How to Make a Balloon Arch Step by Step


The best point of attention in all celebrations is a spectacular balloon arch that will be the admiration of all the guests and entertainers. Making a balloon arch is very easy, you just have to have patience and have all the materials to use in making a perfect balloon arch.

Here we will give you the balloon arches instructions:

#1 Alloon air pump: This air pump is the most recommended to inflate balloons in a comfortable and fast way.

#2 Balloons of different colors or depending on the reason and color of the celebration.

#3 Gauges for the diameter of the balloons.

#4 Fine nylon or the one used for fishing.

#5 Plastic tube, wood, and resistant wire.

The number of balloons you will need to make a balloon arch depends on the size of the arch you want to make. The ideal way to finish the balloon arch without problems is to have enough balloons because when inflating them in this case with the electric balloon pump we run the risk of some balloons exploding.

To start making the balloon arch, the first thing you do is a base where the balloons will go. This base to make our balloon arch is made with a plastic tube that is easy to mold and heavy wood to hold the ends of the plastic tube. We hold the plastic tube from end to end creating the arc we need.

Likewise, we can create this base with a strong wire at the desired distance and height. And once our base is ready to make the balloon arch, we begin to inflate a balloon with the help of the electric balloon air pump, or with balloons pump and by the first balloon inflated with the meters for the diameter to determine the right size required we guide ourselves to inflate the other balloons of the same size and we join pairs of balloons of two balloons by tying them together with the help of the nylon and making turns of the balloon in the ties to secure them.

This step of balloons tied in pairs is repeated until you get enough to cover the base of the arch formed by a plastic tube or strong wire. Once all the pairs with the necessary balloons have been formed, begin to wrap the arch with the balloons turning them together to completely cover the arch. In the event that the balloon arch has different colors, we must be careful when placing the line of balloons to form the effect of desired colors and obtain the expected result with a combination of colors. Repeating as many times as necessary wrapping the arch with the pairs of balloons, until the balloon arch is finished.

Another way to make a balloon arch is with helium balloons, it is an economical option and easy to mold. What we must bear in mind when making an arch with helium balloons is to hold them well, if they are released they fly away and we can lose many balloons trying to assemble our balloon arch.