How does the best HOB protein skimmer work?


What is a protein simmer? And do you really need a protein skimmer for your fish tank? If you were keeping a marine aquarium (also known as Saltwater) then the best protein skimmers would be essential equipment.

Not every aquarium needs protein skimmers, but not any reef keeper can without them. This is an important thing to remove the organic compounds and improve your water quality.

In case you do not have available room for protein skimmer; it takes a lot of space. This is why you should invest in the best HOB protein skimmer.


What is the organics compound?

Reef tanks are closed aquatic systems. Reef tank enclosure will maintain some substances in the water. These substances come from fish waste, food,  algae, and dead algae, etc. Over time, these substances make organic compounds and dissolve into the water.

Meanwhile, in the oceans, these natural wastes in the reef can be cleaned and recycled by many gallons of seawater. They do not accumulate and cause the risk of disease for the reef.

How does a hang on back protein skimmer work?

The main parts of a protein skimmer are the pump and impeller. They play an important role in how the well-working process of a protein skimmer is. The impeller and the pump produce millions of tiny bubbles into the water.

Protein and waste attracted to these bubbles and then follow them to rise inside the protein skimmer chamber. Finally, the bubbles burst and the waste goes to the collection cup.

How to install a HOB protein skimmer?

Almost HOB protein skimmers are installed easily, all you need to do is understand the components of the skimmer and follow the instruction that comes with the skimmer. Some models also include diagrams for assembling in their instruction. Assembling your skimmer and then using the mounting bracket to hang on this model on the back of the tank.