Blessed CBD Reviews: Top CBD brand in the UK


If you google for the best CBD oil brands in the UK presently, you’ll probably come across a few posts that feature Blessed CBD as their top selection. This is why Blessed CBD is fast becoming quite popular among UK consumers. Based on the current brand’s website, their purpose is offer the high quality of CBD products with the United States’ standard to UK consumers and create effective products capable of giving the advantages that CBD offers.

There are many aspects to mention when it comes to evaluating the best CBD brands such as the potency, price, effectiveness, safe, etc. Do the Blessed CBD’s products satisfy all these aspects and worth their reputation and what they claim? So, I decided to try Blessed CBD products to provide you guys with an overview, better understanding and write my personal review about this top UK brand. Continue reading to find out if these products are worth your money.

About the brand

Blessed CBD is a family-owned and managed business headquartered in Edinburgh that provides CBD products. Blessed CBD was founded in 2018 with the purpose of offering UK consumers with about same high-quality CBD that is accessible to US customers, but without the lengthy delivery times. Their goal of making high-quality CBD products with ewasonable prive to the UK customer.

Blessed CBD began as a way to offer high-quality CBD products to the UK. This is because most CBD brands from US do not ship internationally, but Blessed CBD is attempting to give the same standard of quality and dependability. Blessed CBD does not place a high value on quantity or even advertisements for their goods. Neverthless, they have prioritized quality as the most important aspect of their business.

Blessed CBD is dedicated to providing the best CBD product to our clients in the United Kingdom and Europe. Their products line includes full-spectrum CBD tinctures, gummies, capsules and creams that contain a variety of helpful cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The procedure of the firm begins with organic hemp plants. Because of the plants source and extraction method, their products contain less than 0.2% THC, in accordance with UK regulations. All of their items are manufactured from organically grown hemp that is vegan and free of GMOs. They also use the suggested CO2 extraction technique. Because quality is their first concern, batches are often small and extensively inspected for potency and quality by third-party lab test.

The Blessed CBD’s pros

#1 The hemp source

Blessed CBD offers a wealth of information on their produce process including the hemp source. All the Blessed products are made from hemp produced on organic farms in Colorado, USA under strict rules, what make sure that the organic hemp has no pesticides, herbicides, poisons or heavy metals.

#2 Quality and effectiveness

They only serve a limited number of clients. The reason for this is that their products are meticulously produced in a few batches at once. This is how they ensure every aspect of their production method is excellent and will be able to achieve the desired level of quality.

Blessed CBD is responsible in every stage of the process. From hemp farming through packing and selling, all the steps are under the strict controls. It’s also the reason why they have waiting list, but it’s a key reason why their oil is so wonderful.

#3 Third-party lab tested

It would be odd for a firm that reliable, prioritizes quality and openness if they do not provide lab results. Fortunately, we discovered that Blessed CBD’s products are evaluated by an independent third-party lab. In order to demonstrate that they offer only safe and quality CBD products, the firm submits every batch of hemp extract to PhytoVista lab.

The brand’s transparency regarding their method and lab testing as you can easy find the lab results are available to the general public on their official website. Not only the lab test results are easily accessible, but the company also provides a plethora of batch data for each and every product. The lab certifies the CBD potency as well as the absence of chemicals, toxins, harmful components or heavy metals in the CBD oil. Aside from being cultivated in Colorado, Blessed CBD is exclusively accessible to clients in the United Kingdom.

#4 Full-spectrum and Broad-spectrum CBD

Blessed CBD products are available in two types: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. This implies that the brand uses the entire plant for their formulation. So, you will get all the advantages of hemp plants including extra cannabinoids, terpenes, and amino acids. Broad-spectrum products, on the other hand, are great for clients who are hesitant to use THC. I believe it is thoughtful of the brand as they provide two types of oil.

#5 User friendly, detail website

When it comes to the website, it is another outstanding point of them. If you visit it, you’ll discover all the information you need in an easy-to-access format. The website has it everything, from the company’s history to an expansive and complete catalog of their goods to information on CBD in general and guidelines on how to utilize it and include it into your own lifestyle. Blessed CBD’s website has a “Learn” page with a few articles about CBD, the entourage response, dosage suggestions, and more. This is ideal for clients that want guidance or recommendations.

#6 Free shipping & excellent customer support

The brand also performs excellent in terms of customer service and shipping policy. They provide round-the-clock customer service through their website, Facebook messenger, Twitter. You even don’t need to care about the shipping cost as the delivery is free for all items and orders in the Uk, regardless of the order size. They also guarantee for the following day delivery or the same day from Monday to Friday if you reside in Glasgow or Edinburgh. This brans understands how to serve their consumers.

#7 Good online reviews

Blessed CBD has received mostly good feedback online. Many of these reviews mention the oil’s efficacy for reducing joint aches and chronic pains, which is to be expected which will all expect when using CBD products. Trustpilot is the website that does not includes affiliate link, high ratings on TrustPilot and “top pick CBD brand” in many well-respected magazines and papers indicate that Blessed CBD is a well-valued firm.

The brand’s cons

#1 Out of stock

This is an unbiased Blessed CBD review but I must state that there are not many drawbacks to this company. One of these is due to the brand’s reputation and limited products they provide for each batch, products are frequently in the status of “currently unavailable”. In this case, you will be required to join a waiting list and then you can place your order.

#2 Relatively expensive

Unfortunately, the superior quality of Blessed CBD products comes with higher price than other CBD brands in the UK. This is due to the fact that they employ the best extraction process and produce only high-quality product. Besides, it is preferable to pay a little extra money for quality instead of purchasing the cheapest thing available, which may be of poor quality and harmful.

#3 Only a few options are available

One more drawback of Blessed CBD is that they offer limited selection with only 4 product types: CBD oil, gummies, capsules, and cream. Vaping oils are quite popular right now among CBD enthusiasm, but you cannot buy this type of CBD in Blessed CBD. There are also no high strength CBD gummies, CBD gummies are only available in 750mg. Some other option like CBD bath bombs are also unavailable.

Best Blessed CBD Products

Product Name Price
1. Blessed CBD Oils £69.95 per 1000mg CBD
2. Blessed CBD Creams £86,6 per 1000mg CBD
3. Blessed CBD Gummies £86,6 per 1000mg CBD
4. Blessed CBD Capsules £66,6 per 1000mg CBD

#1 Blessed CBD Oils

The brand presently provides three different potency of CBD Oils: 500mg, 1000mg, and 1800mg. It is understood that the oils are made with the same formulation and ingredients; the only difference is the concentration of CBD. Blessesd CBD only use two ingredients are Hemp extract and Hemp seed oil, which are mentioned on their website. This guarantees that you will receive high potency and pure CBD oil.

Blessed CBD offers a variety of CBD oil sizes for purchase. They feature a one-of-a-kind but highly convenient ordering potency. You can select to buy a single 10ml bottle with £45. You can also save more money by get a three-month deal for £109.95 or a six-month deal for £219.95. As is often the case when ordering in bulk, you will have a greater deal, which will help you save money – £25 on the three-month supply and £50 on the six-month supply.

500mg is a great place to start if it is the first time you use CBD and you just need CBD to calm your mind.

The most common option among CBD oil users is 1000mg option, which is powerful enough for everyday usage without being overwhelming. And the 1800mg is one of the highest potency oils on the market, which is ideal for some several health issues and if these two lower option do not work with you.

Blessed CBD oil tincture, unlike other hemp oil in the market, does not have a bitter taste. I appreciate that it doesn’t have an artificial flavor, but rather a natural flavour, it similar to how hemp should taste naturally. Although Blessed CBD oil is not significantly worse than other CBD oils, since it is made from hemp seed oil, which gives it a distinct flavour and may not attract many customers. If you don’t like the natural hemp taste, you may also try putting this CBD oil to a smoothie or cappuccino to cover the flavor.

CBD oil has been shown to relieve anxiety in the majority of cases and to make life more tranquil and pleasant for many consumers.

#2 Blessed CBD Creams

For people who training a lot, this CBD cream is absolutely ideal option for you. It will help to recover you muscular after activities, hard workout, gym session. Absorbing CBD via your skin by a topical CBD product is one of the most effective methods to consume CBD. Because it does not reach your bloodstream or go through your digestion system, it has no chance of interfering with your biological functions. So, if you are still dubious about CBD benefits and concern its side effects, Blessed CBD Creams is perfect for you to try.

This CBD creams are made with quick-acting formula, easy delivery methods that administer CBD to the certain regions in your body. The cream can be used if you are in pain, discomfort, or are just exhausted after a long day. Blessed CBD Pain Relief Creams aid in the relief of muscular and joint pains. Due to its smooth finish, it is easy to apply to the afflicted region. It also absorbs fast; the benefits are noticeable right away. However, it is not recommended to be used on your face.

Along with cannabidiol, the product comprises a variety of oils and waxes, which will nourish you skin. There are 750mg of CBD in a 50ml container. Blessed CBD cream is odorless. One more feature I love is that it does not leave greasy or oily feeling after apply.

#3 Blessed CBD Gummies

The Blessed CBD gummies contain 750mg of CBD (25mg per gummy). Each bottle contains 30 gummies for £69.95. These gummies are sweet and have been blended with CBD contents and natural, tropical fruit juice tastes. They are made from a mix of tapioca syrup and pectin. They are also 100% vegan, free frim gluten and THC.

If you are looking for a more handy and discrete CBD products to consume on the go and easy to carry when you are outside, travel, etc. CBD gummies is may be what you need. Gummies provide a delicious flavor to CBD intake and make the consumption easier. The tubs also feature a child-safe cover, which I believe is quite useful, especially when thinking about how kids are drawn to delicious gummies. The recommend dosage for daily consumption is 1-2 gummies per day.

#4 Blessed CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are soft gel capsules, this is also a great option if you don’t like the natural and raw flavor of the hemp oil. There are 30mg CBD in a capsule and totally 30 capsules per jar, that means it have a total strength of 900mg. Like the gummies, capsules are also portable, easy to consume, and ideal for on the go or travel. Each jar contains enough capsules to take in a month.

Blessed CBD capsules are 100% vegan. Its fomualar is the combine of CBD isolate and fractionated coconut carrier oil. The recommended daily dose is two capsules. The smooth gel covering the capsular is caramel-flavored, giving these capsules a subtle sweetness. They have been proven to offer relief within a few minutes of usage.

Blessed CBD reviews: My Experience with the Brand

I was get start with the Blessed CBD 500mg oil, I was blown away by careful packing of the order and the great customer service they provide for me with what was supplied. I too recently bought the relief cream of Blessed CBD to see whether it may assist with some of my muscle aches after workout or hard activities or not. Till now, these items have been really beneficial to me. And after that I was continue to buy the 1000mg, and now I am consider getting the CBD gummies.

I love this CBD brand as they are 100% transparent as they public their lad report and analysis certificate to demonstrate and validate the outcomes of CBD oil manufacturing. If there are anything you are unclear, you can chat or call their customer service staffs to ask.

When using 500mg CBD oil, my Blessed CBD oil dose is 3-4 drops in the morning, I add it on my smoothie and this is how I start my day. This CBD oil also helps me to relax and get a good night’s sleep, I’d take 5 drops before the bed time.

I have been suffered from insomnia for such a long time and this oil has greatly aided me in falling asleep more easily as its help to relax my mind. This is a major benefit because sleep is such a crucial factor of healing and mental wellness.

When I used Blessed CBD cream, it was effective in alleviating muscle discomfort, stiffness, aches, and reduce inflammations after a strenuous workout. After a few time applications, I noticed a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the cream. Personally, I realized that this CBD cream is not only help reduce my pain, it also aided my total recovery would be faster.

So, if you ask me that “Do Blessed CBD products really work?”. Yes, absolutely! I believe that it will be helpful for your physical and mental health as long as you add it into your daily routine and use frequently. By incorporating this into my daily routine, it has become a vital part of my rehabilitation and lifestyle.

Blessed cbd discount code and Where to buy?

If you enter your email address with the website, you will receive a 10% discount code, the code is “BLESSED10”. Aside from that, you also can save more money and get greater deal up to £50 on your orders if you choose the three month or size month supplies.

Blessed CBD currently exclusively provide their products and ships throughout the United Kingdom in order to keep operations local. The most convenient way to but Blessed CBD is via their official website:

However, the company has also worked with Reader’s Digest, you also can buy their products through this online retailer at But you may have to pay a little extra cost for this third-party site.

If there is any problem with the order process, you may reach them at: [email protected].