Best Bottle Filling Equipment(Review 2023) – 5 suggestions will make you satisfied

When you’ve finally reached the moment where your carefully brewed beer is ready to be bottled you want to make sure that you have the right equipment for the job. You want to be able to enjoy every drop of the precious liquid you’ve spent so long crafting and the right bottling equipment can make sure the transference from fermenter to bottle is pain-free (and without spillage!). There are a range of bottle fillers out there which can also be used for transferring your beer from one place to another (which is often the case in brewing).

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In this article, we will take a look at the key features you want to look out for when purchasing a bottle filler as well as how to use them. We will also take you through some excellent products so you can select the best one for you.

What is a bottle filler?

As you will no doubt have noticed the beer-making process requires the movement of beer from one vessel to another and then finally into bottles. Moving the beer without the correct equipment can get very messy and you risk the possibility of losing some of the beer you’ve so painstakingly crafted through spillage.

An easy way to make sure that transferring your beer is straightforward as well as efficient is through a bottle filler. The name suggests this piece of equipment is purely used for bottling up your finished product, however, it can also be used for whenever you are required to move your beer from one place to another. Be it moving the beer from your brew kettle to fermenter, or to a bottle or a keg a bottle filler is a tool that all brewers really can’t live without.

What are the different types of bottle fillers?

The next stage of the process is to decide what type of bottle filler is for you as there are a few different types available on the market. In this next section, we will go through the different types of bottle fillers and the pros and cons of each.

#1 Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers

This type of bottle filler is largely used in large-scale commercial brewing but there is nothing stopping it being used in a home brewing set up and there are simpler products on the market that are exactly for this purpose. This type of bottle filler will be necessary if you are storing your beer in kegs and want to transfer your brew to bottles. A counter pressure bottle filler will ensure that the carbonation of the beer is maintained as you transfer it from a pressurized container (your keg) into the beer bottle. Another benefit of this type of bottle filler is that it can help to regulate both foam and temperature as the beer is transferred.

Counter bottle fillers have two inputs – one that is for the gas and the other for the beer. The long tube part goes into the bottom of the bottle where the liquid fills and during this process, the bottler filler ensures that CO2 gas pressure is maintained. These type of bottle fillers are praised for their efficiency as well as their ability to minimize mess during the bottling process.

#2 Spring Tip Bottle Fillers

Spring bottle fillers are pretty simple devices yet are incredibly effective at ensuring the bottling process is as calamity free as possible. As their name suggests, these bottle fillers have a removable spring within the mechanism. This type of bottle opener is pretty cheap and also very easy to use. All you have to do is insert the device into your bottle and push the filler right down to the bottom of the bottle. Then, once the beer has reached the top of the bottle simply remove the filler and you will find that there is the ideal amount of head space left at the top. You will have your homebrew bottled up in no time at all with one of these handy pieces of kit by your side.

What about a Bottle Capping Machine?

If you’ve decided to bottle your beer you will, of course, require a means of securing the lids on your freshly bottled beer. A bottle capping machine is an essential piece of kit to add to your brewers’ repertoire if you plan on storing your beer in bottles. These simple devices can be bought for a reasonable price and, depending on the model you go for, should last you for a long time to come. At this stage of the game, when you’ve got to the happy point of producing a great tasting beer it is certainly worth investing in the equipment that will help you store your precious liquid well, a bottle capper is one such item that you really can’t do without.

What are the different types of Bottle Capping Machines?

Bottler cappers generally come in two varieties: bench cappers and hand cappers. Most homebrewers will most likely prefer a hand capper as they are ideal for capping small batches of beer – they’re great value, easy to use and don’t take up much space. They attach a crown cap to the bottle and work by squeezing the two lever handles together.

The other type of bottle capper is the bench capper. If your homebrewing adventures are progressing fast and you’re turning out large batches of beer regularly it might be worth investing in a bench capper. This type of capper requires a dedicated space to be set up as it needs to be mounted on a work surface. They can usually be adjusted to whatever height beer bottle you have and, once set up, you will find yourself capping your beers at incredible speed. A good option for larger-scale home brewing operations.

Top 5 Best Beer Bottle Filling Equipment 2023

So, you’ve decided you want to invest in a bottle filler and a bottle capper so that you can have a super smooth bottling operation as part of your home brewing set up and now its time to decide on some actual products. In this section, we will review some of our favorite bottling equipment that will assist you on your brewing journey.

#1 Best Bottle Filler for Bottling Beer: Northern Brewer – The Last Straw Stainless Steel Bottle Filler (Ball Lock)

If you want an exciting bit of brewing kit then take a look at this bottle filler by Northern Brewer. Not only will it make bottling your beer so much easier, it is also super fun to use. With this bottle filler, you force carbonate it as you fill it, meaning when you transfer it from keg to bottle it will remain perfectly carbonated and will be ready to drink straight away! You can dial in the psi you require and enjoy carbonated beer as soon as it is bottled.

Northern Brewers are experts at simplifying the brewing process by producing machinery that is both intuitive and easy to use. This bottle filler is no different and can be used with just one hand thanks to the expertly crafted ergonomic design. The Last Straw bottle filler is easy to disassemble which makes it a breeze to clean and maintain to a high level of sanitation. It comes in two different types – either fitting ball-lock or pin-lock kegs so make sure you select the right option for your kegging system.

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#2 Best Counter Pressure Bottle Filler: OneBom Beer Bottle Filler (Counter Pressure)

OneBom have designed this bottle filler to replicate that of a filler on a bottling line used by large-scale professional breweries. So with this product, you can use the same method that has been tried and tested by the best brewers – that of using a counter pressure bottle filler to transfer your beer from keg to bottles. It can be used for both transferring your beer from fermenter to keg and from keg to bottles with different settings (the first without carbonation).

You will be impressed with the quality of this counter pressure bottle filler as it is made out of 304 stainless steel and has a very sturdy construction. It is also easy to use and comes with instructions on how to get started if you’ve never used this type of bottle filler before. OneBom also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product within 90 days of receiving it, so it is certainly worth a try to see if this type of bottle filler is for you.

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#3 Best Spring Loaded Bottle Filler: ProMaker Spring Loaded Beer Bottle Filler Home Brewing

For those of you that want a simpler and cheaper option for bottling up your beer then check out this spring loaded bottle filler from ProMaker. Made out of high-quality stainless steel this bottle filler is designed to last throughout your brewing career so you can enjoy a corrosion-resistant and highly durable product. The presence of the spring makes controlling the flow of the beer from your keg to the bottle easy, but you can also remove the spring if you prefer to bottle up without it.

To use this bottle filler simply attach the tube to your keg, place the tube inside your bottle and then push the valve against the bottom of the bottle to release the beer. Once the beer is near the top release the pressure on the valve and the beer will stop pouring in – easy! Once you’ve finished your bottling you can easily clean and sanitize this bottle filler as the spring is removable. For a straightforward and mess-free bottling experience, you need one of these excellent bottle fillers from ProMaker in your life!

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#4 Best Bench Bottle Capper: G Francis Professional Bench Beer Bottle Capper

Capping your beer bottles is an important part of the process as you want to make sure that the beer that you’ve spent so much time and effort creating is stored properly. With this professional bench bottle capper from G. Francis, you can do just that. This quality piece of equipment will make it easy to cap your beer and ensure that those caps are attached securely. It is adjustable so can be used to cap almost any shaped bottle (and can be used to bottle wine if you are making this also).

This stable bottle capper sits firmly on your work surface, and there is an additional option to screw it down if you want some extra stability. To use simply place your bottle on the non-slip base, attach the cap to the magnetic bell and then pull the lever towards you to secure the cap in place. This bench bottle capper is incredibly easy to use and is a great choice if you’ve got a big batch to bottle and cap as it is also super efficient.

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#5 Best Hand Bottle Capper: Perrysbrewer Bottle Capper Set

A simple and effective way of bottling your beer is through a hand bottle capper. This product from Perrysbrewer will do just the job and even comes with 55 silver caps included for the price which is enough to cap a 5 gallon batch of beer so is great value for money. This bottle capper can cap any non-twist bottle so is a great choice whatever type of bottle you wish to use for your homebrew.

Made out of top-quality metal this bottle capper is easy to use – simply attach your cap to the capper, secure it to the top of your bottle and then squeeze the two levers together. The bottle capper will ensure the cap is placed securely in place so that your beer is sealed properly. Use this bottle capper for whatever your brewing be it beer, cider or mead. It is highly durable so you’re likely to be using this capper for a life-time.

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Reaching the bottling stage of your homebrew is a real achievement and a testament to the hard work you have put in over the months to create the perfect beer. So, when it comes to this stage, you want to ensure that you have the right equipment to bottle it up. Investing in a bottle filler and bottle capper will make the process of bottling relatively mess-free, ensure you don’t waste lots of your beer through spillage and ensure that your beer is properly sealed and secure so that it will remain fresh and delicious.

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