How do you check if your non-stick pan good for gas stove?


Unlike electric stove, the drawback of gas stove is that gas stoves typically heat up relatively fast and produce unevenly distributed heat. While technically any pan can be used on a gas stove, there are certain type of pan will work better over this open-flame stove.

And non-stick pan is one of them. The best non-stick pans for gas stove help you achieve better culinary results and distribute heat more evenly so that you get your food done perfectly. But how do you know if the non-stick pan you have is high quality and better suited for gas stove? This post are some ways you can try to test your non-stick pan.

#1 How effective is the non-stick coating?

You should perform this test right when you take the pan out of the box as after a lapse of time used, non-stick pan will slowly loose its non-stick capability.

First, you cooked a pancake in your pan with no butter or oil to see how easily the pancakes flipped. You also can try to fry an egg, or make scrambled eggs, all without oil and butter. The result will show how effective your non-stick coating is.

#2 How quickly and evenly heat distributed is?

To test the time the pan heat up and how evenly heat distributed the pan is, you just need to fill the pan with a little water, ensure that the water is enough to cover the entire bottom of the pan. Then, turning on the burner and wait until the water is totally boiling. You can see how long it took for the water to boil.

By this way, you also can see if the air bubbles when you boiling water are over the pan surface, that means your non-stick pan distributed heat evenly. There is another way to check the distribution of heat is that when you flipped your pancakes, we looked for areas that were lighter and darker, which indicated cool spots and hot spots, respectively.

#3 What is the type of non-stick coating?

On the market today, you will find 2 types of coatings on non-stick cookware. The popular one is Teflon while the other one is ceramic. The Teflon coating will last longer when compared to the ceramic coating. But if you choose the Teflon non-stick pan, ensure that it do not include PFOA.