Best CBD Strain For Insomnia 2021 [Review]: How to Use CBD Strain to Have a Good Sleep?


If you are having trouble sleeping, or are simply unable to get a good night’s sleep, chances are your health will quickly deteriorate. If you have a lack of sleep and you are unable to get a good night’s sleep, you will be more likely to develop ailments like anxiety, stress or depression.

Fortunately, there are many CBD strains best for insomnia that can help you sleep better without affecting the nervous system or fatigue after waking up. These strains have more medical effect than recreational value so it will not make you ‘high’ like some strains with high THC.

We have spent considerable time learning about the best CBD strain for insomnia and picked up a reliable list. This list can be helpful to even growers who want to provide their own home therapy.

How to Use CBD Strain to Have a Good Sleep?

Most people eat cannabis by smoking it in the form of a pipe.

If you don’t like smoking, want to protect your lungs, or don’t like the characteristic smell of marijuana, try vaping devices or THC-rich tincture, which is placed under the tongue. Both are popular methods of using cannabis for sleep.

Then comes the question of how much cannabis to use. It can take some testing to get the right dose for you – so don’t try this out during the work week! If you smoke or smoke, you will want to start with just a few puffs.

The timing is crucial when using marijuana, especially for sleep. They are unreliable in terms of when they will start. Sometimes it is about an hour, other times it may take two to three hours.

It can also affect us longer than intended and cause morning fatigue. Due to the way cannabis is processed from our intestines to our liver, the duration of action can be much longer, like 8 to 12 hours.

Although everyone’s physiology is different, it’s best to drink marijuana at least an hour before bed. An hour before bedtime is ideal as the marijuana will stay active for about 3-4 hours, helping you fall asleep. That way, people don’t feel the impact as soon as they get ready to sleep, which can induce arousal and prevent sleep.

Top 10 Best CBD Strain For Insomnia 2021 [Review]

#1 Big Wreck

Big Wreck is a cannabis strain bred from a combination of two dominant Indica strains, Trainwreck and Big Bud. This CBD strain has great medical effects and will help you sleep better without feeling tired or heavy.

Big Wreck can also increase creativity, endless inspiration to use when drawing, writing or composing. You will have time to enjoy this creativity before the sleep comes.

Growers can plant this strain indoors or outdoors. If growers only plant this strain to serve themselves, then planting a few plants indoors is ideal. It requires no special care other than pruning to let the plants grow naturally.

For larger scales outdoor is ideal. This strain prefers great sunshine and warm climates. It is pest resistant and does not require special techniques. It can grow slightly high so growers need attention if they don’t want to get attention.

#2 Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a popular cannabis strain that has produced many different strains of cannabis due to its strong genetics. And this famous strain of cannabis will also help you sleep better and sleep better.

Northern Lights can thrive both indoors and outdoors. It is also an easygoing strain of cannabis, even beginners can control it.

To grow this strain indoors, growers need to set up a room with a minimum height of 1.3 meters so that the plant can grow comfortably. A light 600w setting is also needed to this strain for the best quality shoots.

The Northern Lights prefers the warm climate of California or southern Spain. Warm and vibrant sunshine is a determining factor in the quality of the shoots. Growers also need to provide nutrition as well as water the boat through. Unnecessary pruning of the broad branches is also a must for the buds below to receive enough sunlight.

#3 Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is an indica dominant strain of cannabis, it has a delicious taste combining strong hashes and sweet berries. Blackberry Kush can help you very well with chronic pain that makes it difficult to sleep.

Blackberry Kush is also an ideal choice for beginners to grow at home. This strain of cannabis is relatively easy to grow and it does not require the growers to have any sophisticated experience or techniques to achieve high yields.

This strain is considered to be resistant to pests, diseases, and mildew. It can grow in different climatic conditions, but growing indoors will help the beginner growers control their ideal environment and are easier to care for.

Although this strain is highly resistant to natural pests and diseases, growers should also be mindful of botrytis and prevent spider mites.

#4 Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a strain that has a powerful effect on your sleep. If you are looking for a boost to your good night’s sleep then Bubba Kush can confidently help you out.

This strain carries the complex flavors of coffee, chocolate, coconut, cloves and citrus. This combination produces a characteristic flavor, very sweet and relaxing. It will help you eliminate stress and anxiety and put you into a deep sleep.

This strain is rich in cannabinoids such as CBD and terpenes such as humulene and myrcene, so it has many medicinal effects. Patients can plant it at home to receive the purest treatment.

Bubba Kush is also a strain that is easy to grow and can grow in many ways. It does not require anything special for their habitat, growers only need to maintain the right temperature and humidity to avoid causing mold to the buds. And it will take a pretty long care before it flower because this strain grows quite slowly.

#5 Critical Kush

The mixture of THC and CBD ratios in the Critical Kush breed gives the effect of relaxing, relaxing both the body and the brain of the user. This strain of cannabis will help you to ease the symptoms of difficulty sleeping such as gas, anxiety and muscle aches. Suitable for use every evening.

Critical Kush is a strain that, when fully developed, will have an average size, not too large. That allows growers to grow it indoors without attracting neighbors’ attention.

Although the plant is not large, it gives a remarkable yield. The plant has a lot of flowers and buds, it yields about 500-550 gr / m2 with heavy and thick sap shoots.

Growers can also grow it outdoors and just need to pay extra attention to beware of bugs. It will take about 60 days to flower and growers should feed it more nutrients at this stage.

#6 Granddaddy Purple

With a stunning deep purple bud, GDP is a California classic and you won’t feel a waste of time trying this one! GDP helps all muscles relax, and it is known by many people with the “couchlock” effect (stick to the chair and do not want to move).

GDP has great effects in controlling pain, treating insomnia, depression as well as anxiety disorder. This strain of cannabis is likely to be a bit strong compared to patients who are just starting out on cannabis treatment, so try it in small amounts once or twice to get used to it.

This strain of cannabis can grow both indoors and outdoors, but indoors will do well and be more productive. It produces very thick and heavy shoots so growers need to pay attention to establish supports to support the plant. This becomes more and more attentive as growers grow GDP indoors. Growers needs pruning to keep the plant low while making sure it can withstand the weight of the giant shoots.

Growers should maintain a room temperature of about 70 degrees F and humidity around 50 percent for the highest crop yield.

#7 Tahoe OG Kush

Tahoe OG Kush is a strain that is known for its powerful sedative properties, as well as being of great help in treating muscle aches and spasms. It will help the muscles relax, relieve anxiety and tension, thereby bringing the body to relax slowly into a deep sleep.

Tahoe OG Kush will help you relax all day without being tired or too excited. It works for quite a long time and you will surely catch a good night’s sleep after a long period of sleeplessness.

This strain is also not a very difficult challenge for beginners. It can thrive both indoors and outdoors, under different climatic conditions.

Growers only need to pay attention to the height of this strain to avoid the eyes peeking from around. It does not have broad crowns but grows very strongly vertically. Growers also need to set up frames to keep the plant from falling over as thick shoots grow.

#8 Monster Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies lovers can try this breed, which is a combination of a popular breed and Granddaddy Purple. With its characteristic grapefruit flavor and bud covered with a thick layer of resin, Monster Cookies has a very powerful relaxing effect and can be of great help to those who have trouble sleeping.

Monster Cookies is not a highly productive strain but it does produce very good quality shoots. But growers can stimulate the plant to receive higher yields by exposing it to cold weather just before entering the flowering phase.

This strain does not grow strongly in height, but it is very dense and has very wide branches. So growers need to pay attention to prune unnecessary branches to ensure light and air can contact the branches below. This helps the plant grow evenly and free from mold.

Growers should maintain temperatures around 70 degrees F if grown indoors. Also grown outdoors, the Mediterranean climate is the most ideal for this crop to grow with high yields.

#9 God’s Gift

God’s Gift is the result of a union between Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. This strain of cannabis works great for people who experience insomnia for a long time.

God’s Gift is suitable for use at night because it will keep you from getting out of bed. A small amount is a safe start for beginners because you definitely don’t want to be awake the next morning.

If growers want to grow this strain at home, congratulations, God’s Gift is a strain of cannabis that is easy to grow and has decent yields. Growers can grow it and still get enough production even without much experience in growing crops.

This strain also doesn’t need a lot of space to develop. It is quite modest in size and you should be able to grow it indoors comfortably. Outdoor planting also becomes simpler as you can avoid unnecessary attention from your neighbors.

#10 Blueberry

Blueberry is a strain of cannabis with a very sweet aroma, it is rich in CBD and can help you fall asleep immediately. This strain will help you to strongly relax both physically and mentally, thereby quickly falling into a deep sleep.

Blueberry can grow both indoors and outdoors, however growing it indoors will make it easier for growers to care for and receive higher yields. Growers should set the temperature between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the humidity is around half. High humidity makes the shoots more susceptible to mold and loss of quality.

Plants grow rather dense and short. This also makes it ideal for indoor planting. Growers also noted that removing unnecessary branches to allow the air flow to circulate more evenly.

Blueberry yields are at decent levels, but growers are able to increase this yield by artificial shock. This method means growers need to bring the plant to a low temperature at the stage before the flower blooms.

Final Verdict

CBD strain has many medical effects, although it is still a controversial issue, many CBD strains appear in prescriptions by medical stations. But in general, using marijuana to help you sleep better is a short-term solution. For good sleep, you need to practice good sleep hygiene and incorporate other lifestyle-supporting behaviors that promote good sleep.