removed). This process requires optimum caution as during this process the beer can be exposed to infection and oxidation which are your beers worst enemies.

Fortunately, thanks to the design of conical fermenters the process of racking is unnecessary as primary and secondary fermentation can both take place in this vessel. This is because all of the debris from the primary fermentation process gathers within the funnel at the bottom of the fermenter, so when this stage of fermentation is over you can simply open the valve and remove the sediment leaving the beer to go through its secondary fermentation with minimal hassle.

#2 Reuse your Yeast – Saving you money

Another great aspect of using a conical fermenter is, thanks to the shape and valve at the bottom you can collect the yeast as you remove the debris for secondary fermentation. This yeast can be reused (after washing) in your next batch of beer which can save you a lot of cash if you plan on brewing regularly as a packet of liquid beer yeast can cost up to $20 a packet. In addition to saving you money, you’re also likely to get a better fermentation the next time you use it as the yeast is already active. So it really is a win win situation!

#3 Less cleaning and saves you time

Brewing can be a time-consuming process and any step to make it that little bit easier is worth taking in our book. As using a conical fermenter means that you do your primary and secondary fermentation in just the one vessel, this means that you have one less vessel to clean and sanitize which saves you both time and a whole lot of effort. Plus, if you’re using a stainless steel conical fermenter these are a lot easier to sanitize as they harbor a lot fewer bacteria than plastic vessels.

What are the different types of Conical Fermenters?

#1 Stainless Steel Conical Fermenters

The most expensive option when it comes to conical fermenters are those made out of stainless steel. While the price tag may seem a little drastic (around $200), fermenters made out of stainless steel are super durable so will last a long time and are also easy to clean and sanitize so will also save you time. Stainless steel fermenters are a worthy investment and will see you brewing beer after beer whilst retaining their excellent quality.

#2 Plastic Conical Fermenters

If your budget is a little more restricted, or you are just testing out whether homebrewing is for you, then you might want to consider a plastic conical fermenter. Coming in at about half the price, or less, than a stainless steel conical fermenter it does the same job but is of a slightly inferior quality. That being said, it is still a valuable vessel to have in your brewing repertoire as it still retains the same benefits listed above including being the sole vessel for primary and secondary fermentation, cutting down on cleaning time and allowing you to reuse your yeast. There are many affordable plastic conical fermenters on the market that can set you off on your straightforward brewing journey.

Top 5 Best Conical Fermenters 2023

#1 Best BrewDemon Plastic Conical Fermenter: BrewDemon Conical Fermenter by Demon Brewing Company

If you’re looking for a conical fermenter that costs under $50 then this is the product for you. BrewDemon are a highly reputable company so you know you are getting a quality product that is made in the USA. You can make 2 and 2.5 gallon batches of beer in this fermenter and thanks to the conical shape you can do primary and secondary fermentation in one place as the trub will collect in the bottom.

This great value product also comes with the fermenter base, spigot, stick-on temperature gauge, and CO2 vent plug. Bottling your beer is also super easy from this conical fermenter thanks to the brew tap included in the design. With everything you need in one place, this plastic conical fermenter is a great choice for a first-time brewer. BrewDemon also provides a 2 year warranty and are just at the end of the phone if you need any support with using the equipment.

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#2 Best Plastic Conical Fermenter Kit: Craft A Brew Premium Homebrew Starter Kit with 6.5 Gallon Conical Fermenter

This plastic conical fermenter by Craft A Brew comes with everything you need to get started for your first homebrew. The conical fermenter itself has been expertly designed to ensure brewing is a breeze. The unique design includes a wide mason jar which collects the sediment from the primary fermentation and a Trub Trab butterfly valve which allows you to seal the beer in the conical fermenter whilst being able to remove the trub filled mason jar. This allows secondary fermentation to commence without having to do any tricky siphoning.

What’s fantastic about this kit is that, in addition to the conical fermenter, it also includes a 5 gallon recipe kit which you can choose depending on your beer preference, a capping kit, thermometer and comprehensive guide to brewing and fermenting. If you like the idea of purchasing everything you need to brew a batch of beer in a complete kit then this is a good choice for you – especially if you’re looking to use a conical fermenter.

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#3 Best 7 Gallon Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter: Ss Brewtech Home Brewing Chronical Fermenter Stainless Steel (7 Gallon)

This top of the range stainless steel conical fermenter from Ss Brewtech really is an investment, but if you are serious about your homebrewing it is a worthwhile purchase to make. Based on the large conical fermenters you see in a craft brewery this stainless steel conical fermenter has all the bells and whistles you need to brew premium beer. Allowing primary and secondary fermentation in the one vessel thanks to the dump valve at the bottom which permits the removal of unwanted trub. It also makes it straightforward to harvest the yeast to use again.

In addition to its ability to conduct primary and secondary fermentation in one place, this superb conical fermenter also comes with a Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System which ensures that your beer is kept within the correct temperature range throughout the fermentation process. If you want to see top results with your homebrewing efforts we recommend investing in this impressive piece of kit.

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#4 Best Conical Base Fermenter: VEVOR 7 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Fermenter with Conical Base

This conical base stainless steel fermenter from VEVOR is a definite upgrade from a bucket or carboy fermenter that you may previously have been using. Made out of food-grade 304 stainless steel this conical fermenter is strong, corrosion-resistant and certainly built to last. You can brew up to 7 gallons of beer in this fermenter and, thanks to the conical shape, the trub and yeast gather in the bottom thereby reducing the interaction it has with the beer as it comes to its final stages.

This conical fermenter also comes with a rotatable racking arm which makes it incredibly easy to extract the clean beer from the vessel. Thanks to the stainless steel this conical fermenter is also easy to clean and maintain remaining a high level of sanitation which is essential to making excellent beer. This fermenter also comes with a set of mounting accessories. For under $200 here is a superb stainless steel conical fermenter.

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#5 Best 3 Gallon Plastic Conical Fermenter: FastFerment Conical Fermenter 3 Gallon

You might be wanting to brew a small batch of beer for your first attempt at homebrewing. If this is the case, check out this plastic conical fermenter from FastFerment. It allows you to brew small batches of beer using a one-stage system thanks to the conical shape and mason jar attachment which allows you to remove unwanted sediment and to harvest yeast in order to reuse it.

This plastic conical fermenter also comes with a bottling attachment which means that you can easily transfer your brewed beer from the fermenter into bottles or a keg with minimal hassle. The solid welded stand also comes included so you can get straight to work in making your first ever batch of homebrew. If you want to try a conical fermenter but are on a low budget then this set of equipment from FastFerment is a sound choice.

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Investing in a conical fermenter is a good idea if you are planning on conducting secondary fermentation as it takes away the need to siphon your beer from one vessel. Siphoning is not only messy, but it can also expose your beer to oxygen and possible infection. With a conical fermenter, this part of the process is removed as the conical shape allows the sediment to gather at the bottom which can then be easily removed. Conducting fermentation in one place makes brewing a whole lot easier.

Conical fermenters can be made out of either stainless steel or plastic with the latter being significantly more expensive. If you plan on making a habit of homebrewing then it is worth investing in a stainless steel conical fermenter. A plastic conical fermenter is a good idea if you are completely new to homebrewing and want to try out the techniques before investing a whole load of cash in brewing equipment.