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Many home brewers start out their brewing adventure in the kitchen, using a stove to heat up their wort. However, whether it be space restrictions, demands on the kitchen space, or just personal preference – inevitably a homebrewing hobby does tend to move outdoors. This is where a brew burner comes in handy, these handy devices produce a lot of heat and can get your wort boiling in no time at all. Read on to find out more about brew burners and why all homebrewers need one in their lives.

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What is a Brew Burner?

Brew burners, also known as propane burners, are a type of homebrewing cooker that you can use to heat up your wort during the brewing process. They do not require any electricity to function and work by transferring propane to the burner head to create a heat source. Brew burners should be used outside so are a perfect addition to an outdoor homebrewing set up.

What are the benefits of brewing with a Brew Burner?

If you’ve labored over a stovetop in your kitchen to brew your wort than you will know that it has its issues. You might have a small kitchen that struggles to accommodate the size of your brew, or perhaps there are others wanting to use the cooker and aren’t happy with you taking over the hobs! Some also complain that the smell of brewing beer is not pleasant which can also make homebrewing enthusiasts a little unpopular in their own home. While retaining your favor in your own home might be the key attraction of a brew burner there are other benefits to making this upgrade.

#1 It increases the amount of beer you can brew

A key benefit of using a brew burner instead of the stovetop in your kitchen is that you can brew a pot of wort that is a whole lot bigger. Whereas your kitchen stove can probably accommodate 3-5 gallons of wort at a time on a brew burner you can brew a batch of beer amounting to around 15 gallons. Brew burners can keep large brewing pots stable and make the process of brewing a whole lot more productive as you can brew large batches in one go.

#2 Saves you time

If you’re one of the many homebrewers who have stood watching your wort waiting for it to boil then this can become a thing of the past with a brew burner. Investing in a brew burner will significantly speed up the time it takes your wort to reach the boil and can cut your brewing time in half. As brewing a small batch of beer requires the same amount of preparation, sanitation and boiling time (not to mention the cleaning required afterward!) through using a brew burner you can make much larger quantities of beer with the same amount of effort.

Buying Guide: Brew Burner

We’ve hopefully persuaded you by now that investing in a brew burner is definitely a step in the right direction in your home brewing journey. Through taking your brewing activities outside of the kitchen a brew burner speeds up the brewing process while also allowing you to brew bigger batches of beer. The next step is to to find out what to look out for when buying a brew burner which is what this next section covers.

#1 Material

You will find that the models on the market are either made out of cast iron or stainless steel. Stainless steel models are a good choice if you want to save your back as they are very lightweight so manoeuvering it shouldn’t be a problem. Stainless steel models are also much less prone to rust than a cast iron alternative so are perhaps a better choice if you will be using the brew burner outside a lot. However, if you want a sturdy brew burner cast iron would be a good choice.

#2 BTUs

All brew burners will have a BTU output rating which stands for British Thermal Unit and is a way of measuring energy output. The BTU rating you need with your brew burner depends on how much wort you plan to be heating up. For 5 gallons of wort, you will need around 55,000 BTU, 10 gallons will need 100,000 BTU and over 15 gallons of wort will need around 200,000 BTU. Have a think about how much beer you are going to be brewing and make sure you select a brew burner that can accommodate your requirements in terms of BTU required.

#3 Stand

It is worth checking whether the brew burner you are purchasing comes with some height as you don’t want to be doing your back in my having to crouch down over and over again. That being said, if you are planning on brewing a large vat of beer it can be a little precarious having this on a brew stand so it is safer to brew larger batches on the ground. Check out the height of the brew burner and see if it comes with a stand before making your purchase.

Top 5 Best Brew Burner 2019

So, you’ve decided you want to purchase a brew burner and take your home brewing experience out of the kitchen. Expanding your brewing area is a great choice as it gives you the space to really experiment with your brews. The next step is to purchase a brew burner but which one to choose? Here we take you through our top five.

#1 Best Brew Burner for a Fast Boil: Northern Brewer – Dark Star Propane Burner for Beer Brewing (Black)

When a product comes from Northern Brewer you know that you are getting an item that has been specifically designed to enhance the brewing experience and this brew burner is no exception. It has a 65,000 BTU rating and can boil 5 gallons of beer in a mere 20 minutes. The power of this brew burner assures a quick boiling of your wort and is even capable of heating big batches of beer up to 15 gallons.

This brew burner is good to go as soon as you receive it with no complicated assembly required so you can get brewing immediately. It is fitted with an adjustable regulator so that you can adjust the flame to the perfect level for your brew. This burner can alternate between a high heat to a perfect rolling boil within seconds. Create your perfect beer with this brew burner whilst also saving yourself a lot of time than if you were boiling your wort on a kitchen stovetop.

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#2 Best Outdoor Propane Cooker for Brewing Beer: Bayou Classic SP10-14 High-Pressure Cooker

This propane cooker from Bayou Classic is a popular choice in the world of outdoor brewing. This versatile propane cooker can be used for heating up a cup of coffee if you need it to (as the flame can be reduced to a small simmer) or you can use it to boil up a huge stockpot of wort when brewing beer (by changing it to a roaring flame). Made out of a welded steel frame this brew burner has a cooking surface measuring 14 inches in diameter and also has wide-set legs which secure it firmly on the ground.

This fantastic brew burner can handle a 15 gallon stock pot so is a great tool to have in your repertoire if you are planning on brewing up some big batches of beer. It contains a brass valve which gives you complete control of the level of flame so you can ensure your wort is at the temperature you need it to be. This propane cooker is also highly portable so you can take it with you on a camping trip when you’re not using it for brewing!

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#3 Best Brew Burner for Homebrewing: Northern Brewer Edelmetall Bru Burner, Propane Burner for Homebrewing

If you’re wanting a top of the range brew burner to add to your homebrewing equipment then look no further than this exceptional propane burner from Northern Brewer. Just from looking at this brew burner it is clear to see that it is built to last and is likely to be with you throughout your homebrewing career. Designed specifically for brewing, this brew burner can adjust to any kettle size and has leg extensions that can be added if you want to have your burner at a height to save your back.

With 72,000 BTUs you can be sure that your wort will be brought to the boil incredibly quickly and that you can brew large batches of beer in no time. The precise needle valve allows you to have full control over the boil so that you can ensure the optimum temperature is maintained throughout and that the heat is distributed evenly. This perfectly engineered brew burner would be an asset to anyone who is dabbling with home brewing and will set you well on your way to creating the perfect beer.

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#4 Best Outdoor Brew Burner: Gas One B-3600H Propane Single Outdoor Brewing Burner with Adjustable Height

This expertly made cast iron brew burner from Gas One has been designed specifically with homebrewing in mind. It has an incredibly high heat output of 200,000 BTU so a great choice if you want to brew big vats of beer in one sitting. The fool-proof heat dial allows you to set the burner to the level of heat intensity that you wish so that you have full control of your wort as it heats up.

Another great feature of this brew burner are the height adjustable and removable legs. This allows you to alter the height of the brew burner so that it is at a comfortable height for you, plus the option to remove the legs makes this a very transportable product. Great if you’re planning on making your brew burner double up as a camping stove. What’s more, this brew burner is lightweight weighing just 24 lbs so it is easy to move around should you need to.

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#5 Best High-Powered Brew Burner: Concord Cookware Deluxe 16 inch Banjo Single Square Burner

Concord Cookware have created a cast iron brew burner that is perfect for use in homebrewing. It might look small but it certainly is mighty and can reach 200,000 BTU which is enough to brew 15 gallons of beer in one go. Included in this purchase are a PSI regulator, a hose and a connector so you can commence brewing your wort the moment this excellent product arrives at your front door.

With the power in this brew burner, your wort will be heated up quickly and efficiently, leaving you more time to craft your beer (and sit back and enjoy drinking it!). The brew burner also comes with detachable legs which makes it easy to store away and to transport should you need to.  A great choice if you want to take your home brewing outdoors and are hoping to brew big batches of beer in one go.

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Once you’ve read up on the benefits of using a brew burner it can be difficult to turn a blind eye as to how much these small devices can help in brewing up the perfect pint. As well as saving you time brew burners also allow you to brew up a sizeable batch in one go, making brewing a super-efficient process. They also allow homebrewing to be taken out of the kitchen and take your hobby outdoors where you have ample space to exert your creative freedom and create a craft beer that dreams are made of.

Brew burners are generally pretty inexpensive but they do vary in price depending on their quality and what they are made out of. Check out our top five brew burners above and transform your home brewing experience for the better.

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