Can I feed my ferret with home-cooked diet?


If you have just gotten a ferret, or are thinking of getting a ferret, then it is absolutely necessary to do a little research into the best diet for ferrets. Most ferret owner choose to provide this nutrition via pelleted ferret food.

However, I wonder that if I can offer home-cooked food for my ferrets. What are the pros and cons of cooked meat sources for ferrets?

#1 Is homemade food good for ferrets?

Homemade food is another way to feed your ferret. As long as they are getting enough protein and fats that ferrets need, there is no reason you cannot offer fresh meat meals at home for your ferret. You can add more protein in their diet, and provide a bit of fun, using supplementary cooked meat sources such as pieces of chicken or cooked egg along with the pellets.

To avoid the risk of disease, I would like to recommend that you should cooking meat thoroughly before offering it to your ferret. Never feed cooked bones for ferrets as these may splinter and cause internal damage or become an intestinal obstruction.

#2 Can I offer ferrets only homemade diet?

No, you should not. There are disadvantages however. Ferrets have very fast metabolisms so they need a steady influx of energy throughout the day. So, they will eat around 8 to 10 small meals daily after every 3-4 hours. So, it is best to have food available constantly.

Moist food sours after a few hours, especially in warm weather. Leaving meat in their cage also might be messy. This is the advantage of dry diet as it is convenience and keeping quality.

Besides, Pellets also help keep your ferret’s teeth clean. Homemade moist food develops much more plaque on ferret’s teeth sooner than ferrets on the same food fed dry.

#3 Advantage of home-cooked diet

Feeding homemade food for your ferrets is a good way to provide them a variety diet. This is because ferrets can be fussy creatures. So it is a good idea to mix fresh meats with the pallets. This will avoid your ferrets become fussy. Offering a variety of food from a young age will make your ferret much more open to a range of foods. It is more difficult to provide a variety of food for older ferret.

One more advantage is that offering fresh meat can help you create a bone with your pets and also comes in handy during training.