How To Choose The Best Commercial Kitchen Sink?


Certainly commercial kitchens cannot lack a commercial kitchen sink. This is a simple device, but it plays an extremely important role for a kitchen in general and a commercial kitchen in particular.

The commercial kitchen sink is where a chef can wash food, wash hands or wash dishes and saucepans. Without a commercial kitchen sink, a commercial kitchen cannot exist.

If you have trouble choosing the best commercial kitchen sink, this post will be helpful for you. We will list a number of factors to consider before purchasing.

And this is also how you can choose the best commercial kitchen sink.

#1 Types of commercial kitchen sink

First, you should grasp the commercial kitchen sink types available on the market to be able to choose the most suitable type for your commercial kitchen.

There are currently 3 types of commercial kitchen sinks available in the market. These are hand-wash sinks, mop sinks and compartment sinks.

You should determine what kind of sink your commercial kitchen lacks to make the right investment. Each type has different tasks and different characteristics, so you should learn carefully.

Or you can choose to integrate different types of commercial sinks to save space in a commercial kitchen.

#2 Material

The need to use sink in a commercial kitchen is huge. Therefore, you should choose a commercial sink with material good enough to withstand this large demand.

There are two materials that we highly recommend for you are stainless steel and marble. These are two materials that are durable and easy to clean.

Stainless steel is lighter and cheaper than granite. This material is also a popular choice in commercial kitchens. It is durable and easy to clean, but does not look good.

And granite is a strong material, looks luxurious and leaves no fingerprints. But this is not a budget option.

#3 Easy to set up

For a commercial kitchen, there are so many things you care about besides a commercial kitchen sink. Therefore, you should not spend too much time installing and using it.

You should choose products with a simple design but work well to save your time and effort.

Easy installation also means you can easily maintain it. So there is no reason that you refuse such a product.

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