Best CBD Strain For ADHD 2023 [Review]:  Should I Use CBD Strain to Treat ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a dysfunction of activity, hyperactivity and attention deficit common in both children and adults.

Depending on the medical condition and the specific subjects, the doctor may prescribe the drug to the patient. ADHD drugs belong to the group of stimulants such as Methylphenidate (Ritalin) and Dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine). Researchers believe that these drugs will help regulate neurotransmission levels in the brain.

oilsThey have varying degrees of action, primarily improving attention and concentration but have little effect on forgetfulness, poor time management, disorganization, or delay. In addition, the medications for ADHD can have many unpleasant side effects.

Should I Use CBD Strain to Treat ADHD?

Cannabis has been used as a medicine for many years around the world, but just recently, we have only recently started to take advantage of its medical benefits.

Cannabis has been legalized in the US and several countries around the world, so more and more people are becoming familiar with what cannabis offers for its medical benefits. For many people, prescription drugs can be easily replaced by cannabis when they are consulted by their doctors and choose the right cannabis CBD.

Besides, CBD cannabis has been recognized as an effective treatment for people with ADHD. The side effects of stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall are enormous and it’s better to avoid them. These stimulants are also often abused by people looking to reduce appetite or maintain concentration. CBD cannabis is a more effective solution to these combinations, as long as the correct type is used.

Therefore, for better concentration, patients should choose a cannabis that is balanced between Indica and Sativa, and does not contain too many pain relievers or have too strong effects. This is also based on the consultation of a therapist, so patients should not learn about and use medical marijuana to treat themselves.

In general, many CBD strains have the ability to reduce ADHD, enhancing patient health. But depending on the patient’s condition, some strains will match. Any ADHC patient intending to use CBD cannabis to treat their illness, it is imperative to consult a physician.
In fact, some patients choose to use marijuana to treat ADHD, especially those strains of CBD strains. So we have learned about the best CBD strain for ADHD so that patients with these disorders can grow themselves at home to provide the purest treatment for themselves.

Top 10 Best CBD Strain For ADHD 2023 [Review]

#1 CBD Carmagnola

CBD Carmagnola is a strain of CBD cannabis known for its amazing medical effects. It helps a lot for stress, anxiety, depression, nausea, ADHD and insomnia. But this strain of cannabis is very rare in healthcare settings and patients can grow it at home to receive the purest treatment.

With an outstanding 27: 1 cannabinoid ratio, CBD Carmagnola becomes the cannabis strain of choice for many growers with high medical value. It also has little impact on the nervous system so the patient does not feel tired and remains focused and alert when using.

CBD Carmagnola can grow in many different climates, even under cold climates it still flowers normally. But the warm climate is much more than the ideal climate for this strain.

CBD Carmagnola grows quite tall so growers need technology to be able to control them. Growing this strain indoors will be easier for inexperienced growers since the temperature and humidity can be controlled. Growers needs to prune and use the ScrOG technique to increase crop yields.

#2 CBD Kush

CBD Kush is also a well-known strain of cannabis and it is a natural remedy that can alleviate mental health problems like anxiety, depression and even ADHD. CBD Kush has a very sweet taste of pine, wood and flowers, it is also gentle for new marijuana patients to get used to.

A THC to CBD ratio of 1: 2 makes this strain of high medical value. It is very calming and does not completely control the patient’s body.

To grow this strain of cannabis, growers don’t need to be experienced or technical, but it can be a bit strenuous at first for the beginners. But that hardship will come at a cost to the high output.

#3 CBD Chemdog #4

CBD Chemdog # 4 is a mild strain of cannabis but it deserves to dominate the natural medicinal field. This strain of cannabis with a THC: CBD ratio is almost perfect with a 1: 1 ratio. It does not affect the nervous system too much and brings a sense of happiness to the user. Patients with ADHD, stress, and anxiety will benefit from CBD Chemdog # 4.

CBD Chemdog # 4 can be grown both indoors and outdoors, however growing indoors is more productive. The temperature should be 70 to 82 ° F and the RH should be between 40% and 50%. This RH should be reduced by about 10% before flowering.

Growers should be aware that CBD Chemdog # 4 grows tall clam and you need to know the technique to limit this height when growing indoors as it can cause a lot of trouble. Pruning, ScrOG or LST are common techniques and are suitable for growers that limit the height of this strain.

#4 Skunk #1

Skunk is an important strain of cannabis, making a huge contribution to the genetics of the industry. This strain of cannabis is very popular and it is very famous for its unique taste. But not only that, but this strain also has many medical values, contributing to the treatment of patients with ADHD, stress and anxiety.

Skunk # 1 is an ideal choice for beginners who want to provide pure self-healing. It does not require growers to have experienced hands and techniques to achieve good output.

This strain of cannabis can grow both indoors and outdoors, but growing indoors will contain more cannabinoids. Growing indoors will also make the growers easier to control and care for.

#5 Green Crack

Green Crack is not only famous for its sweet tangerine camp taste, but it is also very popular in many pharmacies. This strain prides itself on being at the top of the list of the best cannabis strains for ADHD. It provides a source of energy as well as the intelligence needed for patients with ADHD.

Green Crack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor planting. The Mediterranean climate is the preferred climate type for this cannabis strain. The plants will grow very tall and huge so if growers don’t want to draw unwanted attention from your neighbors, you can plant them indoors.

But because of its large size, dense development, Green Crack is susceptible to mold. So maintaining pruning, setting the right temperature and humidity is a good way to prevent mold.

#6 Orange Sherbert

Orange Sherbert is a cannabis strain that is a hybrid between the famous strains Orange Cream, Purple Urkle and Cherry Pie. Orange Sherbert delivers a sweet taste like a refreshing and unforgettable dessert. It also benefits patients with ADHD, anxiety and more.

To grow this strain of cannabis, growers do not need too much experience or skill. It is one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow and beginners won’t take long to get under control.

Growers can plant it both outdoors and indoors. Plants can grow up to 1.3 meters tall and are quite dense. It produces very thick and quality buds. Growers will also be impressed with the very colorful purple and orange flowers of this strain.

#7 Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a fairly popular strain of cannabis and it appears a lot in medical marijuana prescriptions. This strain is a good medical cannabis strain for patients with ADHD and some patients with anxiety and depression. It provides a high concentration of concentration, keeps your mind active with almost no side effects.

Sour D can thrive no matter where you plant it, with any setting. This strain of cannabis prefers a warm Mediterranean climate, but it can also produce significant yields under cold climates.

This strain has a high yield when planted using the hydroponic method. But if growers do not have much experience can grow with indoor soil pots. It can grow quite clam so growers need to limit this height to ensure the branches can hold the giant colas.

Growers does not have much experience. It only takes a little care to detect signs of disease in time. Besides, SOG is the method that helps growers get higher output.

#8 Raspberry Cough

Raspberry Cough may not be as popular as the ones above, but it is also a good adjunct to ADHD therapy. Raspberry Cough is a hybrid between Cambodian landrace and ICE, and has a very sweet taste mixed between berries and herbs.

This strain of cannabis is not too heavy, it offers high medical value and has no strong mind control. Patients who are just starting out on medical marijuana should also have no trouble getting started with this strain.

It is also an easy-going cannabis strain with growers, it does not require the growers to have special technique or long experience to control it. Growers only need to take care of this strain to detect diseases in a timely manner. But this effort pays off with thick shoots covered with orange feathers.

#9 Goo

Goo is also a rather unfamiliar name, but it is an excellent strain that can improve the health of patients with ADHD. In addition, it also helps patients with problems related to insomnia, muscle spasms, loss of appetite or pain.

Goo is a cross between Hindu Kush and Blueberry. It has a sweet flavor of berries, combined with earthy smells and a hint of sourness. This strain of cannabis will bring powerful relaxation to the whole body, but still keep the brain focused and alert.

The CBD-rich cannabis strain is an easy strain to grow. It can thrive in many settings. The harvest season will fall around early October if the growers plant it outdoors. If grown indoors, the plants will flower in about 8 weeks.

#10 Harle-Tsu

Harle-Tsu is a popular strain of CBD cannabis. It contains very high CBD content and almost no THC (negligible THC content). Harle-Tsu is a hybrid of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, two powerful and popular cannabis strains.

This strain of cannabis does not cause excitement, does not attach the patient to the chair, but it will help relax the whole body and bring focus, clarity and alertness when used.

In order to grow the Harle-Tsu at home, growers don’t need to prepare too complicated setups. It is easy to grow and is quite resistant to pests and diseases. However, the growers’ investment and efforts will receive the rewards worthy of high quality and thick buds.

Final Verdict

Medical cannabis is receiving a positive response from many people. It is considered a natural, safe remedy for the body. And a lot of doctors have prescribed CBD cannabis for their patients with ADHD. This will help patients avoid the side effects of some other ADHD medications.

However, patients with ADHD should not choose the type of CBD cannabis and treat themselves at home. You can grow CBD strains at home, but only after consulting your treating doctor to choose the right cannabis strain. The patient should also not exceed the permitted dose nor be overly dependent on marijuana.