What are the supplies to put in the best hedgehog cage?


Apart from the best hedgehog cage, the right hedgehog supplies are the things should never be overlook. A hedgehog cage needs to be stocked with everything necessary to provide the best time for your pets.

Not only for being entertained, the cage supplies also provide a chance of exercise that your hedgehog needs to keep fit. But since the cage has limited floor space, you also need to consider which supplies are essential and which aren’t to put inside. In this post, we’ve put together this full list of all the hedgehog supplies you’ll need.

#1 Bedding

Safe and comfortable bedding is one of the most important factors that will determine hedgehog’s quality of life. Your pets should not live in the bare floor. The bedding that made from recycled paper, pulp or wood chips is an excellent choice.

But remember to stay away from any type of woodchip with cedar in it. Cedar has aromatic oils that can cause respiratory problems in hedgehogs.

#2 Food and water bowl

This is another essential equipment on the list that your hedgehogs cannot live without. There are many different types and product of food and water bowls but you have to ensure that anything they are eating from is not made of chemicals or toxic materials that may harm your pets.

They should be able to ensure safety, do not affect the quality of hedgehog’s food.

Besides, you should choose a heavier bowl or you can glue the bowl onto the floor. This will prevent it from toppling. The bowl should be at least 4 inches so that the bedding does not go inside. But if it is too high, your hedgehogs may not get hard to access.

#3 A litter box

This item not only makes your hedgehogs happy since their cage will more clean and fresh smell, but also make your life easier. You may have to train your hedgehogs to use the litter box. The litter box should be roomy enough for your pets move around in it. It also should be low enough for the hedgehog easy access.

#4 Hiding places

There is more benefits from the hiding place than just a thing for hedgehog to play in. You can use the tunnels, PVC pipes, tube or any things that your hedgehog can go in and out for the hideouts. The hiding place is where your pets can hide inside whenever they get stress, a place like this can make they feel safe.

#5 Some toys

As you have known, hedgehogs are active animals; they really love to have fun. They will prefer to play with brightly colored toys. Simple toys such as balls, bells, chew toys can keep them happy and entertained. However, ensure that the toys that you give them do not have any parts that are easy to swallow.

#6 Wheel

The wheel is absolutely essential supply that will promote a healthy lifestyle of your pets. There are many different types of wheel such as bucket wheel, comfort wheels, wodent wheels, and wire mesh wheels. However, this is the thing that you pets will get lot of use, so you should not get something with low quality.