Brothers With Glass Review: Best US Online Headshop for Smokers


If smokers are looking for a reputable address to buy smoking accessories, don’t miss Brothers With Glass. This is a reputable distributor, providing the most quality products for smokers and toners.

This grass online shop provides quality accessories, with extremely beautiful looks. Besides, they are known as a potential distributor with works from many glass artists.

Currently on the smoking market, there are many headshop but not all can provide you with the best products. Meanwhile Brothers With Glass stands out with products with clear origin and giving you the best experience.

What Do They Sell?

Brothers With Glass owners are two brothers Jake and Jessie. They established this headshop in 2010, but later Jessie left and Jake continued with his passion.

Is Brothers With Glass legit? Yes. During the past decade, this online headshop has grown continuously and become a reputable site for smokers. They are still working hard to bring customer satisfaction.

When you visit this online headshop website, you will immediately realize that they have a wide range of smokers and toners available. They sell bongs, Dab rigs, hand pipes, vaporizers and smoking accessories.

They also have products from famous brands such as Liberty 503, Chameleon Glass, C2 Custom Creations, HVY Glass, Empire Glassworks and ZOB Glass. Of course you can also choose products from many other brands on their website.

Besides famous brands, they also sell products of famous artists. Some popular names can be mentioned as Chasteen Glassworks, Connor McGrew, Darth Silicate, EA Glass or Glass Pav.

How Can I Order?

To order any items from this online headshop, the fastest way is to order through their website. They make the site very user-friendly and simple. They have sorted their items neatly and clearly so you won’t spend a lot of time searching.

Once you have chosen a suitable product for yourself, all you need to do is add it to your cart. Next is the confirmation and payment step.

You need to fill in the necessary information and choose the appropriate payment method. If there is any problem during the initialization of the order, you can contact the shop so they can help promptly.

For other payment methods, this online headshop integrates many different payment methods. Foreign customers can also easily place orders and make payments without the need for intermediaries.

They accept all forms of payment through American Express, Visa, Discover and Mastercard. Your order will be shipped after payment is verified successfully.

To ensure a fast and secure payment process, this glass shop is ready to answer customers’ questions via email. But this is also a drawback because they don’t have a chat box on their website. This results in customers waiting a long time waiting for a response from the store when working via email.

Another note that you should keep in mind is that they do not accept payments via Bitcoin, Paypal and E-Check. If you hear the room where this shop accepts any one of the three methods above, you are cheated.

Are There Any Discount Codes Available?

This online headshop has lots of promotions and each one only lasts for a few days. They often put the discount code right at the top of the website for easy visibility by customers.

Currently, customers who buy hand pipes receive a 10% discount. This promo code applies to all hand pipes available on their website and there’s no reason to miss this offer.

To apply this offer, please enter the code “HPSALE” at checkout to get 10% off with hand pipes that you buy.

You can update the next discount coupon and promo via their website.

Besides, you will also have a chance to get free shipping if your shipping address is in the US. For all domestic orders within the US, customers will receive free shipping and will receive their goods in about 2-6 days.

What About Brothers With Glass Shipping Policy?

All transactions or shipped from this online headshop will be completely confidential. They guarantee that any information about your order will be kept completely confidential and not leaked out.

Orders will come in a white or brown box with no information included. They will not write anything about the product you buy and the name Brothers With Glass is not mentioned. They will instead use the name “Organic Kulture LLC”.

So you will be guaranteed privacy and they will help you avoid unnecessary trouble.

Besides, your order will also be carefully packed to avoid breaking during shipping. If there is a problem with your order, and unfortunately you receive an item that is not intact, you can return the order.

But you need to send them a photo of your broken order and claim to them within 24 hours of receipt. If the fault is due to them, you will receive a similar item at no extra cost.

For orders that do not have any defects but the customer is not satisfied with the product, you also have the opportunity to return. However the item must be unused and free from any defects. They will accept to exchange you other products or refund, and the cost of returning the order to the shop will be borne by the customer.

What Are The Most Popular in Their Website?

This headshop offers a lot of products for smokers and toners. Among them stand out some of the products that we list below.

# 1 Glass Mini Sherlock Bubbler

This bubbler is preferred by many customers because of its outstanding price and appearance. It comes from China and is compact in size to make it easy to carry around.

#2 Mathematix Glass Groovy Tube Dab Rig

This dab rig not only has an impressive appearance but it can also give smokers smoky smoke. It also has a decent price compared to its quality.

This product is made in California.

#3 Chameleon Glass Dank Onyx Cloud Nine Hand Pipe

As its name suggests, this hand pipe will take you to nine clouds with this never-ending smooth smoke. It has an eye-catching design with thick pipe, ensuring the best user experience.

It is made in Arizona and is the work of Chameleon Glass.

#4 Liberty 503 Fumed Sandblasted Hand Pipe

This is another popular hand pipe but it is a work from Liberty 503 Glass. It has an artistic and handcrafted appearance. Not only brings a satisfying appearance but also brings the highest quality smoke to smokers.

This product is made in Oregon.