How Big Do Bearded Dragons Grow?


Before deciding to keep and buy bearded dragons, one of the important things you need to know is how big do bearded dragons grow in the future.

Get to know about this thing will help you easily determine the size of their cage, and notice if they do not grow into normal size at different life stages.

There are many factors can impact the size of bearded dragons, it can be natural reasons such as their species and sex, but it can also be the bad effects of incorrect care.

Average sizes at different ages

Under proper care, bearded dragons can grow up to 24 inches in length. In the early firsts month of life, bearded dragons can grow very quickly, and then this speed of growth rate slows dramatically in the fooling months. Generally, your bearded dragons will be almost fully grown in their first year of life.

In the first month old, bearded dragons can grow up to 4 inches long, and the next month, their length could be 5-9 inches. They will grow to 11 and 12 inches in the 2 months following.

At the end of 5 months old, bearded dragons may have grown to be 16 inches long.

16-18 inches long will be the length that 6 months bearded dragons could get. After that, the growth rate of them has slowed down. They only grow 1 inch per month until they become adult.

When the 1-year-old, they will grow to 22 inches long. Of course, your bearded dragons can grow long after the first year of age, but it is not too much.

What affect the growth of bearded dragons?


These sizes below are the average size of almost bearded dragons. There are more than 8 different species of bearded dragons. Each of them will grow to different sizes.

For example, Pogona Vitticeps can grow to 24 inches long, while Pogona Microlepidota just length for 4-6 inches.


Bearded dragons will be grown to their full size if their environment allows. If you provide a cage that too small for your bearded dragon when they still young, they cannot grow up to their full size.

So choosing the best tanks bearded dragons with a suitable size is an important mission that you put a lot of effort into it.

Diet and health

Properly diet with enough nutrients and vitamins will provide your bearded dragons good condition to grow. Besides, a healthy bearded dragon without any disease and health problems will grow faster and bigger than an unhealthy one.


The male bearded dragon is usually bigger than the female one. It is totally normal if your female bearded dragons a bit smaller than others.