Best CBD Strain For Pain 2021 [Review]: How Does Cannabis Affect Pain?


A lot of patients struggle with pain and CBD strains are a solution to that pain. These CBD strain for pain are widely available in medical facilities, but growing them yourself at home is an economical option and you can also get purer shoots.

But not all CBD strains are now ideal to get rid of your pain. CBD cannabis strains have their own medical values and if you want to grow it at home, you need to know more than its medical merits.

We have been working hard to learn about high CBD strains and list the best CBD strain for pain. Maybe this list does not enumerate some of the most popular high CBD strains, but we have selected the best strains to help ease the pain of patients.

How Does Cannabis Affect Pain?

Researchers from the University of Oxford have found that the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis does not reduce the intensity of pain, instead it makes the pain more tolerable.

Brain scans reveal an ingredient called THC, which causes decreased activity in brain areas involved in emotional distress.

While some patients have taken cannabis to relieve chronic pain such as sciatica, it has little effect on others.

Cannabis does not act as a common pain reliever. Some people respond really well to marijuana, while others react at all, or poorly.

Brain imaging shows little decline in areas of the brain that encode pain, which is what we tend to see with drugs like opium. Instead, cannabis appears to primarily influence pain emotional responses in a highly variable direction.

Chronic pain, often without an obvious cause, is a complex medical problem. Various methods are often needed to help a patient manage pain, and may include medication, physical therapy and other forms of physical therapy, and psychological support.

For some patients, taking cannabis or other drugs with a cannabis ingredient is still effective when other medications have failed to control pain. However, some patients report that they see very little effect on the pain they experience.

Top 10 Best CBD Strain For Pain 2021 [Review]


CBD ACDC is a strain of cannabis that contains an extremely high cannabinoid ratio of 18%, while a very low THC ratio is only about 1%. This CBD strain is well known for its ability to treat the patient’s pain while keeping the patient with a clear head.

This strain is known as the best CBD strain for pain, it can relieve the patient immediate pain. This strain also has many other medical values.

CBD ACDC is not a strain that is too difficult to grow, it can grow under a variety of conditions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower, you should be able to control this CBD strain.

Growers can grow this strain indoors or outdoors, even if you do not have specialized equipment, this strain still gives you a certain yield, of course not equal to professional care.

To achieve good productivity, growers should have good control of lighting schedule, humidity as well as the right temperature. With good control of these factors, the growers can harvest 500 gr / plant outdoors and about 650 g / m2 indoors.

#2 CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass is the best strain for central pain. If you are struggling with fibromyalgia, CBD Critical Mass is an effective pain reliever. Many patients who had problems with central pain improved their condition after using this CBD strain.

This strain contains equal concentrations of CBD and THC. This 1: 1 ratio provides a lasting feeling of relaxation without fatigue.

Patients can also create a strain garden at home because this strain is not complicated to grow. Beginner growers can fully self-medicate themselves at home.

To get the highest yield, growers only need to pay attention to prune, build support structures because its colas are quite heavy and branches may not be able to withstand. Plants will also grow quite dense so growers need to pay attention to prune unnecessary branches. Growers also pay attention to adjust the humidity not too high to avoid mold.

#3 CBD Harlequin

CBD Harlequin is also an ideal option for patients who are struggling with central pains. CBD Harlequin is a popular and well-known CBD that also aids in effective treatment of anxiety, stress and depression disorders.

This strain contains an overwhelming content of CBD compared to THC. Patients taking CBD Harlequin will feel a bit of volatility but remain alert. It also shows up in prescriptions but if you want to save more, you can provide it for yourself.

This strain is not too difficult to grow, but it does require growers to know some basic techniques as well as being delicate enough to recognize the signs of pests and diseases because this strain is not highly resistant to pests and diseases.

CBD Harlequin grows quite dense but not tall, it bears the typical appearance of an Indica strain. So pruning is more important than ever to fight moldy shoots.

Besides, the SOG technique is also essential to promote shoot yield. Don’t forget the proper lighting schedule for the best quality buds. With good care, growers can harvest about 400 gr / m2 indoors.

#4 CBD White Widow

CBD White Widow is really a good cannabis strain for the patient’s nociceptive pain. This strain of cannabis retains the taste, aroma, yield and quality of the buds of White Widow. However it has greatly improved in medical value.

Patients on this strain of cannabis will experience gentler high, relieving pain without any fatigue or hangover. Nor is this strain of cannabis a difficult strain for the beginner growers to control.

CBD White Widow does not require too much experience or senior technique from growers to get high resin production. In particular, this strain has a very high germination rate and fast flowering time due to its stable genetic properties from the original strain.

This strain prefers warm and dry climates. It will thrive under a dry, sunny climate. Growers can also be grown indoors with the right lighting, temperature and humidity settings.

Generally growers do not need special attention. If you want to promote stronger buds, growers can use the SOG technique. This strain flowers very quickly so growers can be harvested many times a year, yielding top notch.

#5 Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is a leading strain of strong CBD cannabis that offers so much medical value that it is also popular in healthcare settings. Ringo’s Gift can tackle chronic pain, inflammation, treat anxiety disorders, depression, and more.

With an overwhelming 24: 1 CBD: THC ratio, this strain is a mix of Harle-Tsu and ACDC. It has a gentle pine aroma and impresses with the scent of menthol. This flavor has a gentle, mellow effect and is suitable even for beginners.

To grow your Ringo’s Gift at home, growers need a little bit of experience and inadequate technology. Growers can plant it outdoors and indoors, but be careful to create space so that the plants don’t lack space for growing.

This strain requires a lot of nutrients and water. So growers pay attention to feeding plants with nutrients regularly so that they can thrive at their best. Ringo’s Gift is not highly rated for its resistance to pests and diseases, so growers need to pay close attention and take appropriate prevention measures.

#6 Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk is a powerful CBD strain that can treat a variety of symptoms. This strain has a sweet taste, combining a little grapefruit and skunk flavors. It can ease pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and treat symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Island Sweet Skunk does not require skilled hands to help it germinate and grow. This strain is of moderate difficulty, and beginner growers can also grow this strain at home but pay much attention to it.

The big plus of this CBD cannabis strain is its fast flowering time. It only takes about 7 weeks to flower and that means growers can be harvested more times.

The Island Sweet Skunk buds are green in color and highlighted by orange-yellow feathers. These shoots are quite large and of good quality, with good care of the growers can obtain 200 grams. But be aware that plants will need more support from growers during the final weeks.

#7 Dieseltonic

Dieseltonic is the result of a combination of Sour Diesel and CannaTonic, two famous cannabis strains. This combination has created a powerful strain of CBD cannabis, can relieve pain quickly and bring relaxation to the patient.

This strain of cannabis can be an ideal choice for beginners. It can thrive both indoors and outdoors and it is not a difficult strain of cannabis.

Wherever the growers grow the Dieseltonic, it still produces large colas. They are rich in sap and very dense enough to satisfy the most demanding growers. In addition, this strain is also considered to be highly resistant to pests and diseases.

Growers just need to note that this strain is very sensitive to light at close range. So if growers are planting Dieseltonic indoors, be sure to set the lighting up 1 meter or more from the tops of the plants. And 600 watt light is ideal.

#8 Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a well-known strain of CBD cannabis and it has long been used as a safe medicine, a therapeutic supplement. This strain has a high medical value, it will soothe your pain. Patients can inhale, eat it, but we recommend consuming Charlotte’s Web in oil.

To grow Charlotte’s Web at home, growers should have a certain amount of knowledge and experience in order to get the best crop possible. It can grow both indoors and outdoors, but will require constant care and attention.

#9 Remedy

Containing up to 18% CBD, Remedy is a great candidate for your pain therapy list. It is a strain of CBD cannabis that is especially helpful for patients suffering from chronic medical problems.

Remedy will help soothe chronic and lasting pain. It feels euphoric, but under control, the patient may fall into a deep sleep after using this strain.

This strain can be developed both indoors and outdoors. But under the warm sunshine and Mediterranean climate the Remedy grew stronger. It takes about 7 to 8 weeks for it to flower and if cared for well, growers can get an impressive yield.

#10 Dancehall

Dancehall is the CBD strain that has won the top spot of the 2018 Sun Cup in Best CBD Cartridge. It is highly appreciated for its medical values. This strain of medical marijuana can ease chronic pain, stress or depression. Many patients also became more optimistic after using this CBD strain.

Dancehall is not a difficult strain, but it also requires growers to have a bit of experience in order to obtain the best quality shoots. Growers can plant this strain both indoors and outdoors.

Dancehall prefers a dry and warm climate. If growers are in an area with a dry and warm climate, the only thing growers need to be aware of is botrytis disease. Dancehall is highly susceptible to this disease and growers should pay attention for prompt detection and treatment.

When growing this CBD strain indoors, growers should maintain a room temperature of 20 to 22 degrees C and maintain a low humidity. Growers can also use the SOG technique to reduce flowering time, for better yields.

Final Verdict

To draw conclusions about the effect of CBD strains on pain, researchers studied patients with chronic pain over long periods of time. Although the results are controversial, it’s undeniable that CBD strains have helped many people.