Best CBD Strains For Creativity 2023 [Review]: What Is the Link Between Cannabis & Creativity?

Cannabis has long been a companion of so many creative minds in the world. With its mind-relaxing effect, cannabis helps us to go deeper into our inner world and see the outside world with a different eye for new thoughts, ideas and concepts to come to mind. me.

The human brain is very magical, and breakthrough ideas often appear in comfortable moments – when we take a break from the tiring wheel of daily life. So a lot of people turn to cannabis to experience it.

However, CBD strains are strains of cannabis that bring a feeling of gentler than those rich in THC. These CBD strains have a stronger medical effect so they are much more pleasant and are not so strongly controlled.

What Is the Link Between Cannabis & Creativity?

Cannabis users tend to have different personality traits compared to those who do not. For example, these people are more open-minded and active than those who don’t use marijuana. This is probably closely related to the creative use of cannabis.

Many creators claim that marijuana plays an important role in their creative process, but whether it spurs creativity or not probably depends on the creator’s personality.

A very sensitive creator can get some benefits from cannabis. But for someone who is all too familiar with using marijuana for his creative process, it can push them into a tight grip on a chair and not spark as powerful a creative source as when it was first. use.

At that time, these creators should turn to CBD cannabis strains for a softer experience of their creative process. These strains of cannabis have more medical value than entertainment value. In addition to promoting creativity, creators also receive many other medical benefits.

However, research on the creativity that cannabis brings to the brain still takes longer to come up with a definite result. Is cannabis the most effective medicine to increase human creativity?

There are still many questions left open today, but some scientists share the same view that the creative process that can be driven by drugs can be understood implying a lack of creativity. indicates a “brain deficiency” that requires medication.

So patients should not be too dependent on cannabis for inspiration. There are many different ways to evoke some inspiration in the creative process, if you try marijuana, use the recommended dosage.
We have spent a lot of effort learning about these strains and have selected the list of best CBD strains for creativity below.

Top 10 Best CBD Strains For Creativity 2023 [Review]

#1 CBD Haze

CBD Haze is the premier strain of CBD cannabis. This strain of cannabis is loved by the art world for its energy and creativity. CBD Haze contains less THC content so it is ideal for beginners as well.

CBD Haze is also an easy cannabis strain to grow. Beginners can take control of this strain without too much experience or complicated technology. Growers can completely fill their garden with lanky and dense buds.

This strain of cannabis can grow both indoors and outdoors, but indoors will be significantly more productive and easier to care for. Because plants grow quite tall, growers need to choose a space with the right height. Techniques such as pruning, topping, fimming or SOG will help growers to better control the plant’s height, while at the same time creating higher yields.

Growers should maintain a room temperature between 70 and 79 ° F and a half humidity. Outdoor planting will suit warm areas and more skilled growers.

#2 CBD Mango

Mango is an award winning strain of cannabis and it appears to be quite popular with high popularity. But Mango contains a pretty high THC, about 15% so it creates a pretty heavy experience. Therefore, the CBD Mango version was born, containing less THC content and bringing more medical value.

CBD Mango is very helpful to artistic people who are running out of ideas. It can also relieve pain, treat stress and anxiety effectively. And it does not bring tired feelings or excitement for the user.

To grow CBD Mango, growers don’t need to have expert hands. It is a strain of cannabis that is easy to grow and requires very little care.

This strain of cannabis can thrive both indoors and outdoors. However, this plant grows at a remarkable height so growers need to consider the right growing environment for ease of management. SOG is a technique that will help growers easily control the height of the plant.

#3 CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass is a healing version of the legendary Critical Mass cannabis strain. With a CBD: THC ratio of 1: 1, this cannabis strain is expected to fill the creative process of artisans with ideas. It also has special uses for disorders, anxiety, depression and stress.

The good news for growers who want to grow this strain at home is that CBD Critical Mass is easy to grow. It can grow quite vigorously in the hands of beginner growers and produce a substantial yield.

This strain is very fond of areas with warm climates and full of sunlight. It can also be grown indoors, however hydroponics is the most optimal method for growers to obtain the highest yield.

Beginners should grow the CBD Critical Mass indoors for ease of control. However growers should pay attention to pruning the plant to avoid mold because the buds are very thick and large. Growers should also arrange ventilation or fans to oscillate so that the airflow is better circulated.

#4 CBD Jack Herer

You must have at least heard the name Jack Herer once. It is a popular strain of cannabis that has been around for many years. CBD Jack Herer is a richer version of CBD and has many medicinal uses. Artists will also benefit greatly from this strain without getting tired.

CBD Jack Herer is quite easy to grow, but a little experience will make it easier for growers to control. This strain can grow both indoors and outdoors, but for higher yields indoors with adjustable temperature and humidity are needed.

Growers can combine planting with soil and hydroponics to stimulate the plant for the highest yield. The plant grows quite quickly and produces very quality, hairy buds covered with trichomes. The plant is also quite prominent and beautiful orange.

#5 CBD Sour Tangie

CBD Sour Tangie is an outstanding cannabis strain with a fresh and sweet tangerine flavor. This version contains up to 9% CBD and contains only 0.6% THC. Therefore, users will no longer feel strongly controlled, but instead evoke the source of creativity, inspiration to compose and improve focus.

For growers who do not have much experience, growing indoors is the ideal choice because it is easier to control. Its narrow and thin foliage allows for even airflow, thus limiting mold conditions. The resistance to pests of this strain is also quite high so growers only need to maintain the right temperature and humidity.

Growers also need to pay attention to limiting the height of plants as this strain can grow up to 10 feet tall. Growers can grow them in a small pot or use height-restraint techniques like ScrOG for proper height control.

#6 Kali Mist

Sometimes the simplest thing that stops you from getting creative is simply draining your energy after a series of hard work days. Kali Mist is a strain of cannabis with the effect of stimulating euphoria to save your mood and provide you with an exotic energy source from the herb.

Your imagination and ideas will permeate your works that evening. If you want to dig deeper into new ideas, the Kali Mist is for you!

Kali Mist needs a little experience from growers to get the most optimal output. This strain of cannabis can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and hydroponics is also a good choice.

#7 Chemdog

The Chemdog is a Sativa dominant hybrid for longtime users looking to challenge a real creative bomb. The effects of this strain can be overwhelming and overwhelming for beginners. However, longtime users with the ability to control take advantage of the paralyzing of the senses of Chemdog to open up completely new streams of knowledge.

Many people say that the ideas that go on constantly in their heads make them completely overwhelmed. However, when they have stabilized their spirit, the desert of their imagination is cooled down by a sudden cool rain in the middle of summer. Overall it is a strain of cannabis worth a try for the artists.

Chemdog is not too much of a challenge for inexperienced growers either, but a little experience will help. This strain of cannabis can grow with a variety of means and does not require too much special care.

Mold is not a problem with this strain. What growers need to pay attention to is its height restriction.

#8 Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a strain of cannabis that makes HD movies come alive on a smaller screen than ever. Purple Haze unlocks enormous potential for the film industry and your senses. The positive energy from Purple Haze strikes deeply into the user’s subconscious, completely repelling drowsiness, boredom, indifference and whatever is stopping your next art project.

In addition, Purple Haze also helps to remember knowledge better for exams without causing drowsiness. Concentration is also significantly improved thanks to this strain.

To grow Purple Haze, growers need to establish an ideal habitat for it as this strain is quite sensitive. It prefers environments with warm temperatures, half humidity and a bit of sunshine, which is a big plus. But for more beautiful colors, growers can lower the temperature down at night.

#9 Berry White

Some artistic brains need to be slow, settling in order to make the sparks of ideas light up. And that is the reason that Berry White has a certain loyal fan base since its release.

Not only does it calm the artists, Berry White also heals and alleviates both mental and physical injuries, allowing them to forget their pain and continue to be immersed and completed. mine.

Berry White will require a bit of experience and technique from growers to get the best output. This strain of cannabis can grow both indoors and outdoors. However, its resistance to pests is not high, so growers should pay attention to care and prompt treatment if there are any signs of disease.

#10 LSD

LSD reminds us of visual arts and mind opening. It’s strange, but LSD is a strain of cannabis that has twisted your imagination, squeezing out common aesthetic knowledge to give the oven a fresh glow.

The mix of color and sound this cannabis strain brings to wake up the values ​​that lie deep in a small corner of your brain that you accidentally forget. If your field is the literary field, we highly recommend this strain.

LSD is a popular cannabis strain and there are many successful growers that harvest large yields in a short period of time. LCD’s buds are very thick and covered with trichomes and some orange hairs.

When growing this strain indoors, growers need to set up ventilation or use oscillating fans to prevent the shoots from becoming moldy. Pruning is also a simple but effective way to prevent this.

Final Verdict

Any over-dependence is not good, especially drug dependence. So if you want to use cannabis to stimulate your creativity, consult with experts to find out the right cannabis type as well as the ideal dose for your condition.

However, we still strongly encourage artists to try other natural ways for inspiration. If you are too stuck, take some time to rest your body and mind, then your creativity will surely return when you are completely relieved.