What Is The Best Aspen Bedding for Rats?


There are many different kinds of bedding available, but not all of them are safe for rats. Pine, cedar soft woods are dangerous to rats. But unlike these soft woods, Aspen is a hardwood and there are no toxic phenols in it making it a safe choice for your rat.

If you are looking for a good alternative to the traditional pine bedding, then you should consider aspen. It can make the best rat bedding since it is readily available and cheaper than pine.

#1 The advantages of Aspen bedding for rat

Aside from totally safe for rats and contains no toxic phenols, it is also relatively soft and absorbent. That means it will soak up moistural and urine of rats so that keeping your rat’s cage clean and fresh smell.

It is also finer and cheaper than pine, making the comfortable bedding for your pets. Besides, you can easily fine Aspen Available in any pet shops and online.

#2 Disadvantages of aspen

When it come to disadvantages of aspen, it is the problem about dust. Since it os quite dusty, this can create a cloud of sawdust when you pour the bedding into the cage, mess up your cage and the tiny pieces are also likely to make their way around your home.

Not only about the messy, the Aspen which is not treated well to remove dust can cause some helth problems for your rats such as the development of chronic respiratory disease. If it gets into your rat’s eyes, it is going to post a real problem.

When aspen get wet for along time, it will become stick and also the good condition for the growth of mites. So that you have to remember clean and replace it frequently.

#3 Hight quality aspen bedding products

Because of these drawbacks abouve, you have to choose carefully the aspen product. If you want to reduce dust issues, then you can consider Kaytee Aspen Bedding Bag.

Kaytee aspen bedding is made od all natural Aspen shavings. It is specially processed to eliminate excess dust and wood debris. It also treated to eliminate bacteria, yeast, or mold that may have been present and prevent the growth again of them. Kaytee Aspen bedding is biodegradable and it require to replace at least ince a week.