CBD vs CBN: Does CBN get you high?

If you are using cannabis for medicinal purposes it will be important for you to select cannabis with the correct components that will be able to provide the right type of relief. It might seem a little complicated when you first delve into the world of ‘cannabinoids’ – chemicals that are only found in cannabis plants – so here is a run through of the pros and cons of two of the main types ‘CBD’ and ‘CBN’.

CBD is better for:

  • Not get high
  • Reducing seizures
  • Combatting anxiety and depression
  • Pain-relief

CBN is better for:

  • Not get high
  • Treating insomnia
  • Treating bone fractures
  • Anti-inflammatory purposes

What is a Cannabinoid?

Cannabinoids are the most important chemical that is found in the cannabis plant. This is because it is the cannabinoids that interact with specific receptors in your body to produce an effect. So it is the cannabinoids which give marijuana its specific recreational and medicinal uses. There are around 113 different types of cannabinoids within the cannabis plant – amazing!

What are CBD and CBN?

First off, let’s explain these acronyms. CBD stands for cannabidiol and CBN for cannabinol –  and both of these are cannabinoids that interact with the endocannabinoid system in your body and are used to treat a variety of medical disorders.
CBN is produced when the cannabinoid THC (the cannabinoid which gives psychedelic effects) is either heated or exposed to oxygen, it can also be produced if your plants are left to age for a while. CBD is produced through decarboxylation (basically heating up the marijuana).

What are the Pros and Cons of CBD?

CBD is most frequently found in products such as creams and oils and will not have any psychoactive effects – in other words, it won’t get you high. Its main purpose is for the treatment of medical ailments.
CBD has a multitude of medicinal uses including pain relief, helping with anxiety and depression, and treating insomnia. It is also regarded as useful in reducing seizures and has even been linked to fighting cancer cell growth. Its benefits don’t stop there – it is also an anti-inflammatory so is good for treating chronic back pain and arthritis.
Currently, CBD has more beneficial purposes than CBN and is used for more medical ailments, but this is largely because the full benefits of CBN are yet to be fully explored.
The one con of CBD is that it might not work for everyone, but it is certainly worth giving it a try if you suffer from one of the common ailments listed above.

What are the Pros and Cons of CBN?

CBN is pretty similar to CBD, but with a few differences. One important difference is that CBN does have some psychoactive properties, however nowhere near the same as THC, and it is likely that you won’t notice the effect.
CBN is known for its sedative effects, so is particularly good at treating insomnia. Like CBD, it also has pain-relieving properties and is an anti-inflammatory. Additional features of CBN is that it can help to stimulate bone tissue, so can be useful in treating fractures.
The downside of CBN is that it hasn’t been as fully researched as CBD, so it has not yet been explored to its full potential. However, it is still known to be an excellent remedy to some of the most common ailments.

Best Seeds for Growing Medicinal Cannabis

Getting hold of medical cannabis to use for therapeutic purposes can be tricky so many people are growing their own so that they can get the perfect crop that is suited to their needs. Here we review some of the best seed strains out there that are well-regarded for medicinal cannabis use.

#1 Best Seeds for High CBD and CBN Marijuana: Jorge’s Diamond Feminised Seeds

If you’re looking to grow a plant that can offer you all the benefits of both CBD and CBN cannabinoids, but also like a strain that gives you a decent high, then these excellent seeds from Seedsman will produce the sort of plant you’re after. You’ll get loads of THC crystals forming on these plants, whilst the high CBD and CBN content of this Indica strain will ensure you get a mellow buzz.
These seeds are really great for beginners as they grow easily in indoor environments. As they are photoperiod seeds you’ll want to give it 3 to 4 weeks of 18/6 lighting and then lower this to 12 hours light and 12 hours darkness to let your plant no it’s time to flower. The yields from these plants are high too, so you’ll soon be enjoying harvesting a tasty crop with all the benefits CBD and CBN have to offer.

#2 Blue Mystic Feminized Seeds

If you’re looking to grow a plant that produces high CBD content, then these seeds from True North Seedbank will suit your needs. The high CBD content means the fruit of your growing labor will treat you with weed that is a great relaxant, whether you are suffering mentally or physically. These photoperiod seeds will be ready after 9 weeks and grow really big and bushy so make sure they’ve got plenty of space.
The major pros of these seeds, beyond their high CBD content, are that: they are suitable for indoor and outdoor grow setups; they will easily produce 300 grams per plant and with some love and attention to the nutritional needs you can take this to 500 grams; they produce plants with high THC content for a nice high, and; they bud in just 8-9 weeks. The only con is they grow in a seriously bushy fashion.

#3 Best CBN Cannabis Seeds: Black Indica Feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you’re looking to grow a plant with a high CBN content then these seeds from Crop King Seeds are what you’ll need. This plant produces weed that will give you a mellow high, perfect whether you are planning on being out and about or if you’re suffering from insomnia or aches and pains. This is a pure Indica strain that will help you keep stress at bay and help you to kick back and relax.
The major pros of these seeds are that: you will struggle to find seeds producing a plant with higher CBN content than this; insomnia won’t be an issue with this product; they have high yields in just 8 weeks, and; the plant’s they produce will produce weed that is great for pain relief, swellings and even broken bones! One downside, or potential upside, is that this weed gives you the munchies real bad!

#4 Best Low THC Cannabis Seeds with High CBD Content: Mango Haze CBD Feminised Seeds

If you are looking for a plant that offers high CBD and low THC, then these seeds will produce a plant that ticks all the boxes. These plants will have a maximum THC content of 8%, whilst CBD content can reach up to 10%, meaning that you won’t have to get high to enjoy the beneficial effects CBD cannabinoids have to offer. This weed is extremely tasty, hence the fruity name, and also pleasingly abundant.
The plants these seeds produce are truly amazing. Will careful management you can produce 600 grams per square meter of space you have. This plant also loves to be trained, which means you can encourage it to grow some huge buds with a bit of early pruning. The resin production is solid too! The only downside of this strain is that it takes closer to 11 weeks to flower, but it is truly a medical marvel!

#5 Best High THC Cannabis Seeds with High CBN Content: Girl Scout Cookies Strain

If you want the benefits of a plant that is high in CBN but also love to get high, then these seeds will help you to produce the product that will hit you hard. These plants have a THC content of up 24%, so expect to be knocked back into your seat with your harvest. The cerebral high is made even better by the subsequent body sensations you’ll get and the lovely smell and flavor of these buds.
The major pros of these seeds are that: they are ready after just 8-9 weeks; the flavor and smell of the harvest you produce; the potency that is hard to explain until you’ve tried it; they are suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, and; you’ll get a massive harvest of super sticky buds packed with trichomes that dreams are made of. The downside of this product is that your fridge will be emptied after consumption!


This article has gone through the benefits of using CBD and CBN cannabinoids for medicinal purposes. When first starting out it can be tricky to choose between the two of these as they are pretty similar and treat a breadth of common ailments. However, they have their niches and it is important to do your research before choosing the best option for you.
Growing your own cannabis can be an effective way of getting the perfect crop for your medicinal needs, so choosing the right seed variety is key –  the options on this list will satisfy your CBD or CBN needs.