Top 5 Best Greens for Bearded Dragons


Bearded dragons are omnivorous, which means they can eat both plant-based and animal-based food. They are not picky eaters but you also have to be careful when feeding them, since bearded dragons will consume things even if they are harmful.

As a guideline, an adult bearded dragon should have 80% plant-based material in their diet.

Anything dark green and leafy should be fed bearded dragons as a staple food. In this post, we will introduce to you best greens for bearded dragons that should represent a high percentage of their diet.

#1 Curly Kale & Arugula

Beginners usually ask can bearded dragons eat arugula? Can bearded dragon eat curly kale?

Yes! Bearded dragons absolutely can eat arugula and curly kale. Curly Kale can be a great addition to the bearded dragon’s diet, not only that your pets may like to it curly kale. Kale can be a source of calcium when fed frequently.

You can feed bearded dragons with Kale once or twice a week, or mix it with a salad to add more nutritious greens in the salad.

#2 Collard Greens

Collard greens can be a stable leafy green vegetable to feed bearded dragons. They contain 141 mg of calcium content and great decent calcium to oxalate ratio.

Collard greens are 6% carbohydrate, 3% protein. Beside Collard greens is a great source of vitamin A and vitamin C as well.

#3 Spring Greens

Spring greens can be found and easy to buy ant any supermarket and also very cheap and nutritious. Spring greens even have a higher content of calcium than Collard greens. They also provide vitamin A and Vitamin C. Spring greens contain 6% carbohydrate, 3%protein and ~1% fat.

#4 Dandelions

Many people think that dandelion is a weed that grows in the back garden, but Dandelions leaves and flowers are good for bearded dragons and your pets also love them.

Dandelions are 9.2% carbohydrate, 2.7% protein with negligible fat. They also contain a great calcium source. But the calcium to phosphorus ratio is not really good as collard greens.

#5 Alfalfa plant

Alfalfa plant can be considered of nutritious source for bearded dragons. Alfalfa contains much amount of calcium and fiber. You can offer an alfalfa plant every day or mix with salad.

Choosing alfalfa that is still fresh, and not dry. You can also offer your bearded dragon alfalfa sprouts occasionally.