How to make homemade CBD oil – Top 5 best Cannabis strains for homemade CBD oil


CBD Oils are extremely bioavailable, making it one of the most effective methods to ingest CBD. CBD oil is well known for many medical effects as it can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, keep your concentration, reduce anxiety and stress. It’s also extremely simple to made at home without any pricey or difficult-to-find materials. Moreover, by making cannabis oil at home, you will know precisely what ingredients you’re using for the CBD oil, avoiding the processed oils and chemicals that commercial manufacturers may utilize.

You will always have the safety CBD oil that ready to add to your recipes, topical products, or just keep it straight in your mouth. In this post, I am going to show you steps to homemade CBD oil so you can benefit from the incredible properties of cannabis without smoking it. Additionally, the CBD oil’s properties may differ depending on the strains of cannabis you use. So, scroll down for some popular cannabis strains with their benefits that you should use for your recipe

What is cbd oil?

CBD oil is a non-intoxicating herbal therapy that made from cannabis flower. It’s high in cannabidiol, a kind of cannabis element with potent medical benefits. CBD has the therapeutic characteristics of cannabis without the psychoactive effects because it contains little to no THC. CBD is used by to aid with inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia. It may help safeguard and promote nervous system function and may relieve pain. According to some studies, it may also promote gut health and maintain normal immune system function.

There are two critical steps for all the recipes: decarboxylation and infusion. Decarboxylation may seem to be a complicated and scientific procedure, but it is just the process of precision heating cannabis to activate the beneficial cannabinoids compounds. The process of releasing the newly active chemicals into a carrier oil or alcohol is known as infusion.

Homemade CBD oil recipe – Carrier Oil Method

A carrier oil is used to infuse herbs. Coconut oil and MCT oil (derived from coconut) are common carrier oils for CBD, they often be used for both commercial and homemade. Apart from that, we have olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, ghee, and even butter also can be used as carrier oils. Keep in mind that the type of oil you use will affect the results product’s taste and texture. Extra virgin olive oil has a pleasant flavor and excellent antioxidant properties, therefore I prefer it for my recipe. Furthermore, according to recent research, olive oil is more effective at isolating the hemps’ beneficial components.

  • Step 1: Grind or tear your cannabis up into small bits if it hasn’t been decarboxylated yet. Heat in the oven at 220 – 250°F for 30 minutes, spreading evenly on a baking tray. It would be better if you have the decarboxylator and you just need to follow its manual instructions. This process is known as decarboxylation, and it is required to convert CBDA to CBD. Allow it cool completely before proceeding to the next step.
  • Step 2: Pour a cup of the oil you choose or butter into a pot and heat untile it melts.
  • Step 3: After that, add about 7-10 grams of decarboxylated cannabis at the first step into the melted oil, and continue heating this mixture on low heat for 2 hours to allow the oil to infuse. Excess heat will destroy some cannabis chemicals, so don’t let the mixture get over 200° F / 93° C. it is better to maintain the temperature range of around 130 to 150°F.
  • Step 4: Wait until the mixture cool before straining through cheesecloth or a sieve. Then, store your CBD oil in a container, it is ideal to use a glass storage container with an airtight lid. Keep the finished oil somewhere cold and dark. You also can keep in the refrigerator.

Note that you should use your cannabis oil within 6 to 1 year if possible. The oil does not go spoilt as long as it does not mold.

Homemade CBD oil recipe – Alcohol Method

CBD tinctures are created using the same decarboxylation and infusion techniques as CBD oil. While CBD tinctures are alcohol-based, it is also taken much like CBD oil. When it comes to dose, it is best to start with just a little amount and gradually increase it. One thing to remember that it’s critical to use a food-grade, high-proof alcohol like Everclear when producing tinctures. Make sure that alcohol is safe before consume it. The CBD isolate and resin will dissolve more easily if the alcohol percentage is higher.

  • Step 1: Just the same as the CBD oil method previously, you should use a decarboxylator or the oven for decarboxylation.
  • Step 2: In a glass container, combine the decarboxylated cannabis or isolate CBD with 750 mL high-proof alcohol and close tightly.
  • Step 3: keep the glass container away from direct sunlight, ideally you can place it in the freezer, for about 2-3 weeks. Once a day, give the mixture a good shake. If you want to shorten the time, you may heat the glass container for 20 minutes on a low heat of about 170 degrees F.
  • Step 4: Using cheesecloth, or a sieve to strain the mixture into a vial, container or jar. Store your tincture in a cold, dark area and make sure you properly mix it before using. You should test the efficacy of your tincture by consuming one or two drops before using it at the first time.

Top 5 best Cannabis Strains for Homemade CBD oil

Before making your CBD oil recipe at home, you’ll need to find out what kind of cannabis you will be utilizing. Cannabis strains available with different contents like THC-rich, CBD-rich, or balanced cannabis. If you want to manufacture oil that anybody can take without becoming psychoactive, seek for high-CBD cannabis with little to no THC content. CBD-rich strains can be added to your daily routine because of the benefits they create.

You also can choose a strain that contains more THC than CBD level if you want to produce CBD oil that has all of cannabis’ qualities, like psychoactive effects. This enables you to make cannabis oil that can help you with severe muscle pain, reducing epileptic episodes, stimulating good appetite, and treating sleeplessness, among other things. It’s also a lot healthier method to ingest cannabis because there’s no harmful smoke to breath. Here are some of the best Canabis Strains that are common used for homemade CBD oil base on their medical properties and beneficial effects.

#1 ACDC Marijuana Seeds

The ACDC strain has certain unique characteristics. It is the perfect option for user who look for a CBD-rich content and only a small quantity of THC. Many users report that this weed makes them feel more sociable and happy, but it does not make them feel sleepy, perversely this weed keeps their mind clearly and stay focus. This strain is well-known for its medicinal properties, and it can help reduce the symptoms of some severe diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and even Parkinson. This strain also can be used any time in a day to relieve stress, chronic pain, and anxiety. It has a citrus-like taste with earthy, woody, and spicy overtones. If you want to organically grow the plants, you should know that this strain is prone to funguses, but they are quite easy to grow as long as you provide additional care and minerals.

#2 CBD Kush

CBD Kush is a fantastic strain that can be used for multiple purpose. If you looking for a strain with THC level equals the CBD level, CBD Kush is the great ideal. It is also the perfect strain for novice grower as it doesn’t require specialized growth conditions or attention to thrive. It may be grown both indoors and outdoors, and harvests are expected to be substantial.

It is useful for both enjoyment and therapeutic purpose, due to this, it can help users with all types of cramps and aches. It has a powerful calming impact on the body and is frequently used to reduce MS, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer symptoms. It is notable or its pleasant, sweet scents.

#3 Sweet Pure CBD

Sweet Pure has the CBD to THC ration is 1:15 – 1:20. It contains high CBD levels, which allowing you to take advantage of the medical characteristics of hemp plant at any time and in any location. Indoors, this plant grows quickly, and with sparse branches. You can harvest it after 9 weeks planting time. This plant may be cultivated outside in almost any environment as long as the circumstances aren’t too harsh. Per plant, you should expect to get roughly 600g.

You can smell the sweet and citrus at the same time, and a little earthy finish that reminds me of mandarins. It’s ideal for smoking on almost any occasion because it doesn’t have any intoxicating properties. It has a wide range of medical characteristics and may be used to reduce practically some type of ache or discomfort. It’s extremely beneficial for chronic pain, stress, seizures, and a variety of other ailments.

#4 Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a popular cannabis strain that often be used in a medicinal marijuana prescriptions. This strain is beneficial to people who suffer from anxiety and stress. It helps to keep you keeps your mind engaged, stay clearly and maintain the concentration while having nearly no adverse effects. Sour Diesel may flourish in any environment, regardless of where it is planted. It would be best to plant this strain in a warm Mediterranean climate, but it may also generate large harvests in colder areas.

When grown hydroponically, this strain produces a great yield. However, if you are a novice grower, you also can plant it indoor soil containers. Because it may grow rather tall, farmers must know how to keep it under control. Growers who are newcomer to the industry just need to takes a little attention to notice illness symptoms early.

#5 Cannatonic

If you are a CBD enthusiasts, you will know about this medicinal cannabis strains high in CBD

(15-19%) and low THC content. It has swiftly gained popularity because to its medical properties. It has a great sweet and lemony scent, as well as a few woody smell undertones. The plant is fairly easy to cultivate; however it also requires special care due to its fungal sensitivity.

It produces the maximum yields when grown inside, although you can choose to plant it outdoors. Cannatonic has proven to be effective for those who are suffering from many type of pains since it helps reduce the symptom of migraines and fibromyalgia. It has also helped patients with sleep issues, anxiety, and melancholy because of its relaxing and elevating properties. It’s also used to treat the symptoms of seizures.


Making your homemade CBD oil and tincture at home from hemp flower is rather simple as long as you follow my guide. CBD oil is also very simple to consume, you can add a few drops into any dish or beverage, or even consume it directly. Homemade CBD oil is the most effective approach to get the medical properties of CBD-rich cannabis strains.

The only complicated thing is that it may take a bit of time to determine the right amount of CBD-rich hemp flower and carrier oil to use to achieve effect that you want. This is because everyone needs the different dosages, it also depends on your body weight, your condition, symptoms and severity.  But if you use it correctly, CBD oils can be strong and excellent therapeutic aids.