Finding the best airtight kitchen canisters


If you have been storing dry food in an airtight kitchen canisters and it ended up by being spoiled. Or simply you want to revamp your kitchen. You should to read this article after find your new airtight kitchen canisters.

With the right container, you can keep the quality of sugar, flour, coffee, and other kitchen staples away from bad effects of external elements that can affect as moisture, heat, air, etc.

#1 Best Materials for an Airtight Container

The most important thing you should consider when finding a best airtight kitchen storage containers is the main material that is used. Most of airtight kitchen canisters now are made of glass, plastic and stainless steel.

Plastic is lightweight, cheaper than the others, and easy to find at any market what make it the most popular canisters in every kitchen. However, plastic is not safe to use sometimes, because it contain a toxic chemical named BPA.

Glass is heavier than plastic but not prone to stains and odor. It is also easy to cleaning even with dishwasher.

The best thing about stainless steel is durability and lightweight. But this material is not really popular. It is also more expensive than the others.

#2 Lid

The best airtight kitchen canisters must to have a tight fitting lid which is ensure that moisture, heat, air can be leak in. However, it should also be easy to open and close and do not obstruct when you are cooking . Some are designed with rubber gasket seals are made with hypoallergenic synthetic rubber, make it locks out air to preserve and protect flavor of your food

#3 Using with Microwave

If your airtight container can be put in and heat it immediately in the microwave without transfer food into other container. Microwave-safe certainly a great feature for you to save your time of cooking and cleaning