Mobile air conditioning without exhaust hose? Or is it a split air conditioner? Which air conditioner is most suitable for which purposes? Here are all the tips and the most popular devices. In addition to sun and bathing fun, summer unfortunately also brings heat into the bedroom and into the whole apartment. Children in particular suffer from (too) high temperatures. They have a lower heat tolerance than adults because the body surface area in relation to their weight is larger than that of adults.

Correct ventilation or darkening can keep the temperature halfway in check. A fan can also provide temporary refreshment. However, if the heat continues for a long time , the walls or outer walls also heat up – in this case only air conditioning can help. Due to the simple installation, mobile air conditioning systems or air conditioning units without an exhaust air hose are in great demand. Fixed or mobile split air conditioning units (2-part) or window air conditioning units are also available. So the question arises: which air conditioner is the right choice for which purpose ? Which criteria are important when buying an air conditioner?

Air conditioning checklist

  • In the room Air conditioning removes heat from the room air. This is transported to the outside via the condenser and the cooling circuit and released there.
  • Air cooling devices that are operated with water or mobile air conditioning devices without an exhaust hose bring a pleasant, cooling feeling for a short time – in addition, the acquisition costs are rather low . For physical reasons, however, it is hardly / not possible to actually lower the room temperature with such devices.
  • Mobile air conditioning units with exhaust air hose (monoblock units) offer the advantage that they do not have to be permanently installed. They are therefore also suitable for rental apartments . The exhaust air hose is routed to the outside through the tilted window, for example. The remaining window gap must be sealed for an optimal effect. For a temporary cooling of small to medium sized rooms such a device may well provide. Advantage of a mobile air conditioner: These devices are comparatively cheap to buy .
  • Split air conditioners are much more effective. This is the conclusion reached by Stiftung Wartentest when comparing split devices and monoblock devices . They consist of two parts – indoor unit and outdoor unit. The indoor unit sucks in the room air and filters and cools the air. The second unit is the outdoor unit with a refrigeration compressor. A hose pipe provides the necessary connection between the components. Tip : an inverter air conditioner is a further development of the classic split air conditioner, which regulates the temperature much more gently thanks to intelligent power control of the compressor.
  • A window air conditioner also has a satisfactory effect. However, such a device is permanently installed in the window or an outer wall – with which only one room can be cooled.

Recommended air conditioners

#1 Mobile air conditioners without exhaust hose

Air cooling devices that are equipped with a water tank ensure that the air is circulated, which is pleasantly refreshing and cooling. However, such devices are not intended to permanently lower the temperature. Example is the oneConcept MCH-1 V2-3-in-1 air cooler fan humidifier 7 liters 360 m³ / h 65 W, 3 power levels, …

#2 Mobile air conditioners with exhaust hose

These devices are comparatively cheap to buy and lower the room temperature . Due to the way of installation (no pierced walls), such devices are preferably used in rental apartments . The BTU/h specification or the room size for which the respective device is intended is important in order to achieve a sufficiently rapid cooling effect.

#3 Split air conditioners

Split air conditioning units are usually more expensive to purchase – but the operating costs are significantly lower in the long run due to their higher efficiency . If you are interested in permanently good climate control, there is no avoiding a split device (ideally an inverter device). The same applies here: please pay attention to the BTU/h information and room size information . Important: Such devices may only be installed by a specialist !