Best CBD Strain For Anxiety 2023 [Review]:  How Can CBD Strains Help Manage Anxiety?

Are you looking for the best CBD strain for anxiety and depression? Looking for ways to get rid of your anxiety and depression? CBD strains will help you.

Using CBD strains is a suitable method for people living with anxiety. It is a type of cannabis that has a higher content of CBD than THC and has a high medical value.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the main active compounds in cannabis. Both are structurally similar, but one huge difference is their value. CBD has immense medical effects while THC provides entertainment value.

So you should not use THC strains to deal with anxiety disorder or depression. With high levels of THC, it affects nerves and causes delusions, excitement and even anxiety.

CBD strains only contain low levels of THC, so they hardly cause such symptoms. Combined with therapies and the use of CBD strains will help patients reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression.

How Can CBD Strains Help Manage Anxiety?

If you don’t have a lot of experience with using marijuana to reduce stress, it’s best to start with a CBD strain. Cannabis strains containing higher concentrations of CBD than THC usually have a much more relaxing effect.

Researchers have shown that CBD is good for the body if the main goal is to reduce stress. But THC also has a good role to play when it comes to the nervous system, but in the right amount.

Instead of having a strong impact on the nervous system like THC, CBD has a sedative effect, gently weaving into the mind and body to create the most relaxing and calming effects.

But for some people, the low THC content of a CBD strain is not enough for them to deal with their anxiety or depression.

That is, what strains of CBD strains are used to treat anxiety, stress, or depression will largely depend on the patient’s physical condition. So asking for medical advice from doctors or competent medical agencies is a must.

Don’t forget to consult your therapist so that you can get the best treatment, and also to fully apply the medical value that CBD strains bring.
We spent a lot of time researching then selected a list of best CBD strain for anxiety. You can refer to this list and be able to grow some strains at home.

Top 10 Best CBD Strain For Anxiety 2023 [Review]


CBD ACDC is a well-known CBD strain and it is known for its excellent medical effects. Many patients with anxiety disorders are treated with ACDC in their prescriptions. This strain brings a feeling of happiness and calmness to the patient, helping them become more relaxed and forget about their illness.

CBD ACDC contains about 14% to 18% CBD, while it contains only about 1% THC. This small amount of THC does not affect the nerves, does not cause hallucinations or delusions. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and pain for the patient.

To grow ACDC at home, skilled hands are ideal, but beginners can also gain achievements if they master some techniques. ACDC grows best indoors where temperature, humidity as well as light can be adjusted. This strain develops strongly under the heat range between 20 ° C and 26 ° C and a humidity of 50%.

Growers need to know the HST techniques as well as pruning to get the highest bud yield. This strain is quite resistant to pests and diseases, so with good care, growers can harvest about 650g / m2.

#2 CBD Harlequin

CBD Harlequin is an ideal choice for relieving stress, depression, as well as inflammation. It is a calming, healthy but non-psychoactive drug since the THC level has been reduced to about 1%.

CBD Harlequin requires growers to master basic techniques in order to obtain monster shoots. Because this strain grows very dense, growers need to regularly prune unnecessary branches to avoid the accumulation of moisture that causes mold. SOG technique is also needed to promote the shoots to grow stronger and thicker.

This strain is more suitable for indoor cultivation, although it can be grown outdoors in a variety of climatic conditions. Growers should pay attention to the citrus aroma, combined with a little mango that can radiate strongly during the flowering stage, so if you don’t want your neighbors to pay attention, prepare for a good ventilation.

#3 CBD Critical Mass

This CBD Critical Mass contains more THC than the other cannabis strains we’ve listed above, making it a good choice if you’re still looking for a mild ‘high’. It has equal CBD and THC ratios, so you will be able to find its medical effects and entertain it at the same time. But it doesn’t have too strong a psychoactive effect.

This strain is an ideal option for non-skilled growers who want to self-medicate. Hydroponics is the most ideal method for growers to achieve the highest shoot yield. If you don’t have experience, growing indoors is also a safe option.

Growers can also grow this strain outdoors in Mediterranean climates, but the yield will not be as high as with hydroponics or indoors. Growers should pay attention to prune the buds to receive enough light, the air stream is exposed to avoid mold. Don’t water too often.

#4 Ringo’s Gift

This CBD-THC-rich strain of cannabis has an average CBD-THC ratio of 13: 1, but growers can even find plants as high as 20: 1. Ringo’s Gift is a combination of two strains of cannabis. The famous CBD-rich ACDC and Harle-Tsu.

Many patients with anxiety disorders, depression have had positive health benefits when using Ringo’s Gift during therapy. It helps patients reduce stress and anxiety levels as well as helps patients sleep better and sleep better.

To grow this strain, growers need to give a lot of attention to it. Although Ringo’s Gift has moderate difficulty in growing, it is not rated for good pest tolerance. This strain also requires more nutrients and water than the other cannabis strains on the list.

Growers also need to pay attention to pruning unnecessary overgrown branches to prevent moldy shoots. It will take about 10 weeks to flower and it will become more sensitive in the weekends. What growers need to do is pay attention to nutritional supplements, prune as well as adjust temperature and humidity.

#5 Harle-Tsu

Harle-Tsu contains on average about 13% to 20% of CBD content. Even some tests have shown that this strain can contain up to 21.05% CBD and the THC content is only 0.86%. It is this ratio that makes it a favorite cannabis strain for those who want to reduce anxiety and improve their mood and concentration.

The Harle-Tsu with its sweet scent is a strain that loves sunlight. It can grow both indoors and outdoors but under warm sunlight and dry climate, it will give the highest yield.

Trees can grow up to 72 inches tall, quite fat and dense. Growers should prune unneeded branches as often. And if grown indoors, growers should maintain room temperature at 80°F and humidity below 50% for the best plant growth, free from pests.

#6 Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami was one of the first CBD-rich cannabis strains to be bred. This strain is also one of the popular strains among cannabis fans.

Sour Tsunami has an average CBD: THC ratio of 13: 1, and some plants also contain lower THC levels. At this rate, THC is not powerful enough to affect the nervous system to cause effects such as hallucinations. This strain will bring relaxation and comfort while reducing the patient’s stress and anxiety.

But for growers, Sour Tsunami is not ideal for beginners. It is considered a difficult strain to grow, you will be difficult to harvest giant shoots with uniform quality and high yield without knowing the care techniques.

But the good news is it can grow in any climate. The planting indoors or outdoors will also bring yield not too different.

#7 Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a strain of cannabis known for its strong medical effects on social anxiety. This strain will help remove negative thoughts, making the patient more relaxed and open. It also promotes social communication for shy people.

Beginning growers should also not have too much trouble growing this strain. It belongs to the strain of cannabis with moderate difficulty because growers need attention and great care.

Strawberry Cough can grow both indoors and outdoors. This strain prefers a humid climate, which is particularly strong under humid tropical environments. So if growers have this strain in your home, pay attention to maintaining the right humidity. But don’t forget to prune regularly to avoid mold growth.

In addition, this strain is resistant to pests and diseases on an average basis. Strawberry Cough’s scent is very attractive to moths and if grown outdoors, growers need to take timely containment measures to ensure the crop.

#8 Canna-Tsu

Canna-Tsu is a combination of two strains of cannabis Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. This combination produces Canna-Tsu, a strain with a high content of CBD but still has a sufficient amount of THC. It induces a sense of relaxation, tranquility and eliminates negative emotions in patients with anxiety and depression.

This strain has the familiar scent of Sour Tsunami, it has a sour taste and is gentle enough for beginners. It has many medical applications, and patients can inhale or ingest this strain suitable for the treatment program.

Growing the Canna-Tsu at home was not a difficult challenge, it was on average. This strain has a high resistance to pests and diseases and mold. Plants also grow not too tall and dense so growers can be conveniently tended.

The tricky point here is maintaining the ideal temperature and environment for this strain to thrive. It prefers dry climates so growers in humid regions should consider growing it indoors.

#9 Cannatonic

Cannatonic is considered a “happy” sedative for patients with anxiety disorders or depression. It brings calmness, relaxation as well as uplifting for the patient.

With a high content of CBD about 17%, Cannatonic is gradually used in medical facilities. However, many patients also want to store this strain at home to self-supply the purest material. This is also a measure to save budget.

This strain of cannabis does not require skilled hands to be able to harvest a significant amount of shoots. Growers however will need a bit of experience and skill to take care of it.

Cannatonic is quite resistant to pests and diseases, but the problem is that it is susceptible to mold attacks. So growers need to prune regularly, paying attention to the right temperature and humidity.

#10 Sweet and Sour Widow

Sweet and Sour Widow is a strain known for its strange but very pleasant aroma. It has a 1: 1 CBD: THC ratio so it offers both medical and recreational value. This strain brings relaxation and happiness, and reduces anxiety and stress. Patients who are just beginning to use marijuana in their therapy will not be overwhelmed by their first sip of smoke.

Sweet and Sour Widow is a strain with medium difficulty. It is highly resistant to pests and diseases but is mild against mildew. So the hard point is that growers need to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for it.

It can grow both indoors and outdoors. However growers should be aware that when growing this strain outdoors, it requires a higher humidity level than when grown indoors.

Final Verdict

Today’s modern and busy life invisibly creates a lot of pressure on many people. Since then, disorders of anxiety, stress and depression have appeared more and more, especially young people. And the CBD strain is a gentle sedative to help these patients cope with their symptoms. Patients can grow this strains at home but first consult their treating doctor.