What are best brands of UVB light for iguanas?


We all know that Iguanas needs basking heat source, which is provided by a light bulb. But they also need a special UVB producing light. If you want your Iguana lizard will live a long healthy life, then you surely should invest your time in finding the best UVB light for iguanas.

UVB is necessary for the iguana to make Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 needed to helps metabolize calcium form Iguana food. Without a UVB source, Iguanas could get a dangerous Metabolic Bone diseases, which cause the dead is possible. However, there are several types of UVB producing bulbs form different brands and they produce different results. How can you know which one is best for your iguana?

#1 Different types of UVB bulbs

There are some UVB bulb on the market that are designed special for reptile only. The first type of reptile bulbs are the tube style bulbs or the linear fluorescent bulbs. This bulb is the most common bulbs as it better to cover larger area than just a basking area. It creates a gradient insider the tank for your Iguana. This will enable your baby iguana for sale to get different amounts of UVA and UVB.

Next are mercury vapour bulbs. These bulbs emit both heat and UVB. They release a very intense UVB light so you should be careful when using it.

Compact fluorescent are the most affordable bulbs that can fit into just about any fixture on the market. However, they cannot work in the large extant like what a linear bulb can do.

There are some reliable brands that have been known as their common reptile’s products as well as UVB bulbs for reptiles such as ZooMed, T-rex, Exo Terra, ect.

#2 ZooMed

ZooMed had been founded 41 years ago by Gary Bagnall. This company was known for brought UVB lighting into the reptile owner’s home. Their product are ZooMed’s Iguana Light 5.0 and Reptisun 5.0. They are fluorescent-style tube bulbs that require a special fixture. They made with a 5% UVB output and a 30% UVA output, ideal for iguana habitats.

The drawback of these bulbs is that while they are much better than screw in bulbs, most tube-style UVB bulbs will lose their UVB in 6-10 months, even though they still produce visible light. After this period of time, you will have to replace the new one.

#3 Exo Terra

Exo Terra is a company managed by Emmanuel Van Heygen with a worldwide reach. When it comes to best products for a reptile environment, Exo terra is one of the market leader in reptile products. Not only terrariums, they also product everything possible needed for aquariums and more.

Exo terra’s Solar-Glo is Mercury Vapor lamps, which produce both heat and UVB. This is due to their capacity of 125 watt output. What make these bulbs resemble to natural sunlight. So, it should be handled with care when being used in iguanas terrarium.