Best CBD Strain For Inflammation 2023 [Review]: How Does CBD strain Help With Inflammation?

Many people are familiar with how cannabis can not only treat the symptoms of a chronic illness, but it can also make ailments better, relieve pain, or fight inflammation. While cannabis is not a panacea and there are many diseases for which it is not the optimal treatment option, it seems that it is particularly good at dealing with inflammatory problems.

Some people do not realize that inflammatory disease, or especially inflammatory bowel disease, belongs to a group of diseases known as IBD. IBD is very pronounced, accompanied by painful and chronic inflammation in one or more areas of the intestinal tract. IBD diseases include a variety of colitis and affect the lives of more than 1.5 million people in the United States.

We have devoted a lot of effort to understanding the best CBD strain for inflammation and have come up with a list of the best CBD strains for this disease. Patient growers can refer to this list to be able to provide the purest treatment for themselves.

How Does CBD strain Help With Inflammation & Pain?

Cannabinoids are active ingredients in cannabis that have pharmacological effects throughout the body, especially affecting the central nervous system and immune system. Cannabinoids are also known as phytocannabinoids.

The most active cannabinoid in cannabis is delta-9-THC. Another active cannabinoid is the cannabidiol (CBD), which helps relieve pain and anti-inflammatory effects without the feeling of “high” like delta-9-THC.

Cannabinoids can be used in the treatment of cancer side effects and in the treatment of cancer. There are also a number of other effects such as anti-inflammatory, reducing cell growth, inhibiting the growth of blood vessels that nourish tumors, antiviral activity and helping to reduce muscle spasm.

Cannabis can be taken by eating (bakery products), drinking (herbal tea products) or by inhaling. When ingested or ingested, the main active ingredient in marijuana (delta-9-THC) is metabolized in the liver, forming a metabolite with more potent neurostimulatory activity.

When inhaled or inhaled, cannabinoids in the cannabis enter the bloodstream faster, but less psychostimulant metabolites are produced. In addition to the above popular preparations, cannabis is currently being studied for the formulation of sublingual sprays.

Top 10 Best CBD Strain For Inflammation 2023 [Review]

#1 CBD Mango Haze

CBD Mango Haze is not only a delicious strain with the sweet flavors of mango, pineapple and pepper, but it also has a very high medical value. CBD Mango Haze can be a powerful aid to patients with chronic inflammation or pain and more.

CBD Mango Haze is also not a difficult strain. It is an easy and highly productive strain of cannabis. Even beginner growers can control CBD Mango Haze.

This strain of cannabis can thrive both indoors and outdoors. It is a Sativa dominant strain of cannabis so it grows quite tall. These lanky plants will probably become something to attract the attention of neighbors so growers should be aware.

When growing indoors, growers should establish a space high enough for plants to grow smoothly. It is recommended that growers use 600W light to get the highest productivity and quality shoots.

#2 CBD Blue Shark

CBD Blue Shark is the result of the combination of Blue Cheese and CBD Shark Shock. This strain of cannabis has a sweet, nutty flavor of spicy cheese and berries with a hint of citrus. It has a great supportive effect for inflammatory patients. The patient can smoke, inhale or eat this strain and will feel happy.

With an equal CBD: THC ratio of 1: 1, this strain of cannabis will not have a strong psychoactive effect but is still enough to make the body happy and relaxed. Growers will also be happy to hear that CBD Blue Shark is an easy-to-grow and high-yielding strain of cannabis.

CBD Blue Shark can grow naturally in any climate, growers can grow it both indoors and outdoors. This plant grows not too tall, it will not exceed 1 meter so growers will have many choices of where to plant it.

CBD Blue Shark is also considered to be a strain that is highly resistant to pests and diseases. But growers still need to pay attention to prune the branches below to achieve the highest yield. With good care, growers can harvest about 550 gr / m2.

#3 CBD OG Kush

Like CBD Blue Shark, CBD OG Kush allows you to stay present but at the same time help your body become a lot more relaxed. Not to mention that the CBD content of nearly 8% of CBD OG Kush creates powerful anti-pain, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects for patients.

CBD OG Kush does not have a strong impact on the nervous system as the parent strain, it has more medical value. This strain of cannabis is also a simple and easy to grow strain. Beginners can also consult and buy CBD seeds OG Kush at seed banks to provide themselves with the purest source.

With CBD OG Kush, growers do not need to prepare a space that is too large to be able to plant a significant amount of crops. This crop grows with a compact size and not tall. It is well suited for growers who have a limited indoor growing room.

This strain of cannabis also does not need special techniques to stimulate it to flower. Growers just need to pay attention to pruning unnecessary branches to avoid mold. It will flower after about 9-10 weeks, with thick and qualified buds, yield can reach 500-600 gr / m2.

#4 Ringo Gifts

Ringo Gifts is a unique cross between the Harle-Tsu and the almighty ACDC. The CBD to THC ratio in Ringo Gifts is marked as 1: 1 in most varieties in the line. However, depending on the growing conditions and the usage process, the rates may vary. The CBD level is usually kept around 13%.

Regardless of the difference, Ringo Gifts always seem to be a CBD heavyweight. With its THC content, stress also provides a gentle high amount of brain, putting your body in a state of deep relaxation without leaving you to be restrained.

Ringo Gifts are a strain of cannabis that is of moderate difficulty and growers need some skill and experience to be able to control it. It can grow both indoors and outdoors but beginner growers should plant it indoors with controlled humidity and temperature.


With a low THC of only 1% and a high CBD content of up to 18%, CBD ACDC helps to modulate and inhibit the effects of THC on the body, while reducing inflammation and pain in the patient. This carefully balanced formula puts the patient in a gentle brain enhancer that helps the mind focus while the body relaxes.

With delicate aromas of citrus and pine, CBD ACDC is quite gentle to be a good start for beginners. Patients can be inhaled, injected, eaten or used in the form of drugs and topical medications.

For growers, CBD ACDC is not a strain that is too difficult to grow, but it does require a bit of sophistication from growers. It can be grown indoors, outdoors or with a hydroponic method. However, growing indoors will help growers to easily control the ideal environment for plants with the right temperature and humidity.

CBD ACDC does not need to eat a lot of nutrients, growers can feed it with less nutrients into the vegetative stage and then increase gradually during the flowering phase. Pruning and HST are two techniques that growers can use to increase the yield of this strain.

#6 CBD Harlequin

CBD Harlequin is a popular strain of CBD cannabis and it is known for its powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, patients with anxiety disorders have found great help from CBD Harlequin.

CBD Harlequin does not have a strong neurological effect on the patient. This strain of cannabis produces a feeling of flight but is insignificant because of its low THC content, it provides a powerful health-boosting effect to the patient without making them tired.

To grow this strain with the highest yields, growers need a medium technique. CBD Harlequin can be grown outdoors, but growing outdoors in large yields requires careful care from growers.

For less skilled growers, we recommend growing this strain indoors where temperature and humidity can be controlled. Note that this strain needs a lower moisture content at night, during the day, increase this slightly.

CBD Harlequin has medium yields, but grower can increase this yield with the SOG technique.

#7 CBD Supreme Durban

Do you know Durban Poison? Yes, CBD Supreme Durban is a hybrid of this famous strain of Durban Poison with a strain rich in CBD. CBD Supreme Durban is a cannabis strain that has the unique flavor of Durban Poison but has more medicinal value.

CBD Supreme Durban works great in relieving pain, inflammation, and spasms. It has long-lasting effects but does not control the patient’s body or mind, and the patient can still be alert and move while taking this strain.

With such great effects, CBD Supreme Durban is used sparingly by medical facilities. So growing this strain of cannabis at home will help you own the pure source as well as save money.

Growers can grow this strain on soil, or use the hydroponic and aeroponic methods. Just note that the plant will grow to a lanky height and growers need to prepare the right space. LST, mainline or ScrOGging are effective plant height restriction methods when growing indoors that growers can try.

#8 Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is a strain of cannabis that is rich in CBD with a concentration of up to 16.8% while a THC content of less than 0.3%. With this difference ratio, Sour Space Candy has great medical effects and patients with inflammation, pain, muscle spasm will receive great help from this strain.

To grow Sour Space Candy at home, growers should learn about some techniques and equipment to support growing indoors if you are a beginner. It requires delicate and technical growers to achieve the best productivity.

#9 Sour G

Sour G is a strain of cannabis that is rich in CBD and it has a lot of medicinal properties. Sour G is a great support for the healing process, pain relief as well as anti-anxiety for patients. Naturally, with a low THC, Sour G does not cause the patient’s body to stay firmly on the bed nor strongly control the mind.

Sour G is of medium yield and can be grown with a variety of growing methods. Growers can increase productivity using a number of techniques like trimming or SOG.

However, it is not appreciated for its resistance to pests and diseases so growers need attention for timely prevention and treatment.

#10 Suver Haze

Suver Haze is one of the best CBD cannabis strains for inflammation. It contains up to 21% CBD, which makes it a good natural remedy with very strong anti-inflammatory muscle relaxant properties. Besides, this strain of cannabis also strongly supports patients with stress and anxiety disorders.

Suver Haze has a very sweet and relaxing taste. It is suitable for beginners to get used to the first sips of smoke and it can regulate the mood for the user.

Final Verdict

It can be seen that the use of cannabis in medicine is still controversial and the balance between the benefits and the harm. However, there is a lot of research showing that CBD strains have great health effects in patients experiencing problems with inflammation, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. Patients can use CBD strains to reduce inflammation, but first consult their treating doctor and local health authorities.