Best aquarium water changer: Laifoo Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner vs Marina Easy Clean Water Changer


It can’t be denied that changing water weekly is an essential work to keep your aquarium clean and healthy. However, if you have done this work, you will know that it is complicated, annoying and take a lot of time specifically if you have a tight schedule.

Draining and refilling the tank with a bucket also make you feel tired and exhausted. This is where the best aquarium water changer comes to handle.

The following is what you should know about water changers, their features and our 2 picks of reliable water changers: Laifoo Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner vs Marina Easy Clean Water Changer.

#1 Material and Durability

Water changer is a device that is designed to help to change the water and maintaining the tank much easier, not cause any trouble. Therefore, you will need one that made of durable material, last for long and no leaking water.

Some of the best aquarium gravel vacuum can also do the job of a water changer.

Laifoo water changer is a high-quality device that could do the work quite fast, conveniently and effectively. It includes the hose made from elastic clear plastic quality materials that harmless to fish, durable and anti-kinking.

Marina water changer is a cost-effective option with many features and functions included.  It comes with the securely brass connector, not the plastic. The hose is very thick, firm and not easy to band, which makes it anti-kinking.

#2 Valuable features

Your fish may get bothered and stress during water changing and refilling process. So Laifoo comes with a gravel tube that submerged in the water and a filter screen built-in inside. This ensures that the water changer will not disturb your fish.

Laifoo is a 2 in 1 device; it can both siphon fish feces, impurities, turbid water out and also can refill clean water by the switching connector.

Marine water changer is great enough for siphon water, get rid of debris during a water change. It featured an exclusive gravel guard, which ensures that no gravel will be trapped in the hose.

However, there is the note that Marine offers relatively low suction power, so you should use it for only small-sized aquariums. Besides, you are recommended to not use it for aquarium with sand substrate since it will have the possibility of being clogged and decrease effectively.

#3 Easy to use

For Lifoo water changer, all you need to do is to pinch it for 3 to 5 times, water will flow out automatically without striking a blowing. It could get the job done in minutes. But the disadvantage is that it is my tank quite complicated to set it up.

Marina water changer is quite easy to use and install since it includes the hose adapter that can connect to most industrial and outdoor faucets and the brass adapter fits securely to most standard faucets. After it is connected all you have to do is twist the pump to drain or fill your aquarium.