Best Cannabis Lotion 2021 – CBD Pain Cream and Salve Reviews


The therapeutic and medicinal attributes of using lotions and creams made out of cannabis are becoming well recognized. These magical lotions are able to provide the therapeutic effects of cannabis without the side-effect of getting high as they don’t contain the psychoactive chemical THC.
A CBD Lotion may be what you need If you’re searching for a natural solution for muscular or joint discomfort, or if you have a skin problem. Prescription drugs are harsher for your body and might come with more side effects than CBD topical therapies. If this is something that sounds good to you then read on to see our reviews of the best canna lotions currently available.

Best 10 CBD Lotion 2021

#1 Best all-around CBD Lotion: Spruce Deep Chill CBD Lotion 

The first Spruce topical is 300mg cream, which was very well known for its effective. However, 300mg is not the high potency. If you love the reputation of Spruce and the texture of their previous 300mg cream, you should try the Spruce Deep Chill lotion as it has stronger dose of CBD and added anti-inflammation support ingredients.
Spruce CBD lotion contains only organic ingredients. These are completely safe, sanitary, and legal. The CBD Lotion from Spruce is made using a composition and formula that will not harm your skin in any manner. Spruce CBD lotion is smooth and absorbs quickly as it is not oily, lasts for hours, and does not leave greasy and heavily finish.
This CBD lotion is good in reducing stress, anxiety, and promoting healthy skin. Customers also gave good feedbacks for its effect for muscle pain, arthritis, and related issues. It is third party lab tested to ensure it is purity and safety. The product does not include any additives, chemicals, heavy metals, or PCBs.
Keeping your skin moisturized and safe is critical, and the Spruce Deep Chill CBD Lotion comes with ingredients that protect the skin from drying out and cracking. You can feel its relaxing and relaxing effect almost immediately after you apply it on your skin.
Rosemary in the product is an antioxidant that helps to eliminate pollutants. Eucalyptus oil extract is necessary for healthy skin, while aloe vera prevents dryness. The lotion also contains menthol, which has a cooling and calming effect. It contains Arnica, which help reduce inflammation; Rosemary act as an antioxidant that helps to eliminate toxins. Eucalyptus oil extract is necessary for healthy skin; Camphor and Menthol provide deep chill and cooling effect; while aloe vera prevents dryness.

#2 Best CBD lotion for Pain Relief: Vertly Relief Lotion

If you looking for the CBD lotion that can help you treat even the severe pain, Vertly Relief Lotion is what you should consider. This lotion is the perfect blend that provide benefits of arnica flower, nourishing shea butter, healing magnesium, and full spectrum Hemp Extract.
It is design to help you better and reduce uncomfortable feeling from the outside.
Hemp Extract and Arnica is essential for, muscle tightness, muscle pain, ache and repairing, while aloe vera, peppermint, and lavender will keep your skin moist, healthy and soft. The powerful extract contained in this formulation is from Arnica Flower, which is slowly extracted for three weeks. Lavender oil works as an anti-inflammatory. All the ingredients make the end product is non-greasy that nourishes your skin all day. However, because of these powerful ingredients, Vertly Relief Lotion should not be used on injured skin.

#3 Best CBD lotion to moisturize dry skin: Calm By Wellness Hemp CBD Lavender Lotion


The CBD Lavender lotion reduces pain and soothes skin. It has a high moisture content and can be used on every part of body. The components are 100% organic, including hemp extract, aloe vera, coconut oil, and lavender extract.
You do not need to worry about skin problem skin irritation as this lotion free of harmful chemicals. The lotion absorbs quickly and maintain the effects on your skin for several hours. The cream act quickly and provides many benefits for your skin. Organic aloe vera leaf juice hydrates the skin and helps to treat acne. Witch hazel water minimizes pore size, while vitamin E gives your skin a healthy glow appearance. The lotion is completely organic, vegan and is quite effective. Before using it, be sure to consult your doctor.

#4 Best CBD lotion for Insomnia: Social CBD Rest CBD Body Lotion

If you are suffering from insomnia, Social CBD Rest Lotion have come to the rescue for you. With lavender, chamomile, and bergamot aromatherapy and arnica for relaxation, Social CBD’s body lotion for sleep will transforms nighttime into a relaxing experience. These essential oils for fragrance will help you relax and have a good night’s sleep.
Not only that, this CBD lotion also includes potent ingredients like CBD extract, magnesium, and arnica to encourage relaxation and intensely moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, coconut, and argan oil. You should add this CBD lotion in your nighttime routine. You’ll feel refreshed and well-moisturized when you wake up. Social CBD claims that it is absorbs quickly, so it is non-greasy, non-sticky and won’t leave a greasy residue on your bedding.

#5 Best CBD lotion for Rejuvenating skin: Huny-B CBD Hemp & Huny Lotion Vanilla & Honey

The outstanding point of this CBD lotion is that it is the combination of Hemp oi, Goats Milk and Honey. This Huny-B lotion is loaded with CBD from the hemp oil, as well as natural ingredients, to deliver intense hydration and nutrition to the skin. It aids in the improvement of skin health and skin condition.
What I love most about this product is the Goat’s Milk ingredient, which work as moisturizer that soothes dry, damaged skin while provides anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-Aging effects of Goat milk is well-known for its ability to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Additionally, honey is a naturally antimicrobial, it’s ideal for treating and preventing acne.
If you are worrying about aging, Huny-B Lotion is great skin care product for you. Because it is high in antioxidants, it can help to slow down the aging process. It helps to create bright complexion since as it is incredibly hydrating and soothing. Vanilla’s pleasant perfume not only take you at rest, but it’s also calming and can help you easier go to asleep.
Apart from these ingredients, the lotion also be added with natural proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, all of which are essential for promoting skin condition. This Lotion is meant to prevent and reduce some issues such as dry skin, itching, muscle pain, joint pain, and Inflammation, among other things. This product absorbs immediately after be applied, so it is non-greasy.

#6 Best CBD lotion for inflammation: Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion

This CBD lotion may be able to aid if you’re suffering from inflammation. Pain, inflammation, dry or itchy skin, fibromyalgia, and psoriasis are just a few of the symptoms that Lord Jones CBD lotion can help with. As the name suggest, Lord Jones High CBD Formula lotion provides a high CBD content – 100 mg of CBD per bottle, what make it effective and better for your symptoms.
In addition to giving effective relief, you’ll have smoother skin and fresh appearance with this lotion. It also has the great smell of evergreen, citrus, mint, and more. The drawback of Lord Jones’ lotion is that it more expensive than many other counterparts, but it is worth the value as a high-end product. Lord Jones is great choice if you’re looking for a topical that will both relieve your symptoms and provide you a more refined experience.
This Lotion is added with a few additional herbals such as avocado, jojoba, and safflower. Avocado oil contains a lot of antioxidants and omega-9 fatty acids. Jojoba oil minimize pores, hydrate skin, and repair damage. Safflower is high in omega-6 and improves blood flow to the skin.

#7 Best CBD lotion for Irritation Skin: BOTA Nourishing CBD Body Lotion + Avocado Oil

BOTA All-Day Nourishing CBD Body Lotion is the combination of Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Avocado Oil to provide long-lasting hydration for every part of your body. This is the natural moisturizer that contains vitamins A, C, D, and E provide essential nutrients that help reduce irritation, sooth your skin, combat wrinkles, and dry skin.
In a 8 oz lotion pump container, BOTA CBD Lotion contains 400 mg of CBD. BOTA CBD is extracted entirely from hemp farmed using organic growth methods. Natural ingredients and plant-based health regimens are BOTA’s goal toward. They use organic hemp oil rather than hemp seed oil for their products.

#8 Best affordable CBD lotion: Lazarus Naturals Unscented CBD Lotion

Because they are inexpensive, Lazarus Naturals is one of my favorite CBD companies. Lazarus Natural Full spectrum CBD lotions are offered in three scents: Pacific Pine, Portland Rose, and unscented. I more prefer the unscented lotion as it can help soothe and moisturize your skin at an attractive price.
This is a silky lotion, which provide a modest CBD dosage of 10 mg of CBD and It also contains low levels of THC (under 0.40 mg/g). Generally speaking, Lazarus Natural CBD lotion is effective and affordable products, it is third party lab tested to ensure the quality and safety.

#9 Best CBD lotion for damaged skin: 4 Corners Cannabis CBD Lotion

If you need the relief solution to recover your aching muscles, sun-damaged skin, dry cracked skin, 4 Corners Cannabis CBD Lotion can be the great hydrate nourishment that helps cure these issues. Aloe vera and vitamin E are the main ingredients that included in this wonderful CBD lotion. It absorbs quickly, so it’s ideal for restoring damaged skin and relieving sore muscles.
4 Corners Cannabis claim that their CBD products are one of the highest quality CBD on the market. All of their products are made in Southwest Colorado, where they have complete control over the whole process.

#10 Best CBD Body Lotion for Skin Protection: Plant People Nourish Body Lotion

This CBD lotion can be used for all skin types. It is both moisturizing and protective. Soothe and firm skin with a full spectrum extract, 10+ powerful herbs, and 1% Hyaluronic acid. Sunflower Oil soothes the skin while also protecting it from environmental elements. Aloe Vera hydrates skin by providing antioxidants and enzymes to support skin health.
Calendula flower has been shown to relieve inflammation and increase collagen synthesis. 1% Hyaluronic Acid locks in hydration for soft, smooth, and luminous skin. Yuzu boosts skin cell renewal and protects against free radicals.


Most of us will experience skin problems at some point in our lives, and that means you should give your skin extra care and protection regardless of age. Skin may easily alter under the right care and treatment, and it is vital to repair skin from the outside in. If you ask for the best CBD lotion for skin health, I would like to recommend my favorite: Spruce Deep Chill CBD Lotion.
Spruce has been producing high-quality CBD lotion, which is good for both your skin health and your mind. The Lotion is made of only wholesome, very soothing and calming ingredients. This is a safe, legal, so you do not need to worry about irritation or allergy when using it.

Can CBD Lotion help eczema?

Eczema damage the skin’s barrier and make it cannot be able to keep the moisture it need to defend itself from the outside elements. This implies that if you want to treat eczema with topical treatments, you will need the one that contain both humectants and skin-protecting and moisturizing substances.
CBD Lotion is the natural moisturizers, that means it can help eczema. The lotion that contain high amount of oil and makes you feel a little bit greasy are usually better for treating eczema because they form a stronger barrier. The oily layer help avoid allergens while retaining moisture.

Does CBD Lotion help back pain?

While CBD cannot treat back pain if the cause of back pain is underlying condition, it can be used as a supplement for people who are unable to find relief and want to reduce the symptoms of back pain. Many of therapeutic characteristics of CBD Lotion have the ability to relieve aches and pains in various severity levels. Although the CBD lotion is not specifically made for back pain, it implies that it might assist with fibromyalgia and nerve-related pain.

Does CBD Lotion help psoriasis?

Psoriasis has no known treatment, and it can be difficult to manage. But some people prefer to apply CBD lotion to the skin to alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis. Psoriasis might be reduced with Cannabinoids as it prevents and slow down the growth of skin cells. CBD lotion also gas the anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidative that means it can help treat the skin conditions areas that caused by psoriasis. Many CBD lotion has a perfect Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio. These vital fatty acids help nourish and moisturize anyone’s skin in a natural and efficient way.

Does CBD Lotion make you relax?

After a long day work hard and active, you may have to experience physical pain, you are anxious and just want to relax your shoulders and neck, CBD lotion can be the way to go. It helps you relax, repair certain pressure areas, such as the back of your neck or temples. CBD topical effectively relieves stress and tension without the use of pesticides or toxic additives.
CBD helps relax both your body and mind by reducing anxiety and discomfort. As a result, it could be useful for insomnia and give you a good night’s sleep. It has an effect on the brain receptors that control your body’s sleep patterns.

Does CBD Lotion help sunburn?

CBD topicals are an excellent alternative for not just preventing severe sunburns but also for providing relief after you have to exposure to the UV rays of the sun. CBD topicals, such as recovery lotions can help soothe sunburned skin and speed up the healing process by minimizing redness and swelling. CBD has potent anti-inflammatory ability; thus, it can relieve your skin’s inflammatory response to a sunburn.
Not only that CBD is also a highly effective antibacterial agent. Sunburn can be the reasons that lead to bacterial infections. So, CBD lotion assist in keeping the sunburned skin clean and preventing bacterial infections.

is cbd lotion good for skin?

Many people use CBD Lotion as a painkiller as CBD is well known for its benefits of treating many different aches and pains. However, CBD has lots of potential skin care benefits. You also can use CBD lotion for improve healthy skin and treat many skin issues:
Acne: This is a skin condition that most of us have been affected and face with. Acne is primarily caused by hormones, however CBD aids in the reduction of inflammation associated with acne’s redness and swelling, as well as the normalization of skin.
Inflammation: CBD seeps through the skin decreases pain and inflammation, due to that that it might be used to treat skin conditions including rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.
Itching: CBD has been demonstrated to alleviate chronic itching by blocking itching in nerve terminals.
Aging: CBD lotion is a rich source of antioxidants such as vitamin E and C, which can help alleviate dryness, protect your skin from free radical and inflammation. So, CBD products also comes with potential skin care benefits of reducing signs of aging including fine lines, dark patches, and wrinkles.
Balance complexion. CBD keeps the skin’s ECS in check, ensuring adequate hydration and minimizing the excess oil, which means you do not need to worry about oily T-zones on your face or patchy areas.
Skin will be soothed. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, topical CBD solutions can help with itching, dryness, and red skin.

Does CBD lotion have any side effects

CBD products have less adverse effects than other medications prescribed by doctors with the same uses. The most common side effects of CBD are mainly found in oral consumption. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of accurate information available on the potential adverse effects of CBD administered topically. This might be seen as a plus point for CBD topicals, as it indicates that there have been few reports of negative responses to CBD in this form.
However, it is not means that side effects are impossible, so if you have an allergic response to a CBD topical, stop using it immediately and seek medical treatment if the condition is serious. Besides, you also may get contact dermatitis as a side effect of lotion. However, this side effect may happen with any topical lotion, not only CBD lotion. Some people may be concerned about CBD being used in pharmaceuticals. But quality CBD topicals and also all the products on my list are THC-free or they just contain less than 0,3% THC, implying that they won’t get you high.

CBD Lotion Vs. CBD Balm

Balms are the common type of topicals and they’re often used to treat painful muscles. Because they include a high ratio of beeswax or fatty oil, balms are usually harder to be applied. Balms are fantastic for rubbing into the skin and relieving discomfort. Because of its antioxidant and anti-swelling characteristics, CBD balm is ideal for boosting the skin’s protective barrier and healing abilities. It is useful for relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, acne.
What make the different between CBD Lotion and other topicals is the ratio of water to base. CBD lotion has a small amount of water and moisturizing ingredients, whereas balms and salves predominantly employ fatty oils and wax, not water. CBD lotions and creams soak quickly into the skin and can provide immediate effects.
Consistency and treatment intent are the main differences between CBD balms and CBD Lotion. CBD balm is often a solidified wax form product that helps a variety of skin issues. While, CBD Lotion’s major function is to aid in the relief of muscular aches and pains. It can even aid in the relief of menstruation cramps and arthritic pain. It is ideal to use after work out or for athletes to reduce sore muscles.

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