Best CBD Strain For Cancer 2021 [Review]: How Does Cannabis Destroy Cancer?


Using marijuana to treat cancer is a new and promising treatment. Now, cannabis, especially CBD strains, has been widely considered to be a valuable natural medicine and can help cancer patients feel a lot more comfortable.

CBD strains that contain THC are very low or do not contain, so they do not cause excitement or strong neurological control like THC-rich strains. These strains of CBD strains are mostly of very high value.

How Does Cannabis Destroy Cancer?

#1 Against cell proliferation

One problem with cancer cells is that they don’t stop growing. When a malignant tumor begins to appear, cancer cells continue to divide and invade. New cancer cells are constantly being produced. Then they quickly spread to other tissues in the body.

This process of growth and spread is the proliferation of cells. And CBD strains will help to fight the proliferation of these cells in the patient’s body.

#2 Anti-metastasis

When cancer cells migrate from one part of the body to another, the cells become metastasized. Cancer cells separate from the stem tumor, travel in the blood or lymphatic system, and nest somewhere else in the body.

That is why some people with breast cancer later develop bone, liver, brain or lung cancer. Cannabinoids in CBD strains have the ability to stop this metastasis.

#3 Resists circuit formation

Tumors in the body need blood to survive. And angiogenesis is the process by which these tumors take all the blood they need.

Angiogenesis can cause tumors to grow on the blood vessels. This is especially dangerous because they get bigger over time. At a certain point, when they are too large, they will interfere with the normal function of the body.

However, cannabinoids can prevent blood cell-forming tumors, which severely affect the body.
Among them, some CBD strains are particularly effective for cancer treatment. We have spent a lot of time trying to find a list of the best CBD strain for cancer. This article will also be somewhat helpful for growers.

Top 10 Best CBD Strain For Cancer 2021 [Review]

#1 CBD Black Domina

CBD Black Domina is a hybrid of the legendary cannabis strains Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghanistan. CBD Black Domina contains abundant cannabidiol with 1: 1 CBD: THC ratio.

This strain of cannabis brings comfort and happiness to the whole body. In general, you should have an overall sense of calm without the feeling of dazzle and highness like when using a high-THC strain.

This strain of cannabis is believed to be able to kill specific cancer cells and inhibit tumor growth. It is used in some medical facilities and it is a rare strain of cannabis so growers can grow themselves at home to save money.

CBD Black Domina will evolve as a signature Indica strain. They will not need a lot of space to grow so growers do not need a space that is too large to plant many plants.

This strain will thrive outdoors in areas with a Mediterranean climate. But if the growers are not in this area then we recommend planting them indoors, in an adjustable environment.

#2 CBD Supreme Durban

CBD Supreme Durban is a cross between Durban Poison and a CBD-rich strain. This strain of cannabis contains the same amount of CBD and THC, 8%. It has a powerful effect on patients with anxiety, depression or those facing pain and muscle spasms. Cancer patients are also on this list.

CBD Supreme Durban does not control patients so strongly that they cannot move. Instead, this strain provides a feeling of comfort and relieves mood and physical pain in a relaxing way.

To grow this strain at home, growers do not need to have experienced hands. CBD Supreme Durban is fairly easy to grow and has a relatively high yield.

This strain of cannabis is relatively tall and has the distinctive appearance of Sativa plants. They can be up to 6 feet tall so growers take note of setting up an environment and space in accordance with its size.

Techniques like LST, mainline, and ScrOGging are the ones that apply well to this strain. These techniques will help growers to limit the effective cultivator’s height, while at the same time achieving greater yields.

#3 CBD OG Kush

OG Kush is a leading strain in the OG family. This strain of cannabis is very popular and it is dubbed the strain that beginners should try once. And CBD OG Kush is a highly valuable version of this famous cannabis strain.

CBD OG Kush provides a feeling of freshness and peace from the very beginning. It helps to reduce symptoms of uterine disease such as pain, loss of appetite, nausea and fatigue. This strain of cannabis is best used in the evening, when a patient needs a good night’s sleep.

To grow this strain of cannabis, it unfortunately requires but hands full of experience. CBD OG Kush is a tough strain that beginners will find it difficult to control it and get significant yields.

This strain is also not highly resistant to pests and fungi, so growers are best grown indoors so that it can be easily controlled and cared for. The ideal temperature that growers should maintain is 21 to 26 ° C. SOG is a technique that will help growers achieve more shoot yields.


You must have heard of this legendary name at least once, even if you are not a veteran smoker because ACDC is a very famous strain. Its version rich in medical value, CBD ACDC contains up to 18% CBD while THC only accounts for about 1%.

This strain of cannabis offers a fairly light hearted experience for the user. It contributes to reducing the severity of pain cases and the characteristic symptoms caused by cancer such as stress, fatigue, and nausea. The patient can either inject, inhale, eat or take it in the form of a capsule.

CBD ACDC is a fairly difficult and sensitive strain of cannabis. So it requires meticulous care from experienced growers. Growers also need to set up a growing space with adjustable temperature and humidity for the best crop growth. Growers should maintain a temperature of 20 to 26 ° C and a humidity of around 50%.

Growers can also grow this strain outdoors, under warm Mediterranean climates. HST and pruning techniques are needed for growers to obtain higher yields as well as shoots that contain more CBD.

#5 CBD Harlequin

CBD Harlequin is the leading popular strain of CBD cannabis. This strain of cannabis impresses with a CBD: THC ratio of 5: 2, it has powerful health-promoting effects and is no longer as heavy as nerve control as the original version.

CBD Harlequin reduces the inflammation and pain caused by cancer. The patient will feel more comfortable and relaxed after taking this strain of cannabis, easily falling asleep.

This strain of cannabis is fortunate to be a fairly easy one to grow and beginners can take care of with confidence. Growers can plant it both indoors and outdoors, but growing indoors where an adjustable environment will help growers harvest higher yields.

Growers need to maintain the growing space temperature between 21 and 26 ° C and with a humidity of about half. At night, growers should reduce moisture to the highest quality shoots.

Regions with a Mediterranean climate will have a great advantage in growing this strain at high yields. SOG is the technique needed for growers to obtain the thickest and most CBD-rich shoots.

#6 CBD Super Lemon Haze

The Super Lemon Haze is a hybrid between the two top cannabis strains, Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. CBD-rich version of this cannabis strain, CBD Super Lemon Haze is loved for its high medicinal benefits and impressive taste.

This strain of cannabis contains the same amount of CBD and THC as 1: 1. It feels calming and calm throughout the body. CBD Super Lemon Haze works to soothe the pain, give cancer patients a bit of energy to be able to stand up and relieve nausea attacks.

CBD Super Lemon Haze is quite easy to grow and it is among the high yielding strains of CBD cannabis. Inexperienced growers should plant this strain indoors under a temperature setting of 21 and 26 ° C and a humidity between 40 and 50%. However, growers need to be aware that this cannabis strain grows quite tall so you need a vertical growth space to grow this strain.

If grown outdoors, areas with a warm Mediterranean climate are ideal for growers to obtain high yields.

#7 CBD Strawberry

Cancer patients are really tired because they have to go through a lot of pain and not even sleep well or get enough rest. So a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by pain is a great wish for them.

And CBD Strawberry is a strain of cannabis that will help cancer patients fulfill this wish. This strain of cannabis with a CBD content of up to 15% will give cancer patients more energy to fight fatigue. The pain also eased greatly.

CBD Strawberry is also very famous for its trichomes. These buds are very thick and beautiful, filled with CBD. Fortunately for beginners, this strain of cannabis is easy to grow and you can get a high yield.

Besides, this strain of cannabis is highly resistant to pests and diseases and mold. Growers only need to pay attention to prune, to eat enough nutrition to harvest a successful crop.

#8 Tahoe Kush

Tahoe Kush is another strain of cannabis that will dispel fatigue, bring peaceful sleep for cancer patients. This strain of cannabis is quite popular and it also tastes quite impressive and delicious. However, it can be a bit powerful for the beginners.

The Tahoe Kush is quite rare and it is not an easy strain of cannabis either. In order to obtain remarkable yields from this strain of cannabis, growers need a lot of experience and understanding of a number of complex techniques.

Growers can grow it indoors and outdoors under a Mediterranean climate. This strain of cannabis needs a lot of nutrition and is also quite sensitive. But it is particularly resistant to pests and diseases and mold.

#9 Grandaddy Purple

Patients with amenorrhea often lose appetite or cannot eat due to being too tired, and the body quickly becomes depressed. Grandaddy Purple is a strain of cannabis that will help cancer patients have more cravings and less fatigue.

Grandaddy Purple has a very nice appearance, small buds but covered with a lot of orange feathers and contains a lot of resin. This strain of cannabis is also an easy strain to grow and does not require too much care by the growers.

Growers can grow this strain of cannabis with many different means. A warm climate and plenty of sunshine are what Grandaddy Purple demands.

#10 Northern Lights

Northern Lights has been a popular cannabis strain for many decades and it also helps a lot for cancer patients. This strain of cannabis will help the patient relax, calm and eliminate nausea and vomiting.

This strain of cannabis is relatively easy to grow and beginner growers can reap significant yields without making a big mistake. It can withstand many different weather conditions as well as is highly resistant to pests, diseases, and mildew.

Growers only need to pay attention to pruning unnecessary dense branches and setting up a high enough space if growing this strain indoors.

Final Verdict

In general, the use of cannabis extracts, especially THC and CBD, in the treatment of cancer has had many positive results on cell cultures in laboratory and laboratory animals. This is a new and promising treatment direction. But we do not encourage patients to self-medicate at home using marijuana or other drugs. Consult with the therapists and other medical facilities you are treating!