Best Homebrew Recipe Kits(Review 2023) – Only 8 steps in using a beer recipe kit you will have a special beer!

Beer recipes can seem a little complicated on first appearance, especially when attempting to gather all of the ingredients yourself and balancing which ingredients goes in when. Which is why, when first starting out in homebrewing, it is a good idea to use a beer recipe kit. Beer recipe kits are put together by expert brewers who know exactly what flavors go together and they come with full instructions to walk you through the process. The processes of homebrewing take a bit of getting used to so ensuring you have a straightforward recipe kit when first starting out is essential to ensure your first beer isn’t a disaster!

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In this article, we will take a look at what ingredients you should expect to find in your recipe kit as well as taking you through a step by step guide of how to use the kits. We then take a look at some of our favorite recipe kits and explain why we love them so much.

What ingredients are in a beer recipe kit?

When you first receive your beer recipe kit you might be a little confused as to what each ingredient is and what their purpose is. In this next section, we will talk you through each ingredient and what role it plays in creating the perfect pint.

#1 Malt Extract

Using malt extract to make beer makes it a whole lot simpler as the process of ‘mashing’ is not needed (which is where malted grains are soaked in water as part of all-grain brewing). With malt extract, this process has essentially been done for you – the liquid from mashing has been collected, dehydrated and turned into either a thick syrup or a dry powder.

The malt extract will be used to create your sweet wort. The sugars within the wort are essential for the fermentation stage of the process which is where the all-important alcohol will be produced.

#2 Hops

Hops are necessary for brewing to add some bitterness so that beer isn’t too sweet. Hops are actually flowers that are found on the hop plant. The type and amount of hops used can really alter the flavor of the beer. Some beer drinkers love a ‘hoppy’ beer and will opt for a beer that has a flavorsome hop content, others prefer a beer where the hop flavor is largely absent. Make sure you select a beer recipe kit that has the correct level of ‘hoppiness’ for your taste buds!

#3 Yeast

Some would say that the yeast is the most important ingredient in your recipe kit as this is what turns the sugars in the wort into alcohol. The world of brewers yeast may seem a little overwhelming at first as there are so many different types. Fortunately, in a beer recipe kit, the most suitable yeast will have been selected to complement the flavor of the beer.

The yeast you receive will either come in a dry form or liquid form. There are essentially two different types of yeast used in brewing – ale yeasts and larger yeasts. Ale yeasts are used to create darker, thicker and stronger beers and larger yeasts are used for more golden and lighter beers.

#4 Water

Water is, of course, an essential ingredient in brewing beer. Some brewers just use tap water to make their beer with but if you really want to ensure the quality of the flavor it might be worth investing in a water filter.

How to make beer using a beer recipe kit

So you’ve got your ingredients now it’s time to use them! The recipe kit should come with a step by step guide but here are some tips to get you started.

#Step One: Sanitize your equipment

Some beer recipe kits come with a sanitizer but if not you can easily buy some online or at your local store. Ensuring all of your equipment is sanitized first reduces the risk of your beer tasting bad.

#Step Two: Boil the water

Bring the required amount of water to the boil (depending on how much your recipe states) and then remove it from the heat source.

#Step Three: Add the Malt Extract

Now its time to add your first ingredient – the malt extract. Add this to the boiled water and allow it to dissolve. Make sure you give the mixture a good stir so that the malt extract doesn’t get stuck to the bottom.

#Step Four: The Boil

It is now time to conduct the step known as ‘The Boil’ in brewing. This is where the dissolved malt extract is boiled for around 50 minutes in order to create your wort. Make sure you keep an eye on it throughout this time, stirring it frequently and making sure it doesn’t boil over.

#Step Five: Add your Hops

Place the hops in the cloth filter bag provided and add this to your cooking malt. Allow your hops to stew in your brew for around 10-15 minutes.

#Step Six: Get your Yeast ready

When the wort has about 10 minutes left of its boiling time this is when you should get your yeast ready. If using dry yeast add the specified amount of warm water to it, cover, and leave for 10 minutes.

#Step Seven: The Cool Down

When the wort has finished boiling it needs to be cooled down immediately so around ten minutes before the end of the boil prepare an ice bath to put the brew kettle into (or better still, invest in a wort chiller to remove this step of the process).

#Step Eight: Add the Yeast

Once the wort has cooled down, this is when the yeast is added and the fermentation process begins to happen (you will also be adding some more water at this stage as well depending on what your recipe states).

Top 5 Best Beer Recipe Kits 2023

#1 Best Dark Ale Recipe Kit: Northern Brewer – Dark Ale Extract Beer Recipe Kit makes 5 Gallons (Nut Brown)

You can’t beat a comforting dark ale on a cold winters night and when it is made by your own hard graft it will taste even better. With this recipe kit from Northern Brewer, you can do just that as it includes all of the ingredients you need to create a traditional English brown ale. As its name suggests, the Nut Brown ale has a deep copper hue in appearance, and you can expect fruity, caramel, and chocolaty notes for the flavor. Delicious!

The premium ingredients within this recipe kit have been specially selected by expert brewers at Northern Brewer who really know what makes a great tasting beer. In your set, you will receive malt extract, steeping grains, hops, dry yeast, priming sugar, and a muslin steeping bag. A full set of instructions are also included which take you step-by-step through the process of making this premium ale. You will get 5 gallons of beer from this recipe kit so is certainly worth it for the price.

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#2 Best Wheat Beer Recipe Kit: Midwest Supplies Hank’s Hefeweizen Extract Homebrewing Beer Recipe Kit – Makes 5 Gallons

A refreshing chilled wheat beer on a sunny afternoon can be yours on tap with this recipe kit from Midwest Supplies. Known as ‘Hank’s Hefeweizen’, this beer recipe kit includes all of the essential ingredients needed to make a delicious wheat beer including malt extract, specialty grains, hops, yeast, priming sugar, and a grain bag. The ingredients provided will make a whopping 5 gallons of beer providing you with plenty of Hefeweizen to entertain your friends at a mid-summer BBQ.

This non-bitter beer has a slightly sweet flavor with hints of fruits to please the palate. If you’re not a fan of beers with a strong flavor of hops then this is the beer for you as it is entirely absent of a hop flavor. With full instructions included in the kit, you will soon be well on your way to creating the perfect wheat beer. Served with a slice of lemon, this beer really is perfection in a glass.

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# Best IPA Recipe Kit: Brewer’s Best Double IPA Beer Ingredient Kit

For many, an IPA is the king of beers and is a firm favorite amongst beer lovers. Making your own IPA isn’t as hard as you might think, especially thanks to the help of this well put together recipe kit from Brewer’s Best. In this set you will receive fermentables (liquid malt extract and corn sugar), specialty grains, hops and yeast as well as bottle caps, priming sugar, and a full break down of the brewing procedure you need to do to make the IPA.

Thanks to this excellent value for money set you will be the proud creator of a delicious IPA which has the aromas of citrus and a slight pine finish – delicious! There will be plenty to go round too as this ingredient kit makes 5 gallons of tasty IPA for you and your friends to enjoy. Get your kit today and we’re sure that you will be purchasing another of Brewer’s Best recipe kits in the near future they’re that good!

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#4 Best Stout Recipe Kit: Craft a Brew Ingredient 1 Gallon Chocolate Milk Stout Recipe Kit

If dark beer is your thing and a wholesome stout is what really tickles your taste buds then take a look at this Chocolate Milk Stout Recipe Kit from Craft a Brew. This kit is a great choice if you’re just starting out in home brewing and are looking to make a small batch of beer as this small kit will make 1 gallon of beer. In this set, you will receive sanitizer, dry malt extract, hops, grains, yeast, and a grain steeping bag.

With this kit, you will have all the ingredients you need to make a delicious stout which is infused with the flavor of raw cacao nibs and has a super smooth finish. This easy drinker is sure to have your pals knocking on your door and, for the price, you will be happy to share your handmade creation. These recipe kits from Craft A Brew are a great choice if you have already used their home brewing starter kits as this is a refill recipe kit to go with this.

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#5 Best Pale Ale Recipe Kit: Mr. Beer Northwest Pale Ale 2 Gallon Homebrewing, Refill, Green

Mr. Beer has a range of great value recipe kits to suit all beer tastes. This kit comes with all of the ingredients you need to create a delicious Northwest Pale Ale – a beer which has a glorious hoppy aroma and a malty finish. As this recipe kit is put together by experienced brewers you can be confident that the beer you are making has been well thought out and tested by only the best.

Another great thing about this recipe kit is that it is so quick to put together – within 30 minutes you can have your beer brewed up and ready to ferment. It will then take 3-4 weeks for your beer to be ready and you can then taste the delicious fruits of your labor. If you like this beer recipe kit there are plenty of other beer recipe kits to try from Mr. Beer so you can continue to enjoy these expertly crafted recipe kits.

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When starting out in homebrewing using a beer recipe kit is a great way of making sure that you get your new hobby off to a good start. There are many recipe kits out there that include a variety of ingredients to create a huge spectrum of different beers to suit all tastes. Many home brewers stick with prepared beer recipe kits throughout their brewing career and there is certainly nothing wrong with this! Expertly crafted by professional brewers, beer recipe kits include everything you need to ensure your beer tastes delicious.

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