Best Homemade Bongs: How to make a Bong with Your Style

Today we’re talking about bongs. If you’re familiar with or seen movies like the American pie or Workaholics, you may have probably seen it. A bong is a device used to smoke your favourite cannabis or marijuana. To give an elaborate definition of what a bong is by saying, it’s a device which uses water or ice as a filtration system to get cannabis or marijuana into your body when you smoke it. Bongs are available in different shape and form, but all bongs have a typical structure and form. The common anatomy of a bong is as follows:
Firstly, it comes with a BOWL; the bowl is where the cannabis being smoked goes into. Next, we have the STEM; the stem is a tube-like structure which transports the smoke after heating. And finally, we have a Water Chamber and a Mouthpiece; the water chamber holds the water in place while the mouthpiece is used to inhale the cannabis in steam form or evaporated form.
As long as we have all the parts of a bong present in any piece, it doesn’t matter how shape or form it may appear, it’s still regarded as a bong, but it may differ in shape, size and appearance.
Most bongs and simple and plain, while others look like an art masterpiece rather than a smoking device.
While others have some extra highlights like percolators, which help further filter and cool the smoke, percolators also come in various shapes and form.

History of the Bong

While the origin of the name bong is very uncertain and less precise. A lot of specialists believe that in originated from Thailand, derived from” the word “Baung”, which means Wooden Water tube.
Another theory speculates that the bong was created from a device first discover in an early civilization in Africa known as the Bong’om Tribe.

Advantages of using a Bong

One of the significant reasons why a Bong is used to enjoy your favourite strain is because bongs not only filters the smoke, but it also has a cooling effect. This makes the draw experience smooth, even if you unknowing inhale a lot of the smoke.
One benefits of bongs is its cooling percolation. With a Bong, you maintain the sustain of the flavour and aroma of your favourite strain. While if you use the dry pipe, it creates a coarser feeling on the throat and the lungs.

How to Use A Bong?

You are quite aware now that Bong is a very popular device used in consuming cannabis. What makes it distinct among other smoking devices is its ability to exaggerate the effect of just a bit of marijuana used. Meaning, you don’t need a whole lot of cannabis when you want to use a bong, only a little quantity will do the magic. Bongs have a filter system which uses water, making your smoking experience seamless and enjoyable. While there is various type of Bongs in the market, it may be challenging to show a clear-cut way to use a bong, but here at 420bigbud we got you covered. Before diving into how to use a Bong, we must first understand the different types of bongs and how this difference impacts your smoking experience. Bongs come in various forms, shapes and sizes, from simple bongs with glass tubes to bongs with percolators or numbered chambers, which help to improve the functionality and performance of the bong.

How a Bong Works

Bong is a fascinating tool. How it works is relatively simple. The concept of the bong is that it cools the smoke by allowing it to pass through either one or a lot of chambers filled with water or ice. The more the smoke comes in contact with more water or ice, the more refreshing and more comfortable the experience you get from the smoke. While a lot of these devices differ in shape, size, intricacy, the goal is still the same, creating a refreshing desirable smoking experience.

Parts of a Bong

Primarily, a bong consists of 5 pieces
These five pieces are crucial to the optimal performance of a bong. While you can find other parts in more sophisticated bongs, these five parts serve as the benchmark part of any Bong you’ll find in the market.
#1 The Tube/Base: The Tube is an elongated part of the Bong. This part is what defines the Bong. The size of the tube may vary between 8cm and more, depending on the manufacturer and percolators. The tube is the part that is filled with a small amount of water, which is used to cool the smoke.
#2 Carburettor: Usually a slide or Pull system. The Carburettor is a hole at the side base of the bong; its job is to create an easy-clean airflow within the tube, to clear the tube.
#3 Bowl: The Bowl is located opposite the downstem. The function of the bowl is to hold the cannabis in place, allowing water to pass through it.
#4 Downstem: A downstem is a tube or pipe that glides to the side of the Bong and moves into the water. It is sometimes placed at the base to create more bubbles.
#5 Percolator: Is a part of the bong responsible for creating bubbles in the water anytime smoke is passed through. Its job is to cool the smoke.

How to properly use a Bong

#Step 1: Water

Water is the first step if you want to use your bong. Add water to your bong, and measure correctly, so you maintain an average water level suited for your bong, this is important so all the parts will function appropriately and most importantly, so you prevent water from passing into your mouth when you inhale the smoke from the bong. Standard practice is filling the bong slightly some inches above the downstem. You must get the water measurement just right, too much, and you risk water getting into your mouth, too little, and your bong fails to function appropriately. One way to ensure you have attained the right water level is to pull air through the bong without any cannabis inside; if you don’t get any water into your mouth and the percolator is working correctly, then you have the right measurement, you’re free to add your cannabis.

#Step 2: Adding your Cannabis

When you have gotten the right water measurement, it is time to add your cannabis into the bowl. It is essential to grind the cannabis into small equal bits before inserting it into the base to prevent your bowl from getting clogged. Also, don’t put too much cannabis all at once (I know you want to have all the fun) or you risk having your bong functioning inappropriately. Overstocking prevents proper airflow, which in turn prevents the cannabis from burning evenly. Bongs can be a lot to handle, especially if you’re a newbie smoker; therefore, you must start with as little as possible and work your way up. Moderation is always important.

#Step 3: Final step (Light up)

You have got your water levels checked, your cannabis in place and its time to smoke. Now with your bong in your hand and the tip of the bong in your mouth, light the bong with a lighter or any desired lighting device. Light the dry cannabis while you inhale hard through your mouthpiece and notice if the bong gets filled with smoke. If you succeeded in getting the bong filled with smoke, congratulations!

How to Choose the right Bong

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One important reason why the bong is very common is because of its availability in various types, designs, shapes and sizes. There is bong that suits every lifestyle irrespective of your budget and level of skill. Various kinds of bongs include baby bottle bong, gravity bongs, volcano bong, small bongs, big bong etc. Bongs Popularity is because it can maintain dry cannabis while giving you that smooth euphoric high.

#1 Consider the Shape and Type

The first rule when you’re trying to purchase a new bong is to consider the bongs shape and type. The most popular shapes available in the market are the Beakers and the Straight tube. The beaker Bong gets its name from the scientific beaker we all know from high school. While the straight bongs are very straight from the mouthpiece to the base or bottom. But in general, the most common type of bong is the scientific glass bongs; it is a generally clear glass, thick and extremely functional, it also contains percolators for filtration and diffusion.

#2 Consider the Bowl Piece and Slide

Another vital part to consider when purchasing a bong is the slide or the bowl piece. Available in the market are varied types of bowls, and they come in different shapes, design, colours etc.; but one thing they have in common is the functionality, which is to hold the dry cannabis in place while you do your thing. In purchasing a bong, you must take note of the joint size and the type of the bowl. Generally, the most bowl comes with either a 10mm, 14mm or an 18mm joint, and can be either male or female. A male bowl often goes into the joint of a female bong, while the female bowl goes above that of a male bong. Whatever your preference or style of a bong, choosing the perfect bowl can make all the difference if you want to get that complete experience.

#3 Consider the Downstem

Most bongs require a downstem to function optimally. The downstem is a piece of glass that connects the bowl to the water at the end of the chamber.
This passage allows for the filtration and diffusion of cannabis in the bowl. Nevertheless, most bongs created in this modern age are made without a need for a downstem, and are referred to as stemless bongs. Stemless bongs are an easy option if you want a bong that is easy to clean and produces smoother smokes. Also, you can find downstem with various styles of percolators. It is also an essential factor to consider the size of the downstem when you want to purchase a new one, or it may not fit into your Bong appropriately.

#4 Consider the Percolator

More recently, Bongs have become even more improved and now come remarkable percolators. Percolators are parts of a bong that improves the smoking experience, making it more seamless and enjoyable. Percs, as it is often referred to, cools and filter the smoke produced in your bong right before you inhale, making the smoking experience delightful and pleasant. Percolators come in different types, styles, functionality and filtration method. Some percolators have even been modified to use ice, called ice catchers, which allows you to add ice instead of water.

How to Make a Homemade bong

So, you don’t have the big buck to buy an expensive bong, not to worry, we at 420bigbud has got you covered. Here is a quick tutorial on how to create a bong from a plastic bottle. Often called a Plastic Bottle Bong or a water bottle bong, these bongs are easy to make and make for a cheap alternative if you don’t have money to purchase a ready-made glass bong. Best of all, you can make this bong in little over 15 to 25 minutes.
– Tin foil
– A small plastic Bottle
– A pen or any curved tube which you will use as downstem.
– Knife or screw driver
– Source of Heat
– Masking tape or glue

#Step 1

Get your plastic bottle you will want to use for the bong. A 1-litre soda bottle is perfect

#Step 2

Heat the knife or screwdriver and make a hole of about 4 – 5 inches from the bottom of the container moving up. Insert the pen tube through the hole you just made to be used as a downstem. Use the masking tape or glue to stick the pen tube in place.

#Step 3

Punch another hole under the bottle cap; this will serve as the carb of the bong.

#Step 4

Now, cut a piece of the aluminium foil and cape the top of the bottle firmly. Proceed to punch some more holes in the foil. You can also choose to wrap the foil around the bottle cap. However, if you do this, you’ll have to make holes in the cap first, followed by the foil.
And there you have it. Your very own Bong, not the best quality but it gets the job done. The only disadvantage Is that it doesn’t have a percolator which cools the smoke.

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How to take care of your Bong

Caring for your Bong is a subject that can’t be overemphasized. Extreme caution is advised when handling your bong. Recent bongs are made of glass, which implies that they are breakable. These bongs are usually larger than usual; this can come with some inconvenience.
You can consider portable bongs if you want an on-the-go bong, which you can take along with you to that next party.
For you to keep getting the best flavour and experience from your favourite strain, you must keep your bong clean at all time.
Also, change the water once in a while for the best experience.
There you have it. All you need to know about the Bong. Again, as we always advise on 420bigbud, moderation is essential. The effects of bongs are very intense, especially if you’re newbie smoker, so don’t overdo it.